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9/25From $250,000 to $0: Taxi Medallions in S.F.KQEDhttps://t.co/gPYSuOfht2
9/25Earnings for Uber and Lyft drivers are plummetingN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/OmUTjrwiJG
9/25Lyft deactivated a driver’s account after he
allegedly dumped four USC students on a freeway
9/25Airports Beef Up Loyalty Programs In The Age Of Uber, LyftPYMTS.comhttps://t.co/FUMGeJZx3Z
9/25Why the gig economy may not be the workforce of the futurelibn.comhttps://t.co/Ntu5Fz8oVj
9/24Bloomberg/Uber-Read ArticleN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/CZWkQ7zjX9
9/24Police: Trio Of Teens Attack, Rob Cab Driver In The BronxWCBS-880-NYhttps://t.co/pJdkEZORLa
9/24Toronto takes a second look at rules for Uber, LyftTHE STARhttps://t.co/1jkk1s196A
9/24A Proposal Is Looking to Overhaul NYC Traffic Signals to Help the Visually ImpairedSPECTRUM NEWShttps://t.co/wBY5sFZp7a
9/23DOT offers rare look under BQE as it considers constructionNEWS12-BROOKLYNhttps://t.co/C3ZVWASsyU
9/23New York's L line is in desperate need of a lifelineSudney Morning Hearaldhttps://t.co/umB8BJWUg2
9/23East Village already a ‘war zone’ ahead of L train shutdownN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/RefBNH5NBr
9/23Uber Tries To Win London’s Heart (Again)PYMNTS.comhttps://t.co/Ipvn70leGQ
9/23SF gets state’s approval to tax ride-hailing companiesS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/349nXdueNQ
9/22New York City cab drivers face depression and
debt amid increased competition from Uber and Lyft
9/22A Lime scooter rider died this morning in Washington, D.C.,
marking the second fatality this month
Tech Crunchhttps://t.co/ifWWyEAcUt
9/22Scary ride for Florida college student who says Uber driver tried to kidnap herMiami Heraldhttps://t.co/qdS1xrnX8I
9/22Huge retail and hotel project moves forward in Times SquareCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/pfGksR99Bl
9/22Uber driver arrested in stabbing of drunk, puking rider: copsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZsKbHb8Qeu
9/22Judge Poised to Toss Uber Spying Class Action for Third Time Courthouse News Servicehttps://t.co/eWfag7M4fq
9/21City to Drivers: Pwitty Pwease Don’t Drive in Next Week —
And Here Are Some Goodies for You
STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/7qzsDeKUgZ
9/21Uber Driver Stabs Passengers During Argument Over Drop LocationInternational
Business Times
9/21A Better Way to Get New York’s Traffic MovingN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/BQD07Lfmbr
9/21What’s at Stake in Fight for Subway Fare-Beating DataN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/2PB0FNATbg
9/21Sight-disabled woman files complaint against Uber over declined ridesWCVBhttps://t.co/LEkzHltLXQ
9/21Credit Union Holding Taxi Medallion Loans Shutters, Leaving Drivers in LimboDocumentedhttps://t.co/sG9aqxCPu4
9/21New Scam Puts Unchecked Rideshare Drivers Behind the WheelNBC-BAY AREAhttps://t.co/ELL7pnTj4E
9/20New Scam Puts Unchecked Rideshare Drivers Behind the WheelSOURCELINK
9/20Where Uber Is Winning The World, And Where It Has Lost FORBEShttps://t.co/FD4CkzE4ne
9/20Mayor disinvited Uber rep from San Francisco meetingPOLITICOhttps://t.co/QYZZhCOx9G
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9/19More ‘Gridlock Alert Days’: Don’t Even Think of Driving in ManhattanN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/JZYH8FFMgA
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9/19Getting Uber and Lyft to Pay Their Fair ShareBICYCLE COALITIONhttps://t.co/CO6ZFonq2R
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9/19Will flying cars take off? Japan's government hopes soBOSTON Heraldhttps://t.co/9tSYcsJZQs
9/19Are New York cabbies lives about to made easier
or more difficult as the City Council mulls over new proposals
TAXI POINThttps://t.co/biC4KM1CA1
9/18Drivers waiting for financial help hear new Council reformsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/39RKkoEEcs
9/18Council moves ahead on bills to help taxisCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/A61xR7zsV0
9/18Uber and Lyft Drivers in Chicago Will Hold Rally to Protest Abuse and Low WagesFORTUNEhttps://t.co/NoQT4ja6gx
9/18The inside story of how Uber fought New York’s City Hall and wonFast Companyhttps://t.co/SHFMEjciK4
9/18Does Uber's defeat in New York stem from Travis Kalanick's choices or Dara Khosrowshahi's?L.A. Timeshttps://t.co/dOqsoZ3ig1
9/18NYC subways had one day without rush hour delays last monthN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/4rT07YurC3
9/17Uber tests its own traffic estimates as it moves beyond carsengadgethttps://t.co/Vr9dfqSaih
9/17Glitch prevents Uber drivers from getting paid The Mercury Newshttps://t.co/AKuDH1dy9J
9/17New California Law Regulates Ridesharing Emissions Auto Rental Newshttps://t.co/juShaZAmNN
9/17Lyft Is Beginning to Spread Into Public TransportationReal Clear Lifehttps://t.co/wA2qwv0AI0
9/163 women say Uber driver in D.C. sped off with their luggage in her trunkWJLAhttps://t.co/B1tdeyBWMw
9/16Uber, Lyft drivers say they are being abused, plan Monday rally at O’HareCHICAGO SUN-TIMEShttps://t.co/G5yhzNjXI0
9/16City Council passes bills to help L-Train commutersBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/Vzsk3v2eF4
9/15City may add another surcharge to help taxi, Uber driversN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/p6K5BTVHVN
9/15Cabbies Demand Relief From High-Price San Francisco Taxi MedallionsKPIXhttps://t.co/Qo92KL2xZV
9/15Police: Uber Driver Arrested With Gun And Drugs In Hidden CompartmentWLNYhttps://t.co/suzswjhOaV
9/15Danish top court confirms Uber fines, 1,500 cases more aheadMiami Heraldhttps://t.co/fjrDYEzZsF
9/15An Insider's Take: Buying Melrose Credit UnionCU Timeshttps://t.co/2yXStogRjj
9/15NYC Council legislation and electric buses may aid L train shutdown agony6sqfthttps://t.co/q583yY8uXU
9/14Why Tensions Between Uber and Cities Peaked in NYCBloomberghttps://t.co/ksRtoS5vTb
9/14Uber drivers in Denmark could face fines for every ride they offeredYAHOOhttps://t.co/vmYsPKaTjZ
9/14Why I’m Breaking Up With Uberthe POINTS GUYhttps://t.co/xLQ0ThZDWt
9/14Uber drivers are forcing riders to cancel trips when fares are too cheapQUARTZhttps://t.co/G0StXm8DSH
9/14Lyft's Bid to Rule the Streets Now Includes Public TransitWIREDhttps://t.co/KCkwg6tbVM
9/14At Philly airport, Uber and Lyft drivers wait and wait, gambling on a big pay dayphilly.comhttps://t.co/lYvNpre4Y1
9/14St. Louis bans taxis from livestreaming videos of passengersThe ITEMhttps://t.co/LH0vkXIERx
9/14UPDATE: Man Charged with Unlawful Restraint, Sexual Assault Allegedly Posed as Lyft DriverGreenwidh Free Presshttps://t.co/WHsf4a3eoZ
9/13COMPLETE VIDEO:155th CityLaw Breakfast
with New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson
9/13To Fix the Subway, Vote in State ElectionsN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/DbZ5nKUYrH
9/13Miami Beach Commissioners Want to Cap Uber and Lyft CarsMIAMI New Timeshttps://t.co/62dzzfznKz
9/13Uber Lawsuit Contends Company Saves Money By Misclassifying DriversPYMNTShttps://t.co/NPRbu85JiF
9/13Competitor Suit Could Make Uber Change Labor Practices Courthouse News Servicehttps://t.co/P8isvKonzs
9/13Uber's new European boss made a speech
radically upending everything the company is known for
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/7mXYqMd8Rt
9/13London-Taxi companies threaten to sue city hall over bylaw changesThe London Free Presshttps://t.co/2be2g9Azx7
9/13What Happened To GM Testing Self-Driving Cars In New York City?GMAUTHORITYhttps://t.co/NSJbYZ1zEB
9/12L-TRAIN L-TERNATIVESthirteen.orghttps://t.co/tsMFzSrwXK
9/12Rideshare Nightmare: Woman jumped from car to escape fake Uber driverKTNVhttps://t.co/5cthg8D4oY
9/12District Attorney Decides Not to Prosecute Taxi Driver Involved in CPW Cyclist Death..West Side Raghttps://t.co/2Uehul0Fyw
9/12Everything You Need to Know About New York’s Primary Election on ThursdayVOGUEhttps://t.co/ygjHBu6ojR
9/12Uber BOMBSHELL: Taxi app will BAN riders if their rating drops below 4 stars DAILY STARhttps://t.co/7vq9FNootc
9/12Why Uber faces roadblocks on the way to transport utopiaFINANCIAL TIMEShttps://t.co/ffOVzuEEAw
9/11Andrew Cuomo Isn't Going to Be Caught DEAD Riding the Subway With You PeasantsSPLINTERhttps://t.co/Tf5M6mxCUi
9/11NY Mom Accuses Uber Driver of Taking Son
With Intellectual Disability on Long, Expensive Ride
9/11Uber driver attempts to lure teenager into his vehicleSundialhttps://t.co/izlsYssm57
9/11Are flying taxis about to become a reality?CNNhttps://t.co/Lb5BWncEh3
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9/10Uber Settlement Supported by Engineer Who Blogged About BiasBloomberghttps://t.co/Y2iYlE8TZ2
9/10“Move fast and break things” is brokenQUARTZhttps://t.co/1Oys3BzSyu
9/10Uber 'price fixing': Drivers accused of 'hacking system' to inflate fares Daily Starhttps://t.co/Xq6OOXoQmO
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9/9Cuomo's journey: Eight years of promises kept, kicked down the road or left behindCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/oxrYyt1tow
9/9Corey Johnson Says City May Do Congestion Pricing Without State OKSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/rhQx6FdZzg
9/8Council speaker calls for city to take over subways if state doesn't pay upCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/CZYFNXdtso
9/8Corey Johnson pushes again for congestion pricingN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/bpGveICoTY
9/8Waiting and waiting on the platform: Why we need congestion pricing nowN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/dLtLMdBsod
9/8Report: Uber Australia to Ban Passengers Rated 4 Stars and BelowBREITBARThttps://t.co/HZ6RPJpQh1
9/8London-The next taxi showdown? Politicians entertain lifting capLondon Free Presshttps://t.co/EH2GXwBXv4
9/8Are Drivers Ditching Their Cars for Uber? Not So Fast, Say Expertsgovtech.comhttps://t.co/dqxPomTVrP
9/7Dollar: Despite Melrose Crisis, NCUA Has Handled Taxi Crisis WellCredit Union Timeshttps://t.co/A0AoQQU1uN
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9/7The monopoly-busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, and FacebookTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/qoIkiXchkv
9/7Driver for Uber and Lyft live-streamed hundreds of riders on Twitch without their consent THE VERGEhttps://t.co/UlkjlFFWBR
9/7Uber CEO, continuing charm offensive, announces new safety featuresCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/ISfyWuI6Z7
9/75 Ways City Transit Agencies Have Exploited Uber And LyftForbeshttps://t.co/3jdhszFKsU
9/6Uber Fires Driver After Refusing to Pick Up a Black PassengerAtlanta Black Starhttps://t.co/4CSrEBw4df
9/6California Bill Seeks Reduced Emissions for Uber, Lyft VehiclesNGT Newshttps://t.co/lrMg5C8EJP
9/6Uber 'on track' for IPO in 2019, no plans to sell tech unit: CEOREUTERShttps://t.co/eC4js6eAsr
9/6Waymo faces tech hurdles as self-driving taxi deadline loomsARCHITECTShttps://t.co/C2CJAl191G
9/6Soho Residents Threaten Legal Action Over L Train Shutdown Plan Patchhttps://t.co/mEij0W5AuT
9/6Feds to mayor: Don’t count on our money for your trolleyBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/RhcsbOUTZ8
9/6New ferry line connects Long Island City to Lower East Side in 32 minutesTIMES Ledgerhttps://t.co/j6lzS5ZFxP
9/5Uber drivers set for international strike to highlight exploitationTaxi Pointhttps://t.co/LNC1BKwOvN
9/5With nearly half of Chicago cabs in foreclosure or idled,
cabbies' hopes riding on New York-style ride-share limits
Chicago Tribunehttps://t.co/4vzxDLo1Za
9/5How ride-sharing and self-driving cars could fill gaps in urban transportationBROOKINGShttps://t.co/7CyJsS4g1B
9/5Poll:FHV Cap supported 2 to 1Queens Tribunehttps://t.co/UqeyOCG9JP
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9/4Rethinking Manhattan’s GridCITYLABhttps://t.co/aSWoZJ5LOY
9/4Lyft plans March stock market flotationUK INVESTORhttps://t.co/zzowFnbblb
9/4To beat Uber and Lyft, some taxi companies are trying to become themHAWAII NEWShttps://t.co/14J8t17ss0
9/3Man shoots himself in back of taxi: copsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/1YBducqF4q
9/3Where Yellow Cabs Didn’t Go, Green Cabs were Supposed to Thrive. Then Came Uber.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/fiji9uZGsr
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9/2Why New York's crackdown on Uber, Airbnb may spread around the worldSydney Morning Heraldhttps://t.co/SeR5UIQ1Yn
9/1NCUA liquidates troubled Melrose Credit UnionCU JOURNALhttps://t.co/X6101cDgmr
9/1Unprecedented! DOT Scraps Protected Bike Lane on Dyckman StreetSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/2CuprNV4la
9/1De Blasio wants federal funding for Brooklyn-Queens streetcarN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/cejojU95uk
9/1Can Uber and Lyft Become Wheelchair Accessible?Pacific Standardhttps://t.co/7cEnIxHx7Z
9/1Lyft is planning its IPO, trying to beat Uber to the punch, sources sayL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/BOlXebrjgY
8/31City releases plans for shorter, costlier BQXCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/OC9qoGei6A
8/31San Francisco welcomes back scooters, but not Uber and LyftUSA TODAYhttps://t.co/i3iktrTuF3
8/30Uber driver fatally shot man in self-defense: copsN.Y.POSThttps://t.co/xRttL0cKnx
8/30Taiwan Taxi alliance threatens protest by 80,000 driversTAIPEI TIMEShttps://t.co/KxVl3JDTmQ
8/30Waymo's fully self-driving taxis don't seem like they'll be ready for their 2018 launch dateMashablehttps://t.co/9I393FAU0M
8/30Uber's CEO one year in: The one thing I wish I had fixed soonerCNNhttps://t.co/Pi2slH4Br4
8/30Uber, Lyft reportedly skimp on background checksc/nethttps://t.co/Lx1BeHRDbT
8/30Sixers’ Wilson Chandler loves Philly, but not its UberCLUTCHPOINTShttps://t.co/pNP0q81x1a
8/29L.I. lobbying firm, East Hills founder help pass NYC Uber capthe island nowhttps://t.co/zOXkY8d3PG
8/29E-moped beats bike, subway and Uber in Brooklyn rush hour racemetrohttps://t.co/GcD9HWPKDk
8/29Electric scooters’ sudden invasion of American cities, explainedVoxhttps://t.co/dCa96z0rWd
8/29Driverless taxi debuts in Tokyo in 'world first' trial ahead of Olympics The Guardianhttps://t.co/VYuJmmyn7l
8/29Uber CEO is determined to expand into bike-sharingN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/PivLxH17pb
8/28Can Waave Resurect the Yellow Cab?cheddarhttps://t.co/sgonXslXB3
8/28China announces transportation industry reform,
days after murder of Didi carpooling passenger
8/28The lobbying is fast and furious as
gig companies seek relief from pro-labor Supreme Court ruling
8/28Uber to appeal Brazilian judge's ruling that driver should be employeeREUTERShttps://t.co/9T3GQgUMsj
8/28California woman says she escaped Lyft driver who was taking her in opposite directionABC-7NYhttps://t.co/gF0Sfg6F4o
8/28Toyota is investing $500 million in Uber at a valuation reported at $72 billionCNBChttps://t.co/7Gki7CCYJJ
8/28The Gramercy Park Hotel Now Offers Guests
The Opportunity To Ride An Electra E-Bike Around New York
8/27Uber gears up for shift to bikes on short trips, CEO expects short-term financial hitCNBChttps://t.co/TSBHqeqf5L
8/27Does Uber deserve credit for Cohen’s comeuppance?CITY & STATEhttps://t.co/dn84vw5LyR
8/27School zone speed cameras will go back on in time for new school yearN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/WjAX8coBui
8/27Former New Orleans EMT says Uber driver punched him in face after 'worst ride' of his life N.O. ADVOCATEhttps://t.co/DcTUxNMroW
8/26Yellow cabs now have their own Uber-like appN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/huneDtPjPo
8/26Do you pay Uber $17,000 a year to cart you around? Virginian Pilothttps://t.co/mUmsCCpQ1a
8/26Just you wait: L closure a minor nuisance compared to BQE repairs, Hizzoner saysBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/oSGHWECysH
8/26More Than A $100m Loss Blurs Vision Of Uber’s Autonomous CarsMRS RESEARCHhttps://t.co/22Dhz7LBt3
8/25Another blow to Uber, ride-hailing app launches for NYC yellow taxis 6sqfthttps://t.co/RlvjTzbmfc
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8/24A 'short' history of Uber’s controversiesproactiveinvestorshttps://t.co/BLE38ajvEK
8/24TLC demands Michael Cohen return taxicab medallionsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/42EL5qnRoH
8/24NYC Mayor discusses L train alternatives on subwaypix-11https://t.co/x1mjZGq8bs
8/24'We are all going to die': Sacramento Uber driver accused of kidnapping, threatening riders msnhttps://t.co/jL1Vc9AdfI
8/24Uber will pay 56 employees a total of $1.9 million for harassment claimsengadgethttps://t.co/Nj4eFd0L7d
8/24Should Philly limit the number of Uber and Lyft drivers?The Inquirerhttps://t.co/t0u8akV3X8
8/24New yellow taxi app offers riders upfront, surge-free pricingCURBEDhttps://t.co/Vhkxst1SSQ
8/24No Melrose mention in Cohen plea dealQueens Chroniclehttps://t.co/mW0hXHvT0a
8/23Uber's new CFO suggested that an IPO might not happen in 2019 after allBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/fk9sB7F7Dx
8/23New York City’s L Train Shutdown Might Not Be So TerribleCITYLABhttps://t.co/W4YOstTLiM
8/23De Blasio promises ‘war room dynamic’ to solve L train fiascoN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/bZ6uwu1O9S
8/23Could electric scooters soon be on NYC streets?CURBEDhttps://t.co/k1aMw5wTxr
8/23AAA Study: Uber and Lyft ride-hailing twice the cost of car ownershipAPOKA VOICEhttps://t.co/ECfLX8QmcT
8/23City seeks to yank Michael Cohen's taxi medallions
after he pleaded guilty to hiding income from cab business
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/vbtiAbs3yY
8/22Chicago-Too much of a good thing?
Aldermen consider capping the number of ride-share vehicles
Chicago Tribunehttps://t.co/zbhDJOwuKv
8/22Michael Cohen-linked credit union faces another scandalN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/hJjANA9Y94
8/22L train shutdown: Electric bikes pitched as option for stranded commutersamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/kAGbb3Uewr
8/22Ride-hailing Fleets Are Clogging City Streets: A Failed Promise Or A Necessary Transition ?Forbeshttps://t.co/qUvcYVCtx7
8/22Uber hires CFO as it prepares to IPOCNBChttps://t.co/qkeq6TLeTE
8/21Why we had to tame Uber: And what other cities should learn from New York's victoryN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/6JetUtrHSY
8/21Electric scooters have brought chaos and outrage in cities across the country. Is Philly next? The Inquirerhttps://t.co/W5BTP0vaB0
8/21Study: App-Based Drivers More Crash-Prone Than TaxisAHhttps://t.co/p4v73rAwFx
8/21Why Tensions Between Uber and Cities Peaked in NYCBloomberghttps://t.co/ksRtoS5vTb
8/21Transit union activist compares pro-Cuomo MTA workers to ‘slaves’N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/3S3XNlwbqo
8/20Uber’s Vision of Self-Driving Cars Begins to BlurN/Y. Timeshttps://t.co/w2zMuGLtmq
8/20LI Limousine Association targets Uber, Lyft, others for tighter NY rulesNewsdayLINK
8/20Will regulation of rideshare apps leave passengers stranded?PBShttps://t.co/lq8RKGlV74
8/20How Uber, valued at billions, was sent packing by a start-up in SingaporeChannel News Asiahttps://t.co/77DCNUXuOW
8/19Pick up the pace: There's no Uber or Lyft cap in New York City
as long as the cars are wheelchair-accessible
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/NVub9wG1Eg
8/19Quebec Is Giving Taxi Drivers Up To $45,000 To Make Up For Uber LossesHUFFPOSThttps://t.co/xVMmjcJgxR
8/19Bieber changes drop off and pick up locations in New York CityWFMZhttps://t.co/3wGwFKSO7Q
8/19Electric Scooters in New York City? They Just Might WorkN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/1ln18CIXb4
8/19Why it’s easy to regulate scooters and hard to regulate UberMobility Labhttps://t.co/Imk56EqpNC
8/19Uber to Shift Focus on Profitable Markets Including IndiaCORPORATE ETHOShttps://t.co/3tuBH258wB
8/18Uber Driver Charged With 4 Felonies For Alleged Sexual AssaultSFGATEhttps://t.co/g0KQxI9OHo
8/18Passenger bites cab driver in the arm then steals his wallet: policePIX-11https://t.co/TH6nz3CMJT
8/18Off-duty Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting womanN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/QVnC3DNciE
8/18Six NYC taxi drivers have committed suicide since Novemberaljazeerahttps://t.co/tV1RiFHaRO
8/18Scooter wars: SF may penalize Lyft, Uber for ride-hail misdeedsS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/L2Y9cx7Ewn
8/18Woman loses almost $900 after Uber Eats scamBrinkwirehttps://t.co/kF7u4C8vTb
8/18Without speed cameras, city moves to impose safety measures in school zonesCURBEDhttps://t.co/izzS6y6YOs
8/18Riders plan new routes during L train tunnel workPIX-11https://t.co/ER6OQcq4oL
8/17Cabbies Suffer, but Uber Isn’t Slowing TrafficWSJhttps://t.co/GTIb1aVtga
8/17There’s a quiet battle of wills between Uber drivers and customers over who cancels firstMarket Watchhttps://t.co/R8QNRq4g8H
8/17London Mayor Calls on U.K. Government for Right to Cap Uber and OthersFORTUNEhttps://t.co/bYYCq043RI
8/17We Still Don’t Know Whether Uber Is a Real BusinessBloomberghttps://t.co/pB0Cb0w7od
8/17New York law curbing Uber may spread — and return focus to congestion pricingSOURCEhttps://t.co/IqTbVsr0ma
8/17Go to L: Transit advocates blast Trump for sitting on $100M in fundingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/isphizqtsn
8/17Orlando woman sues Lyft after sexual assault by driverWESHhttps://t.co/FtXFftak4X
8/17Uber driver tells women they're 'going to die'WMBFhttps://t.co/VApVhytUWR
8/17Investors tell Uber to ditch self-driving car program, report saysc/nethttps://t.co/wDdUxjfx9L
8/17The best cap on Uber would be to fix the frigging subwayQUARTZhttps://t.co/5caXD3wv6P
8/16NYC Cap on Uber and Lyft ExplainedTLPAhttps://t.co/grsaVbaV83
8/16Why Reining in Ride Hailing Is So CriticalCITYLABhttps://t.co/1at9xcH84L
8/16Uber narrows loss but is a long way from finding profitREUTERShttps://t.co/b3lFc0ZmJm
8/16What New York's Uber decision portends for ride-hailing servicesGreenBizhttps://t.co/ZEQv6GP0bv
8/16De Blasio Says Driver Who Blocked Bike Lane In Fatal Crash Should Face 'Consequences'gothamisthttps://t.co/XIHIwy58j0
8/16130K speeders raced past deactivated cameras in 16 days: City HallN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/mhfeVCVvQO
8/15Uber is going on the offensive and plotting
clever ways to grow despite NYC's cap on ride-hailing cars
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/dE95lyVrFa
8/15Mayor Bill de Blasio signs cap on ride-share vehicles into lawABC-7NYhttps://t.co/cCHrz21asj
8/15First-ever cap on Uber, Lyft drivers signed into law in NYCN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/vHrAQezPZ2
8/15Southern Californians are tossing electric scooters into ocean, burning them: reportFOXhttps://t.co/k2ZeZKAYD7
8/15Uber hires chief security officer to help earn back user trustCNNhttps://t.co/S4SgCDAAtM
8/15Lawsuit: Uber didn't fire a driver accused of assault -- and he did it againc/nethttps://t.co/OSLMse738N
8/15Fake vomit claims by Uber drivers costing passengers big bucksABC-7Chicagohttps://t.co/hLHihJQDGq
8/15Parking Prices To Double In Parts Of Brooklyn, DOT Says Patchhttps://t.co/d0Q05cHTfp
8/14Uber Drivers Take Riders the Long Way—at Uber’s ExpenseWSJhttps://t.co/G3v4qR5CRx
8/14Uber and Lyft Drivers Rush to Register Cars Ahead of City’s New CapN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/w1eHTsol3C
8/14Quebec taxi drivers expected to receive compensation to offset Uber competitionCBChttps://t.co/Xpe1v7tpkd
8/14Uber and Lyft are making traffic jams worse, not betterboston.comhttps://t.co/49ri9RC2DP
8/14Uber driver convicted of raping female passenger, faces 20 years in prison Washington Posthttps://t.co/j25DtvU0be
8/14For Uber and Airbnb, New York City turns foeFOX NEWShttps://t.co/wMZNX51nnk
8/14Traveling all over the world has convinced me that Uber and its competitors aren't going
anywhere—and for good reason
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/8pUksHjdw0
8/14Why are D.C. and New York officials afraid of competition to public transit?DAILY TOURCHhttps://t.co/O7aALEcEzF
8/13New Yorkers face 1st weekend of L train shutdownNEWS12https://t.co/IYS7SGdReK
8/13Uber faces new roadblock in New York on its way to IPO Tulsa Worldhttps://t.co/5B61Kfv7XY
8/13Capping Ubers Won’t Fix New York’s ProblemsEPOCH TIMEShttps://t.co/CaD9yxz51U
8/13Historic Win For NY Taxi Workers Alliance As The City Puts A Cap On LicensesIndustry Reasearch Newshttps://t.co/ZzenOZ3o1w
8/13Dealing with ride hailersbrand-ehttps://t.co/2CWy1qJ5Dl
8/13Federal Corporate Tax Cuts Just Gave New Billions to New York Businesses -
What About the MTA?
GOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/hGTilUv0fQ
8/12L train shutdown: A Manhattan vs. Brooklyn breakdownamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/V4BlINZupc
8/12Regulation-buster and Uber investor Bradley Tusk:
Dara Khosrowshahi's kinder, gentler approach makes Uber seem weak to its foes
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/GcJOwP41lx
8/12De Blasio holds rally after victory over ride-share appsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/gw1oXL5nZh
8/12New York is limiting Uber. Boston won’t. Here’s whyBoston Globehttps://t.co/YCJq49mY3L
8/12Cab driver arrested after street brawl in ManhattanFOX5https://t.co/hvmjJi2wcp
8/12Uber’s having a rough week on both sides of the Atlantictnwhttps://t.co/s2e0xT8HbY
8/12De Blasio to sign cap on Uber and other e-hail apps TuesdayN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/3FhdyRdFhT
8/12Blog New NYC regulations on Uber and Lyft a victory for union organizingwagingnonviolence.orghttps://t.co/I2Aqz6q0Om
8/11What’s the Right Number of Taxis (or Uber or Lyft Cars) in a City?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/bcfIgLMFl3
8/113 Years Ago, Uber Beat Back a Cap on Vehicles. What’s Changed? A Lot.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/8y7iVIWyaE
8/11New York City Caps Ride-Sharing Licenses, Requires Data Submissiongovtech.comhttps://t.co/wvupYjHXuD
8/11United Spinal Association Applauds New York City Council's Cap on Uberbenzingahttps://t.co/8xmMWy2LGh
8/11TLC flooded with applications before ride-share cap kicks inN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/5GKnQ4DKsD
8/11VIDEO: Cab driver arrested in road-rage incident with family in NYCWABC-7NYhttps://t.co/ZStBH68b88
8/11Does Uber's defeat in New York stem from Travis Kalanick's choices or Dara Khosrowshahi's?L.A. Timeshttps://t.co/dOqsoZ3ig1
8/11Queens Cabbie's Family Makes Last-Ditch Call To Halt Deportation Patchhttps://t.co/bGX6hpcbDy
8/10Medallion Financial Corp. Applauds
the Passing of the New York City Council’s Taxi and For-Hire Vehicle Reform Legislation
Business Wirehttps://t.co/Rcc7v5eXvx
8/10New York City Just Changed the Uber GameCITYLABhttps://t.co/nNFGGNzUQk
8/10Uber and the False Hopes of the Sharing EconomyN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/j2BIzr6h3J
8/102 Women Sue Uber,
Saying Chattanooga Driver Sexually Assaulted One Of Them, Exposed Himself To The Other
8/10Is Uber—and the Entire Sharing Economy—at the End of the Open Road?THE RINGERhttps://t.co/Q29qDJiYq1
8/9NCUA Files Charges Against Former CEO of Melrose CU Keith Leggett’s
Credit Union Watch
8/9Why a Cap on Uber in New York Would be a Major Blow for the Ride-Hail GiantN.Y.Timeshttps://t.co/1EwEXMNpPV
8/9After the hail storm: Uber's fears are overblownN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/btrMdbQPgT
8/9Some transgender drivers are being kicked off Uber’s appCNBChttps://t.co/urIThM8xaR
8/9Man in NYC for Wedding Dies Days After Punch in Mistaken Uber Ride ConfrontationNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/VKtYg0GcPX
8/9New York Approves First U.S. Cap on Uber, App-Based Cab DriversBloomberghttps://t.co/BjWxhnw5QO
8/9Uber Hit With Cap as New York City Takes Lead in CrackdownN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/PYgY8yDuB8
8/9NYC votes to stop Uber’s unchecked growth, give drivers a minimum wagetheoutline.comhttps://t.co/uXtaxTY5KH
8/9In major defeat for Uber and Lyft, New York City votes to limit ride-sharing cars THE VERGEhttps://t.co/26yhhmRyFg
8/9No new FHV vehicle licenses for one yearTLChttp://www.nyc.gov/html/tlc/downloads/pdf/industry_notice_18_11.pdf
8/9It’s Not an Uber Cap —
It’s a Course Correction for an Industry That’s Dangerously Out of Whack
STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/as0TeKUn4c
8/9Ride-share apps could turn vehicle cap to their advantage, insiders sayCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/PRn6Hbt1R9
8/8New Yorkers write the rules for this city. Not UberCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/nHEVGbPNiM
8/8New York’s proposed cap on Uber and other for-hire vehicles, explainedCURBEDhttps://t.co/wzXTygNUa9
8/8NYC ponders precedent with 1-year cap on new ride-hail carsABC NEWShttps://t.co/bIsAtW9P7R
8/8How New York Became the Center of the Fight Against Uber and the Gig Economy LieJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/aazyUNwxmO
8/8MTA Previews Big L Train Shutdown With 15 Weekends Of L Shutdownsgothamisthttps://t.co/ZO1TEVbiIv
8/8Uber and Lyft will lose cap battle, survey of council showsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/0Qj8UsLMEd
8/8A cap on app cars will save lives: An Uber driver urges the Council to pass reform billsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/9bG4NWOYtd
8/8Families of cabbie suicide victims push for ride sharing billN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/Ro4WU3Moix
8/8Corey Johnson is lining up a run for mayorN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/NPCgE2xBJK
8/8Indian cab-hailing giant Ola will launch in the UK to challenge UberBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/wjlEe59ji4
8/8New York Uber Drivers Can Collect Unemployment Benefits SHRMhttps://t.co/XPljUz9Ah3
8/8Taxi and Uber drivers in New York City are united in backing a cap on ride-hail vehiclesPittsburgh Post Gazettehttps://t.co/Axpe45DKum
8/8Gig Firms Ask California to Rescue Them From Court RulingBloomberghttps://t.co/zce5OnyOWK
8/7Ride Share Bills To Be Voted on N.Y. City Councilhttps://t.co/BDECwGrneW
8/7Uber Kicks Decency To The Curb With NYC Media FloodForbeshttps://t.co/IB4pfZ7tWB
8/7A cap on app cars will save lives and livelihoods:
An Uber driver urges the Council to pass reform bills
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/9bG4NWOYtd
8/7Everybody Hates Uber:
Regulations, Outraged Taxi Drivers, and In-house Scandals That Ruin Their Business
8/7Foundation, colleagues distance themselves from Lyft in run-up to Council votePOLITICOhttps://t.co/upGQrVX4zY
8/7Uber drivers log off in Australia-wide protest against low fares The Guardianhttps://t.co/vxHIVynFKT
8/7Uber's biggest haters are slapping the company with a $650 million class-action lawsuitBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/9r4naT6Tiz
8/7Uber drivers protest against the company's upfront pricing systemMashablehttps://t.co/xeZMDfRvqZ
8/7Capping for-hire vehicles won’t solve NYC’s traffic woesCITY & STATEhttps://t.co/IfXcObkdZl
8/6Taxi and Uber Drivers Are United in Backing a Cap on Ride-Hail VehiclesN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/2UlU94sTmZ
8/6A City Grapples With Ride-Hailing AppsN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/ENACl1EvT9/td>
8/6Stop Uber From Flooding New YorkN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/jfv6v9vLMP
8/6AG candidate threatens lawsuit over ‘racist’ bill to limit ride sharing licensesN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/mbPmQXk7pU
8/6How the yellow cab went belly up:
Uber has accelerated an economic crisis decades in the making
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/AKQI4B8NQo
8/5How residents of one New York neighborhood plan to ride out a subway line's shutdownCNBChttps://t.co/No9bXEntce
8/5Ride-sharing companies spent over $1M lobbying in NYCN.Y.POSThttps://t.co/IFCLS3NnDX
8/5A New Vote Could Change How Uber Operates In New York CityGET.comhttps://t.co/GkvnskKPgs
8/5Advocates: Cuomo dragging feet in naming transit panelNY1https://t.co/fyFzj9r57t
8/5The human toll of falling taxi licence valuesABChttps://t.co/avBW7pUzXb
8/5NYC Cabbie Facing Deportation Amid 'Torture' In Jail: SupportersPatchhttps://t.co/IA0MiAh1JH
8/4A new luxury shuttle service wants to help commuters during the L train shutdownBROKER PULSEhttps://t.co/YYhWa9Iro4
8/4New York City tackles discrimination by taxi and Uber driversPINK NEWShttps://t.co/jfYzWie5n1
8/4Whoa! Johnson calls for ‘cap’ on hail apps like Uber and a studyTHE VILLAGERhttps://t.co/lJQWMSrZT5
8/4Mayor pushes back at Sharpton over Uber capCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/lRIr76iN9s
8/4Growing backlash against proposal to cap ride-hailing cars on NYC streetsABC-7NYhttps://t.co/nuqTB1Qbw0
8/4City considers cap on ride hail licensesQueens Chroniclehttps://t.co/0XAFLdH2Yc
8/4Uber driver convicted in deadly San Francisco crash that killed 6-year-old girlKRONhttps://t.co/7zdDRzRJR9
8/4'We are suffering': Taxi drivers sit idle at DFW Airport, waiting for fares that never comeDALLAS NEWShttps://t.co/LUXgOVy9n1
8/3The Uber-Lyft Cap Has Nothing to Do With the L Train ShutdownSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/OBY4wHthWW
8/3Uber & Lyft Cap Would Cause 'Economic Tsunami' In BK, Critics Say Patchhttps://t.co/mHkUgogikR
8/3Ford’s Chariot Vans Are Mostly EmptySTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/fntKrh0ABO
8/3Kingston taxi commission passes bylaw to limit Uber, LyftGlobal NEWShttps://t.co/lJyqna2kcg
8/3Uber Driver Who Careened Into Store, Injuring Three, Lacked a Valid LicenseSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/v5UkHXPGhc
8/3NYC fights taxi, for-hire vehicle service refusals with new anti-discrimination office amNEWYORKhttps://t.co/dnaLQN8b8d
8/3Spanish ‘anti-Uber’ taxi strike ends after government agrees new regulationTChttps://t.co/fA9vqy4iOS
8/3Potential cap on ride-hailing app vehicles in NYC: What you need to knowN.Y. 1https://t.co/6XFLlRBglX
8/3Why this Uber fix is overdue: We need to attack congestion and pay drivers moreN.Y.DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/w51ANVhxqp
8/3Rideshare companies offered New York $100M to drop proposed regulationsYAHOOhttps://t.co/gk91L9akQR
8/3Uber and Lyft are fighting a critical battle against New York City —
and this time, they might not win
8/3Uber Is Not Serious About Changing Its Toxic CultureSLATEhttps://t.co/rXHQh4xoen
8/3Amid political bickering, a progressive solution to NYC’s transit crisis waits in the wings CURBEDhttps://t.co/kBTMDZfSOU
8/3NYC traffic plan needs a push down the roadamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/8vvTtwaEZ9
8/2The Solution For Ride Sharing Saturation in Major CitiesWGN Radiohttps://t.co/46SqXpltIY
8/2City Council - Reform Ride-Sharing Regulations Now!change.orghttps://t.co/tCesqR53QW
8/2Subway Ridership Dropped Again in New York as Passengers Flee to UberN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/YT2e6L91Zx
8/2Stop Uber From Flooding New YorkN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/jfv6v9vLMP
8/2Uber and Lyft offered to bail out struggling taxi drivers, but New York City said noTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/dtGqlIFJ6W
8/2Lyft, Uber offer a deal to Corey Johnson, Johnson declinesPOLITICOhttps://t.co/z4sBtsf6k7
8/2A Taxi Cap Looms on the HorizonNY-1https://t.co/DXDtKareAy
8/2Jury deliberates in trial of ex-Uber driver who fatally struck girlS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/rUCqFXG2b2
8/2Uber, Lyft Agree To Citywide Ride TaxS.F. GATEhttps://t.co/SB0b8fhbPu
8/1Uber Driver Who Careened Into Store, Injuring Three, Lacked a Valid LicenseSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/v5UkHXPGhc
8/1Uber set an example for new digital companies — the wrong exampleS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/BNTZIofVLA
8/1Apps and caps: The City Council's bid to rein in Uber and Lyft gets it mostly rightN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/XZ9qYIWsHK
8/14 Hurt After Uber Driver Jumps Curb,
Plows Into Phone Store, Busy Restaurant in Chelsea: Police
8/1New York Office to Address Discrimination by Taxis and For-Hire VehiclesN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/ag5M1D0Ij5
8/1How Uber saved me from cabsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/sYila4VAtB
8/1NYC council readies legislation to cap Uber, Lyft driversN.Y. BUSINESS JOURNALhttps://t.co/iK0P0jg1U8
8/1Mondays with the mayor, Part 1: Uber political battleNY-1https://t.co/YttV1m2jsh
8/1New York City Is Thriving. Why Is Transport Such a Nightmare?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/wpW12UalVI
8/1MTA tests new app to improve Access-A-Ride serviceNY-1https://t.co/YPXPeMgmtY
8/1Cash, Cabs, ComedyDemocrat Gazettehttps://t.co/yr2NksbpnR
8/1Uber and Lyft encourage NYC customers to oppose proposed ride-hail cap legislationTChttps://t.co/W5tNzKZsNT
8/1SEE: A large man threw a smaller man into a fountain outside the Hilton MidtownN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/mvJMRhWAt5
7/31Time for a cap on Uber and Lyft: Why a traffic expert changed his mindN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/pAfqgmcrNv
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7/31Uber, for-hire vehicle regulations in NYC: What to know about the City Council billsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/YUNDTAvmYD
7/31Taxi strike targeting Uber brings chaos to Spanish citiesYAHOOhttps://t.co/J46nFGAkF1
7/31Legislation curbing ride-hail services heading to council membersCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/nF94fR4DKq
7/31How Uber is making traffic even worseAXIOShttps://t.co/Ur1YrWDfQL
7/31Dispatch: Is New York Finally Getting Serious About Regulating Uber?THE DRIVEhttps://t.co/1CLKisgwRq
7/31Bills capping Uber and Lyft would punish communities of color tooCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/q7DhL0vg6b
7/31NYC’s Uber, Lyft restrictions challenged by civil rights groupsCURBEDhttps://t.co/UoWXCL0vI4
7/30Uber’s goodwill campaign arrives in New York CityPOLITICOhttps://t.co/jJoKyhtVhc
7/30NYC Moves To Cap Number Of Ubers, Lyfts On The StreetsINQUISITRhttps://t.co/TQbniYiekH
7/30Barcelona taxis strike to protest ride-hailing appsABC Newshttps://t.co/VQlZKivoTE
7/30Surprising? Only 2% of business travelers tip Uber or Lyft driversSFGATEhttps://t.co/VGAYMafmsu
7/30Taxi turf war at airport as cabbies struggle for survival in the age of Lyft and UberSan-Diego
7/29Uber And Lyft Could Finally See Vehicle Caps As NYC Congestion MountsFORBEShttps://t.co/NcR4jVOvyE
7/29Uber, Surging Outside Manhattan, Tops Taxis in New York CityN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/ttz62lv6Ey
7/29Rev. Al rides with Uber in debate over City Council cap on app-based taxi servicesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/YEj3QOwkTk
7/29New York City considers limiting the number of Uber, Lyft driversUSA TODAYhttps://t.co/DhCK201vPb
7/29Legislation would curb for-hire vehiclesFOX-5https://t.co/KHdGPF0qeI
7/29Bieber buses will continue service to New York with new drop-off locationREADING EAGLEhttps://t.co/cWrnujOGNw
7/29Another View: Secret recording isn’t what Uber, Lyft passengers sign up forPress Heraldhttps://t.co/utLNRAwsne
7/28This Time It’s Uber on the Defensive in Battle With New YorkN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/5VVDqi0TDv
7/28Uber and Lyft are facing a major crackdown in New York CityTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/WVbi7fi7uw
7/28Uber, Lyft on defense as City Council fast-tracks regulationCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/kENnUpZgIc
7/28City Council remains defiant as Uber hints at another warPOLITICOhttps://t.co/hSiaYKQRVf
7/28City Council tries again to cap Uber and other ride-hailing servicesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/BS8yL1Z7ak
7/28Shared Uber Rides Are Worsening NYC's Traffic Woes Patchhttps://t.co/5Y8qTItdzg
7/28Lyft, Uber increase traffic 180 percent in major cities, says reportCURBEDhttps://t.co/rqmIwW7PvQ
7/28NYC mulls new sirens on emergency vehicles to curb noiseN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/DmuDfwo1Ee
7/27Council to reintroduce Uber capPOLITICOhttps://t.co/DSkWjNoq1C
7/27New York City Council Moves to Cap Uber and Other For-Hire VehiclesN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/a2NRWAb3dq
7/27MTA to lose millions as less people want to put up with poor serviceN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/3mCty3nlqS
7/27Who’s to blame for MTA’s declining ridership?CURBEDhttps://t.co/oEMnw4VmGX
7/27New York Gov. Cuomo pardons illegals with criminal histories facing deportationtheblazehttps://t.co/hgnc56WvZY
7/27NY Governor Cuomo Angers Muslim Group
by Accusing Trump of Waging ‘Jihad’ on Illegal Immigrants
7/27Uber Driver Dragged, Pinned in Violent Brooklyn Road Rage Attack Captured on VideoNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/Z2LjFJZ2OF
7/27Mini-vending machines are coming to Ubers in NYCTimeOuthttps://t.co/lwIIyvvZsc
7/26Ride-sharing causes far more city traffic than it prevents: reportCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/ONvlhIO1eN
7/26Carpooling has only made NYC’s traffic suck more: studyN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/2VJBDSMogk
7/26Second Summer Of Uber Sees Big Drops In Taxi Numbers27east.comhttps://t.co/XGw9DQPmOw
7/26Shared Uber Rides Are Worsening NYC's Traffic Woes Patchhttps://t.co/5Y8qTItdzg
7/26The Death of Cars in Cities Has Been Greatly ExaggeratedPChttps://t.co/TQ2uJtFnZf
7/25RXR’s CEO: NYC's At A Tipping Point In Deciding Its FutureGlobeSt.comhttps://t.co/W4rFjWLSmv
7/25PA targeting phony airport taxi driversQUEENS Chroniclehttps://t.co/RTokfUKE8e
7/25MTA Blames Uber for Decline in New York City Subway, Bus RidershipWSJhttps://t.co/0WJDe2Lwnb
7/25London taxi drivers mull class action suit against UberREUTERShttps://t.co/9WigDSoKS0
7/25How to Check for Hidden Cameras in an Uber or Lyftlifehackerhttps://t.co/z2eO39TSEy
7/25Uber's 'Vomit Fraud' Sounds Worse Than Surge PricingGIZMODOhttps://t.co/976eX67gkp
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7/24The FTC has taken Uber‘s money and is giving it to Uber driverstheoutline.comhttps://t.co/2zARzp88D9
7/23Uber drivers could soon be considered Uber employees, and that could get expensive DIGITAL TRENDShttps://t.co/iRbARvCGII
7/23Police seek 2 men accused of attacking, robbing taxi driver in Fort GreeneNEWS12 THE BRONXhttps://t.co/cPz7CdFAsT
7/22Driver for Uber and Lyft live-streamed hundreds of riders on Twitch without their consentTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/UlkjlFFWBR
7/22Uber Now Offering Mini Vending MachinesKVEOhttps://t.co/pFyfrxpr5w
7/22Verrazano study verifies: 2-way toll would slash trafficTHE VILLAGERhttps://t.co/VbH3SwbonX
7/22New York City Council Unanimously Passes Bill to Regulate Airbnb M&Chttps://t.co/FEC5rpmq1S
7/21Gypsy cab arrests spike in 2018, prompting crackdown by Port Authority policeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/7coMR7Tvfx
7/21Port Authority cracking down on illegal pickups at NYC airportsABC-7NYhttps://t.co/UReghd1iZc
7/21Uber loses another top executiveCNNhttps://t.co/gtbm1w68C2
7/21Uber's CEO Faces an Impossible DecisionWIREDhttps://t.co/cSPgrHhs5M
7/21'Rideshare Rapist' case exposes flaws in Lyft background checksYAHOOhttps://t.co/58rVP8EeC6
7/21Uber's Latest Partnership Means That Drivers Can Hawk You Things While You're RidingFORTUNEhttps://t.co/NEdvLp8qaW
7/21‘Taxi King’ behind bars after not paying $100K in child supportN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/psJWk5zY45
7/21Pave Over the Subway? Cities Face Tough Bets on Driverless CarsN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/ZlkoSbVJqp
7/20The Uber StoryTECHSTORYhttps://techstory.in/?p=292540
7/20Board says some Uber drivers are entitled to unemployment insuranceCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/wmUSBNNvuw
7/20WATCH: Steam Pipe Explosion Won't Stop This Guy Getting Breakfast Patchhttps://t.co/dmcoAy6DDh
7/20Esplanade Serial Rapist, Former Uber Driver, Sentenced To 18 Yrs Patchhttps://t.co/So9a7Zg4xG
7/20Taxi drivers want ridesharing companies booted from terminals at Reagan National AirportWJLAhttps://t.co/FnNp6grkuC
7/20Uber Begins Performing Continuous Background Checks on Drivers in U.S.ESRhttps://t.co/Ye6OO2RSTM
7/19Uber loses a 'precedential' victory, and some New York state drivers win 'employee' statusPOLITICOhttps://t.co/R2mvVrXgL5
7/19Uber driver caught peeing in bottle with passenger in carN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/9dwK8RHMXN
7/19Disgraced ‘Taxi King’ is losing his prized FerrarisN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZafI50IBuk
7/19Former Lyft driver charged in California serial rapes had passed a background checkL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/VFbHyfGBNQ
7/19Uber and Lyft Have a New Competitor, BMWthe POINTS GUYhttps://t.co/p9pz7A7FA9
7/18Uber to launch $1M congestion pricing campaignPOLITICOhttps://t.co/XEniS9AJ3E
7/18Judge orders ‘Taxi King’ to pay $1.3M in sex harassment caseN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/tlqJ1w7Hpu
7/18Phony Uber driver busted in Midtown Tunnel had
$15,000 in unpaid toll violations in his trunk, sources said
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/6ACkPdFgi7
7/18Cathay Express Transportation Services Provides
Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service in New York City
DIGITAL JOURMALhttps://t.co/PrVfe3Ietz
7/18Is Uber For Everything A Good Thing?FORBEShttps://t.co/QDlisdo9Cz
7/18Taxis vs Uber: Drivers On Both Sides Of The Conflict Suffer The Same HardshipsQ Costa Ricahttps://t.co/80UmSIKyL1
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7/18Uber CEO Confronts Questions About Culture at All-Hands Meeting The Informationhttps://t.co/kDLFqgxgMo
7/18Uber hasn't had a chief financial officer since 2015BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/U0hKFgicdZ
7/17Bronx Uber driver charged with selling heroin in Fort Leenorthjersey.comhttps://t.co/8TIpsb5YXC
7/17Uber Is Target of Federal Sex Discrimination InquiryN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/tPzqTdQLVn
7/17Thousands of Uber drivers to get settlement checksCBS NEWShttps://t.co/J5npaKy9IT
7/17Accused 'Rideshare Rapist' is undocumented immigrant, former Lyft driverKRON-4https://t.co/1Zrz3Q6R9A
7/17TfL calls for Congestion Charge for private hire driversAUTOCARhttps://t.co/QCa8ZVBk9D
7/16What Future Is Uber Seeing for Itself? WOLF STREEThttps://t.co/Q3dRR0QC94
7/16In wheelchairs, unable to get around: Let's finally fix Access-A-RideN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qe2q4w3Ysr
7/16Get a move on: New York needs to move further, faster on accessibilityN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/vICCwdlqzc
7/16Dockless Bikes Reach New York CitymySAhttps://t.co/XzOwET20ps
7/16Will Uber's CEO still be able to save the brand's image?CNNhttps://t.co/ov03bUNR4v
7/16New York, the city that never sleeps—and that’s a health problem for residentsMarket Watchhttps://on.mktw.net/2L01SZQ
7/16At Uber, new questions arise about executive behaviorCNBChttps://cnb.cx/2NOme6p
7/16Uber rival Gett said to mull sale of ride-share startupTHE BUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/o2QFg080Vg
7/15Bank robber wearing a wig caught thanks to cab driverN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/m62omPg2DX
7/15Cuomo Wants NYC Taxpayers To Pay Even More To Fix The Subwaysgothamisthttps://t.co/mPnRp2ScAX
7/15Uber driver: TLC made up evidence in lesbian kiss caseN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/m2cIksJxwk
7/15Suspected serial rapist posed as ride-hailing driver: copsN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/CMgxzdw1HL
7/15Pay-to-ride 2-wheelers/Fordham area to test feasibility of dockless bikesBRONX Timeshttps://t.co/qTifJHCY7W
7/15Elon Musk has a new interest group that could be added to his list of enemies: CabbiesCNBChttps://t.co/m7L7rq50qB
7/15Department store apocalypse is taking its toll on NYCN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/YfxJKEdvnR
7/14Can New York Rein in Uber?THE Nationhttps://t.co/zwDWAmds0a
7/14Advocates Release Transportation AgendaTHE Forumhttps://t.co/iQ2Kn2vX0U
7/14Dockless Bikes Roll Into New York City cheddarhttps://t.co/Oz6at8d7RJ
7/14A Wage Hike for Drivers Wouldn’t Sink Ride ServicesWSJhttps://t.co/DUzThlKA85
7/14Cuomo calls special seesion for Senate vote on speed camera billBROOKLYN DAILYhttps://t.co/7k0cwv5gy8
7/13This guy figured out Uber and Lyft have been paying him a whopping 42 cents per hourKnow Techiehttps://t.co/AoinADjrT6
7/13Uber's HR chief steps down after discrimination probeCNNhttps://t.co/vj74oxM5aZ
7/13Uber saved its London business. Europe may be tougher to crackCNNhttps://t.co/NoXp2MHS7e
7/13Uber lays off 100 safety drivers as it scales back self-driving testsarsTECHNICAhttps://t.co/h6hR3ymNU9
7/13Lyft Passenger Killed In Wrong-Way Crash On Belt ParkwayCBS New Yorkhttps://t.co/9eJeafT0Mw
7/13Upset with Uber Ride Cleaning FeeWSVNhttps://t.co/pJFTtOryzB
7/13The next Uber? Cities grapple with flood of electric scootersPortland
Press Herald
7/12Uber and Lyft's Never-Ending Quest to Crush Price Comparison AppsWIREDhttps://t.co/9K5JpF56qX
7/12The Taxi Empire Strikes BackWSJhttps://t.co/scWaH0Lihd
7/12Small Business Owners Say Thumbs Down For DOT’s ‘Clear Curb’ Pilot ProgramCBS2-NYhttps://cbsloc.al/2KXXiKV#.W0cxvxugA2Y
7/12Will de Blasio Set a Minimum Wage for Uber Drivers?STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/DMjBwbgnSi
7/12Ride-Hailing Apps Spend Big on Lobbyists as Crisis Hits Cab IndustrySPUTNIKhttps://t.co/ZH5DjDba9Y
7/12Uber rider charged $250 for 7-minute tripFOX NEWS https://fxn.ws/2uqopny
7/11Taxi drivers rally for new City Council regulationsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/jJRVYpNr2p
7/11Cab drivers rally for change at City HallNews12https://t.co/1lqkZAbMNM
7/11Report advocating a minimum wage for
Uber drivers sparks confusion in de Blasio administration
7/11Chief People Officer for Uber resigns over racial discrimination allegationsDevdiscoursehttps://t.co/NyNdQFkYUs
7/11Congestion pricing, subway fixes should be top priorities for political candidates, groups sayamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/5kMurj5Nfl
7/10We had to show Uber the door. In Brighton passenger safety comes first The Guardianhttps://gu.com/p/8h67k/stw
7/10Uber driver who allegedly booted lesbian couple for kissing can drive againN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2N39Pdk
7/10EXCLUSIVE: Uber launches new ad highlighting its efforts to serve New York's outer boroughsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/2KVzC7nxCM
7/10Uber sets out to prove itself: what you need to knowFINANCIAL TIMEShttps://t.co/4UGdMSRaSq
7/10A new poll asks: How ready are you to forgive Uber, Wells Fargo, and Facebook?QUARTZhttps://t.co/sWByUpT3OP
7/10Don't Hate on Surge Pricing by Uber and MoviePass: Dumbest Thing on Wall StreetThe Streethttps://t.co/jBxXKAoEN0
7/10Uber Hires Former Justice Department Lawyer as Compliance ChiefBloomberghttps://t.co/yqNd8bxxoK
7/9Police: Bronx Uber driver arrested for alleged sexual assaultNEWS 12
7/9Police: Bronx Uber driver arrested for alleged sexual assaultSOURCELINK
7/9San Francisco’s crisis looks like New York’s futureN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2J2HXUh
7/9NYPD: Search On For Suspects In Livery Cab Driver RobberyCBS-NYhttps://cbsloc.al/2KHf1qQ#.W0M8DyyD2wM.twitter
7/9This is how easy it is to find illegal idlers in NYCN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2ubbtlC
7/8Will New York crack down on Uber? Daily Mailhttps://t.co/UBpOTekZgu
7/8After spate of suicides, city looks for ways to address drivers' mental healthPOLITICOhttps://t.co/8a26ZIICmC
7/8Between the lines: Uber's driver wages under increased scrutinyAXIOShttps://t.co/18L7RQy8zJ
7/8Uber and Lyft are forcing Southern California parking companies to adapt or dieL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/70tnudmuSC
7/8Opinion: Lyft’s subscription plan is a rare stumble as the company takes on Uber Market Watchhttps://t.co/9c2NTvaJ2X
7/8Pittsburgh Mayor: Uber needs to be better corporate citizenWPXIhttps://t.co/8jMDMwXrvv
7/714th Street to get a busway during L train shutdownCURBEDhttps://t.co/eNqu9rEuZv
7/7Uber driver accused of assaulting Rye Brook womanlohudhttps://t.co/WhtpaOuosW
7/7Uber vs yellow cabs: A living nightmare for New York taxi driversMSNhttps://t.co/vXXCpGx5MM
7/7Saudi Arabia Promised More Oil. So Why Are Prices Rising?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/4vAqEkWyL7
7/6New York City, give back our choice of commuteCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/VLgkLqwiUX
7/6Six-year boom pushes New York to mull Uber regulationPHYS.ORGhttps://t.co/W9pDFxUOgl
7/6Skedaddle has had acquisition talks with Uber and LyftTChttps://t.co/9Jm7epjGgn
7/5A brilliantly simple formula could be the key to raising pay for Uber driversQUARTZhttps://qz.com/1320449
7/5GM puts pieces in place for self-driving taxis in San FranciscoL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/zrONEK1K9w
7/5Uber, Lyft fees help out The Salem Newshttps://t.co/AVkEwfZlC8
7/5Early Uber investor buys Miami Beach mansion for $17M SOUTH FLORIDA
7/5Ex-Lyft driver in Texas charged with kidnappingStar Tribune http://strib.mn/2NoU2Xq
7/4Queens Taxi Committee for Safety opposes Uber’s hardship fundTIMES Ledgerhttps://t.co/E8R8xUNh9E
7/4After spate of suicides, city looks for ways to address drivers' mental healthPOLITICOhttps://t.co/8a26ZIICmC
7/4Hail a boost for drivers: App-service incomes are just too lowN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/p2taUuaLXp
7/4Lyft and Uber serve low-income communities better than taxis, says studyCURBEDhttps://t.co/lJ2kdg4VZ0
7/4New York City Considers New Pay Rules for Uber DriversN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/GQYHXU26Fg
7/4Lyft’s Big Bike-Share Buy Is About Ruling the StreetsWIREDhttps://t.co/5al0pbsl7T
7/3On New York City’s Report Urging Higher Pay for Uber and Lyft DriversNELPhttps://t.co/deyHnr9Kz8
7/3NYC Plan to Boost Pay for Uber, Lyft Drivers Seen Falling ShortBLOOMBERGhttps://t.co/1oc2TRYxbQ
7/3Report advocating a minimum wage for
Uber drivers sparks confusion in de Blasio administration
7/3NYC Study Backs Minimum Wage Of $17.22 For Uber, Lyft Drivers (Updated)JALOPNIKhttps://t.co/uJipz6giD8
7/3City releases groundbreaking proposal to boost Uber, Lyft driver wagesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/mteCdzZsmU
7/3London Is the Biggest Test of the New, Grown up Uber StrategyYAHOOhttps://t.co/Zd9Z9G0ydN
7/3To discourage drunk driving, New York City offers $10 cab, for-hire discountWABC-7NYhttps://t.co/ocNhITFHEB
7/3Readers sound off on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, taxi medallions and the Red HenN.Y.DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ny6k1Rff62
7/3Lyft buys NYC-based bike-share company NEW YORK
7/2Taxi medallion owners fight lender accused of hardball tacticsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/MtnDDnZc74
7/2Readers sound off on Access-a-ride, Al Sharpton and John AshberyN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/fVPcl7UXOb
7/2CARIBBEAT: Dollar van organization backs bill to make the industry safer —
through Taxi & Limousine Commission enforcement
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/qtFoXtV5DX
7/2UK judge puts Uber on noticeJournal Gazettehttps://t.co/gOZJFhZBU9
7/2Ride-hailing services shouldn’t be exempt from regulations placed on taxisTHE DAILY ORANGEhttps://t.co/M6vrIDSD2l
7/2Thousands of rides later, Uber celebrates 1 year in Upstate New York SPECTRUM NEWShttps://t.co/jvhWkFf4xR
7/1Can Elon Musk and Tesla Reinvent the Way Cars Are Made?N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/yk18RObGc3
7/1Austin taxis can now set their own prices, colors — with a few strings attached AUSTIN
7/1Monopolies can lead to terrible economic behaviors: A story of cabs and Uber WUNChttp://www.tinyurl.com/y8yx9s5w
7/1Ride-Hailing Apps May Benefit Poor and Minority Communities The Most, Study SuggestsFORTUNEhttps://t.co/vwQPfdrkAG
7/13 charged in connection to unlicensed taxicab operationN.J.Heraldhttps://t.co/R5wCZV78jr
6/30NYSP to Increase Patrols during HolidayHVNN.comhttps://t.co/qiD9RBY4dX
6/30Politicians see a long road to getting enough money to fix city's mass transitN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/mx9ZMoaLgZ
6/30In London, Uber has won the battle but risks losing the warTChttps://tcrn.ch/2IB2UWg
6/30Uber driver charged with touching teen in 'sexual manner' during ride: policenj.comhttp://s.nj.com/oWlgC0Q
6/30Austin hopes deregulation will save taxi companiesAUSTIN MONITORhttps://t.co/XBoTk5OjNQ
6/29Con artists are fleecing Uber drivers
And the ride-hailing company knows all about it.
6/29Former Massachusetts taxi driver on Trump's list of Supreme Court candidatesWCVBhttps://t.co/JCKFlWqmHH
6/29NYC moves to collect data on hosts to curb illegal AirbnbsTHE BUSINESS TIMEShttps://t.co/oSgRUgrJis
6/29In a bid to boost taxis, City Council deregulates Austin’s cab rates my Statsmanhttps://t.co/jEjlyUan62
6/29What Lyft's New $600 Million Investment Means For the Ride-Hailing WarsFORTUNEhttps://t.co/EBKfS6g4Ub
6/29Ride-sharing turns one in WNY, one cab company thankful for the new serviceWKBWhttps://t.co/Rc7UzPLtzk
6/29One year after Uber and Lyft, taxi company manages to surviveALBANY
6/29America’s largest supermarket chain is launching a fully driverless delivery serviceTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/k2PettOcsf
6/28Long-simmering dispute between taxi commissioner, Diaz bursts into the openPOLITICO https://politi.co/2IqDw5u
6/28New York's poor are hardest hit by subway delays: studyREUTERShttps://reut.rs/2KpjJoU
6/28Lyft valuation doubles to $15 billion in new funding round: Dow... CNBChttps://cnb.cx/2tHq0Gj
6/28Taxi Companies Claim County Rules Favor Uber Over Cabs Courthouse News Servicehttps://t.co/DG1WO2Jc20
6/28Driverless cars might make Boston traffic worseBOSTON GLOBEhttps://t.co/SbUd1YoT1v
6/28How Driverless Cars Are Going to Change CitiesWSJhttps://t.co/bdZ1jR7YkX
6/28Former Taxi Driver Arrested In Uber Driver's MurderNEWSWEEKhttps://t.co/As7brd3P7R
6/28BankThink Banklike credit unions should follow bank rules AMERICAN BANKERhttps://t.co/PgDPJNACUv
6/27Uber Regains Its License to Operate in London, a Win for Its New C.E.O.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/51NdGMX5fx
6/27‘Taxi King’ must pay $1.3M to ex-assistant after sex harassmentN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2KgcRyg
6/27D.C. Council's vote to increase ride-hailing tax
will probably mean higher Uber and Lyft fares — to support Metro
6/27Uber, Lyft fees to increase at SFO in JulySOURCELINK
6/27Inside the ‘Cash Cab’ with host Ben BaileyamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/b4cjjTqUUC
6/26City Council’s taxi bill is racist: NAACPN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2IqpVeg
6/26Congestion pricing, not a cap on Uber, will fix NYC traffic woes, report saysamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/q0ICCeHvG1
6/26NYC Taxi Medallions Sell For More Than $24 MillionCELEBRITY
6/26UBER SORRYSOURCETHE Sunhttps://t.co/Wd0ovtP8nv
6/26Uber kicks off fight in court to overturn its ban in LondonCNBChttps://t.co/Bs47Yj1YhA
6/26Governor's race gets curiouser and curiouserCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/NySmHUG1jz
6/26Cuomo OKs bill paving way for rail link to LaGuardiaCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/HgWpCLIyLX
6/26De Blasio calls for renewal of speed cameras near schoolsN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2tqMPhe
6/25Uber court document reveals the scale of
sexual assault and dangerous driving allegations against its drivers
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/prkO4u6Xxj
6/25NYC Patch Asks: What's The Best Ride Share Service In NYC? NYC Patchhttps://t.co/QDkDRuou0E
6/25Uber Claims to Have Changed. A London Judge Will Decide.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/U1wt4vN1Ho
6/25Egypt's president approves law for ride-hailing appsmy ChamplianValleyhttps://www.mychamplainvalley.com/news/egypts-
6/25Uber Heads to Court to Save Its London License — And A Whole Lot MoreFORTUNEhttps://t.co/sY6k1CQIAd
6/25Americans seem to like ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.
But it’s hard to say exactly how many use them.
6/25Broadway or Bust: How to Get to New York City's Theatre DistrictBroadway Worldhttps://t.co/Blh2BnTZMm
6/24Uber begins the fight to keep its London licence on Monday,
and it's a battle that could define the whole company
6/24Why the middle class can’t afford life in America anymoreN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2KfbcIo
6/24Virginia Woman Says Uber Driver Denied Her Ride Because of Her WheelchairNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/at9YRSh46M
6/24New Honolulu bills aimed at taxi, ride-hailing companiesMiami Heraldhttps://t.co/8MkSxKZIVD
6/24Florida Uber driver charged with pointing gun
at motorist because he was upset she was texting
6/24'Why should we make foreigners rich?': Taxi drivers are taking on Uber and Grab in Bali,BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/tdjncnkFF1
6/24Uber’s Kalanick fined $18,000 by local courtKorea Joongang Dailyhttps://t.co/7G9YlpkDss
6/24How Uber and Lyft are scooting their way to global domination of transportS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/OhcXLbAJcx
6/23The big picture: Why NYC cabbies are committing suicideAXIOShttps://t.co/XUTcTTcClF
6/23Uber Goes to Court to Fight for Its Future in LondonWSJhttps://t.co/ypgRBCEpj5
6/23Uber Driver in Fatal Tempe Crash May Have Been Watching The Voice Behind the WheelGIZMODOhttps://t.co/h305m8AhMp
6/23Massachusetts Welcomes Self-Driving Cars—With a Couple CaveatsWIREDhttps://t.co/bZJ8m7Rr8j
6/23What's Going On With Uber's Licence?LONDONISThttps://t.co/h5nzqAQPwv
6/22Letter Taxis and EfficiencyN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/mkwP9qsAMH
6/22How Tech Companies Conquered America’s CitiesWRAL.com http://fw.to/EINsPOF
6/22New York cab driver suicides linked to Uber’s “shared economy”People's Worldhttps://t.co/6FzhroqBFh
6/22Another New York City taxi driver commits suicidewsws.orghttps://t.co/JK9FeWIVZJ
6/22Taxicab drivers disrupt D.C. airport board meeting to protest treatmentWashington Posthttps://t.co/H1tRbCXjOb
6/22Plunkett: Armed or harmed in the UberCollegianhttps://t.co/2wwbMC4jJQ
6/21French filmmaker learns about life by driving yellow cab through NYCABC-7NYhttps://t.co/5iz3enVgP1
6/21Boston gives green light to self-driving car startup BOSTON
6/20Don't bail out taxi medallion owners; contain Uber and other car servicesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/dHl3a4JGj0
6/20Sixth cash-strapped NYC cab driver dies by suicide in past eight monthsPIX-11https://t.co/ZU3zmzr17x
6/20Mondays with the Mayor, Part 2: De Blasio discusses help for taxi driversNY1https://t.co/k7jBgUCK3l
6/20The Taxicab Bubble Couldn’t Last ForeverBloomberghttps://t.co/xTZxagShtR
6/19Mysterious new player betting taxis have hit bottomCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/mt6cRzbl2N
6/19Suicides, Traffic Hell in NYC Spur Second Look at Uber’s GrowthBloomberghttps://t.co/u3BNFWuVK6
6/19After 6th Suicide, Cabbies Call On City Hall To Stop The Deaths NYC Patchhttps://t.co/I64yW0rx49
6/19'Something has to change':
Taxi Workers Alliance pleads for regulation after sixth cabbie death
NBC NEWShttps://t.co/V9qIYpXMVd
6/19Another Cab Driver Commits Suicide As Calls To Regulate Uber Growgothamisthttps://t.co/7DtjT3HlnY
6/19Ford Expands Hybrid Lineup With Taxi, Police SUVWARDS AUTOhttps://t.co/vaIawQWXeU
6/19Uber booking has been removed from Google Maps for AndroidTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/RrIWdtecCL
6/19NYC taxi alliance addresses driver despairNEW Yprk
6/19Isis-supporting Uber driver attempted Buckingham Palace terror attack INDEPENDENThttps://t.co/R7Dfh8HWVM
6/18Taxi Drivers in New York Are Struggling. So Are Uber Drivers.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/OhbSZvUxmZ
6/18Cabbie drank heavily before suicide, was depressed: neighborsN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2Mv9ocB
6/18New Yorkers are spurning public transport for ride sharingN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2JHFwvH
6/18For-Hire Companies Must Make Rides Accessible to AllGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/ftwb1GRoqq
6/18Millennials are the worst when it comes to tipping8CBS8.comhttps://t.co/YSbyncS5qJ
6/18Uber Pool Vs Curb: Which NYC Ride-Sharing Service Reigns Supreme? NYC Patchhttps://t.co/J8iLYq2vNe
6/18Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber are paying big money to kill a California privacy initiativeLIVENONPROhttps://t.co/JvG5Dz8rPb
6/17Sixth suicide of debt-strapped cabbie has drivers
on edge and leads to calls for resignation of TLC commissioner
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/FiDh6xYD7i
6/176th New York City Cab Driver Takes His Life in Crisis Blamed on UberFORTUNEhttps://t.co/poXaMppcIT
6/17Sixth NYC Taxi Driver In Six Months Found Dead Of Apparent SuicideCBS-2 NYhttps://t.co/rBy4YkcgKp
6/17Taxi Drivers In New York City Are Taking Their Own Lives Due To DebtJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/Zqo5oZ2Han
6/17King Intros Panic Buttons LegislationBRONX Timeshttps://t.co/JGe740FyG9
6/16Another cash-strapped NYC cabbie commits suicideN.Y.POSThttps://t.co/uwqpcRWn5N
6/16Unfiltered: ‘[Uber and Lyft] are buying their way
into monopolization at the expense of everybody else.’
6/16Why driving in NYC has somehow gotten even slowerN.Y.POSThttps://t.co/GdTvQ7bWSI
6/16Hedge fund scoops up medallions once owned by taxi king Evgency FreidmanN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ALbYBfr9WS
6/16New Yorkers Are Ditching The Subway For Uber, Study Shows NYC PATCHhttps://t.co/QuIiSlcUHP
6/16Why Are There So Damn Many Ubers?VILLAGE VOICEhttps://t.co/84hEAAAwsG
6/16Ford tries to make yellow cabs a little greener with hybrid, diesel powertrains DIGITAL TRENDShttps://t.co/OwWiQ8nlEt
6/15Driven to death by Uberhttp://SocialistWorker.orghttps://t.co/ZxQa8VYVwP
6/15Taxi King's medallions go for $170,000 apiece—and some for $250,000CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/8zhDctFsLb
6/15Taxi chairman aims to 'roll back the decades and decades of regulations'CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/wBJa8gOxzZ
6/15Expanded Vehicle Access Good for Yellow Taxi Owners & DriversKings County
6/15Former taxi king Evgeny Freidman's medallions auctioned for $24MN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/u0lr9z9Dq1
6/15What would it take for self-driving cars to hit NYC streets?builtinnyc.comhttps://t.co/9eb1KAWTKf
6/15The other Uber fight: Unions brawl to rep driversCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/J81oWh3WzH
6/15Ford Debuts New Taxis As NYC Opens Up The Fieldmotor1.comhttps://t.co/Ilkhy1H3XW
6/15NYC taxi officials seek to revoke license of Uber driver for kicking same-sex couple out of carTHE HILLhttps://t.co/Ub9rAMr9Hp
6/15Uber fights off scammers every day. Here's how it learned the tricksc/nethttps://t.co/q6WuDJpwLh
6/15Uber Driver Suspended After Kicking Lesbian Couple Out Of CarTHE/DRIVEhttps://t.co/EQtOjfNcRG
6/14It Turned out Billed as the’Taxi of Earth’ To-morrow Didn’t Last Very Long.independentrecorder.comhttps://t.co/HyjVnDwSYr
6/14New York City and Uber reach settlement on wheelchair accessibilityPOLITICO https://politi.co/2HIXgRz
6/14Uber’s goodwill campaign arrives in New York CityPOLITICO https://politi.co/2JRdkFO
6/14Uber driver who booted same-sex couple has license suspendedCBShttps://t.co/8AmyiNzJyB
6/14Uber driver sentenced to 22 years for raping passengerSUN SENTINELhttps://t.co/YC1LEvgLSp
6/14More trouble for NYC Uber driver who kicked lesbian couple out of car for kissing CNBChttps://t.co/mRem8D0EkA
6/13It Was Billed as the ‘Taxi of Tomorrow.’ Tomorrow Didn’t Last Long.N.Y. TIMES https://nyti.ms/2HK08O2
6/13VIDEO: Uber driver boots lesbian couple for kissing in the backseatN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Cae7goqcm9
6/13Uber applies for patent that would detect drunk passengersTChttps://tcrn.ch/2MfG9dH
6/13Women are calling out their Uber drivers for being creeps. Turns out, this happens a lot.SomeCardshttps://some.ly/lWfx3g2/
6/13Uber CEO says New York City should charge a fee
on all ride-hailing trips to help out struggling taxi drivers
6/13New York City taxi gang forces couple to pay $470 for 10-minute rideINDEPENDENThttps://t.co/3R2Xun77V5
6/13Investigation Finds Thousands of Drivers with
Criminal Records Passed Uber and Lyft Background Checks
6/12Uber CEO: Impose fees on us to help out struggling cabbiesN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2MhQx4s
6/12Four NYC Taxi Medallions Sold for $180,000 EachKeith Leggett’s
Credit Union Watch
6/12Record Number Of NYC Taxi Medallions Up For AuctionPYMNTShttps://t.co/B6LMRd8KVL
6/12Uber's Bozoma Saint John departs company after one yearCNNhttps://cnnmon.ie/2HEzIx9
6/12In NYC, 139 prized yellow taxi medallions will hit the auction blockCURBEDhttps://t.co/Ui1yF3PHzW
6/12This new map demystifies NYC curb rulesCURBEDhttps://t.co/IQE24c6L5j
6/12Uber changes direction on drivers' criminal history philly.comhttps://t.co/lHlA7Gfwe3
6/12Readers set out to solve Boston’s traffic woesBOSTON Heraldhttps://t.co/ja3jLlU4Ze
6/12SoftBank revealed the inside story of how it negotiated an $8 billion share deal with UberBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/WyCPHlPVv7
6/11Sunyside attorney pleads guilty to helping ‘Taxi King’ steal $5 million in state taxes: AGTIMESLedgerhttps://t.co/zwahnN45vQ
6/11Lyft Line Vs Curb: Which NYC Ride-Sharing Service Reigns Supreme? NYC Patchhttps://t.co/SUrkclJqrD
6/11Boston has the ‘worst traffic in the country’ ... How would you fix it?BOSTON HERALDhttps://t.co/N7vg11xdHc
6/11Uber and Lyft looking to start offering electric scooter servicesMobilMarketinghttps://t.co/DLk2OPewYa
6/10139 taxi medallions will be offered at bankruptcy auctionN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2sUJoyl
6/10Uber and Lyft are racing to own every mode of transportation — they're getting closeCNBChttps://cnb.cx/2xXj8ZL
6/10Uber reportedly weighs bid for company that owns Citi BikeN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2xWC4YH
6/10City could subsidize wheelchair-accessible taxisS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/XncO31lAsh
6/9Experts call for congestion pricing on all vehicles in NYCSMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/FLmvL2cNEC
6/9Golden tries to overrule New York City's taxi regulators, in AlbanyPOLITICOhttps://politi.co/2kZq2V6
6/9'Panic button' for taxi drivers proposed by city councilmanNY1https://t.co/cLl0e3E5v9
6/9The market for driverless cars will head towards monopolyThe Economisthttps://t.co/egGqiwPzjS
6/9Uber’s App Could Soon Be Able To Tell If You’re DrunkCBS-LAhttps://t.co/AjcKXJm63Y
6/8Three City Council Members Don't Support 'Fair Fares'GOTHAMGAZETTEhttps://t.co/od2gvfw5iE
6/8Gov. Cuomo backs congestion pricingQueens Chroniclehttps://t.co/eaW3jkLQDE
6/8That’ll teach ‘em: Slope pol pushes bill forcing law-breaking drivers to relearn rules of roadBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/t8jcvdVxdb
6/8Uber CEO: What scares me the most is how much the company depends on meCNBC https://cnb.cx/2JDXu1o
6/8Uber driver charged with murder in Denver shootingfox25Bostonhttps://t.co/OBSM33Uvv4
6/8Will Uber and Lyft Become Different Things?The Atlantichttps://t.co/hH0ZXS0h0W
6/8Honolulu Passes Bill to Cap Uber, Lyft Surge Pricesgovernment
6/7In the shadow of Uber's rise, taxi driver suicides leave cabbies shakenNBC Newshttps://t.co/me77m64e9G
6/7Judge rules Uber can’t force private arbitration on customersN.Y. POST https://nyp.st/2sJtExW
6/7What does the New York City public advocate actually do?CITY&STATEhttps://t.co/BtNVB98ETn
6/7Uber decries ride-hailing price cap passed in HonoluluFlipboardhttps://t.co/3py0PxIy6I
6/7Lyft offers zero support for zero emission billSF Examinerhttps://t.co/q2ZAhdTKJh
6/6Mondays with the Mayor, Part 2: The taxi industry's crisisNY1https://t.co/YhaFtjLS3W
6/6Fake Uber driver indicted for Alleged rape in AthensOnline Athenshttps://t.co/ypMNvKp5iM
6/6Uber Driver Fired After Video Shows Him Demanding Sex From PassengerInternational
Business Times
Evening Post
6/6New York Senate votes to curb impaired drivingCNYCENTRALhttps://t.co/lzo5i0y5eM
6/5Taxi Driver Suicides Are a WarningThe Atlantichttps://t.co/xvjfeM8xid
6/5Foreclosed 'Taxi King' medallions going on the blockCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/npNbaLvLJm
6/5EXCLUSIVE: Cabbies say passengers viciously pummeled them —
but Queens DA dropped the ball on their cases
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/5ZHtxknn7H
6/5Most Uber and Lyft drivers in LA work full time and still struggle to make ends meet, study saysStar Online http://po.st/NJoNi2
6/5Sadiq Khan should take advantage of Uber’s desperationNew Statesmanhttps://t.co/PtT3Koy4gQ
6/5How Uber destroyed the NYC cab marketCNNhttps://cnnmon.ie/2xG4Tsm
6/5Cynthia Nixon calls for congestion pricing and millionaires’ tax to fund subway repairs 6sqfthttps://t.co/kvchw4MzAU
6/5For one yellow cab driver the consequences of bad math was too muchamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/UO1tjJ3p8M
6/5Lyft and Uber wield M&A to stay on 'bike' path Business Insiderhttps://t.co/6cyYBMUNyT
6/4Elderly patient lost after taking LyftWBRChttps://t.co/0aTs9rD6t0
6/4A Daring Plan to Fix the SubwaysN.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2xEK8gs
6/4Most people expect driverless cars to become common, and they worry about itWashington Posthttps://t.co/nXuN11OEH6
6/4Report-Taxi, ride-sourcing and ride-sharing services -OECDhttps://t.co/0IA3i0ztCv
6/4The other argument for recreational potCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/RXFhTSqvmD
6/4Taxis vs Uber: Yellow taxis eye makeover in fight against the appwww.dailysabah.comhttps://t.co/4YeQMnj5ec
6/3Uber 'finished' in Turkey, Erdogan says as president moves to ban taxi hailing appINDEPENDENThttps://t.co/2TioFzReTk
6/3Uber driver arrested after passenger is shot deadN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2Jc64RA
6/3Police: Uber driver said rider was shot during attack tryBoston Heraldhttps://t.co/AJI7kj5z6F
6/3Thousands of criminals were cleared to be Uber drivers.
Here’s how ride-share companies fought stronger checks:
6/2Thousands of criminals were cleared to be Uber drivers.
Here's how rideshare companies fought stronger checks
CNN https://cnn.it/2LPqhOM
6/2Uber and Lyft Drivers Are in a World of Trouble if This New Study Is RightInc.https://t.co/tpklor5eQW
6/2A lifeline for the yellow cabsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/k9y2VUY8jG
6/2Uber no longer wants to appeal an unfavorable verdict, confounding its adversariesPOLITICO https://politi.co/2kJ0pYC
6/2Police: Uber driver fatally shoots passenger on Denver interstateUSA TODAYhttps://usat.ly/2xvBjp2
6/2Uber turned down $3B investment offer from BuffettN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2J874pT
6/2Police: Uber Eats driver brandished knives during Fremont deliverySFGATEhttps://t.co/00v1WqrXY0
6/2City pols want to ruin, not regulate, the sharing economyCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/9SqQD6W9lT
6/2Cynthia Nixon’s subway plan pairs congestion pricing with millionaire’s taxCURBEDhttps://t.co/YjfDsf8kC3
6/1Taxi drivers' plea for helpNY1https://t.co/5nx6U0mQIM
6/1Drivers call on Diaz to revise bill; fear it could cost jobsAmsterdam Newshttps://t.co/eI8emsqExC
6/1Taxi Firm Executive Tied to Cohen Pleads Guilty to Tax ChargesBloomberghttps://t.co/UvdjSndjDI
6/1NYC Expands Car-Sharing Access Amid Nationwide Shift Away From Car OwnershipOBSERVERhttps://t.co/dg2NTOaovZ
6/1Uber and Lyft may have to disclose Seattle data they claim secret, Supreme Court rules WWUhttps://t.co/3mvQAXZIYG
6/1Sony To Roll Out ‘Everybody’s Taxi’ Dispatch Service This YearBloomberghttps://t.co/Tj7NdcrfO5
6/1Suddenly, the joke's on CuomoCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/ooCZNBVuhS
5/31Remembering NYC Cabbie Kenny Chowgofundmehttps://t.co/zynESWOIrD
5/31Brother of cabbie who took own life begs for ride share regulationN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2L3EOFk
5/31A fifth suicide spurs New York taxi driver protestAXIOShttps://t.co/5BYZUXymrS
5/31San Francisco demands Uber and Lyft reveal driver pay (updated)YAHOOhttps://t.co/UviHbAs7Ph
5/31Most Uber and Lyft drivers in L.A. work full time and still struggle to make ends meet, study saysL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/JwmdirN6X4
5/319 women who allege assaults by Uber drivers want the right to unite in courtCNNhttps://t.co/4diWbRDYJr
5/31Uber driver arrested after burglarizing Reno customer's homeNBChttps://t.co/ZJyjZKHiem
5/31Syracuse Taxi Drivers Tell Councilors that Ride Hailing Services Have Devastated Their Business WAERhttp://www.tinyurl.com/yby6udqc
5/31Uber and Lyft failing to support those with reduced mobility in New York.Intelligent Transporthttps://t.co/ohlDwcvy0f
5/31'Taxi King' gets better plea deal after raid on Trump's lawyerCNNhttps://cnn.it/2sobaTt
5/31What the NYC Transit chief’s ‘Fast Forward’ plan could mean for the Ridgewood areaQNShttps://t.co/sxmcjkFvmC
5/30Taxi drivers rally for protections at City Hall after 5th suicide in 5 monthsamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/oUCmtZ0mgN
5/30Vigil for Kenny Chow on May 27, 2018You Tubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtjO_xTRMGE
5/30Body pulled from river identified as struggling cab driverYou Tubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq7uLvDODrw
5/30New York City taxi drivers hold rally after 5th suicide in 5 monthsABC-7NYhttp://abc7ny.com/3535741/
5/30Eight Reasons Why Congestion Pricing Goes Great
With the Fast Forward Plan to Fix NYC Transit
STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/w5IqWuITwf
5/30THE PRICE ISN’T RIGHT Super-cheap rides are making Lyft less reliableQUARTZhttps://qz.com/1291573
5/30String of New York taxi driver suicides raise concerns as Uber, Lyft proliferateFOX NEWShttps://t.co/yI8pXoQ3pP
5/305th Taxi Driver's Death Prompts More Calls To Regulate Uber PATCHhttps://t.co/KTBh9G5R0A
5/30San Francisco subpoenas Uber, Lyft on driver classificationBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/Iznm6HOT5X
5/30San Francisco pressures Uber and Lyft over how they pay driversCNNhttps://t.co/S6ypXV9Jtf
5/30Lyft’s dash signs illegal, despite many drivers’ assumptionsSUN-GAZETTE https://twitter.com/share?text=Lyft%E2%80
5/29Uber’s Exit From Southeast Asia Upsets Regulators and DriversN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/dP7swKb6xV
5/29Taxi Drivers In New York City Are Taking Their Own Lives Due To DebtJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/Zqo5oZ2Han
5/29NYC taxi drivers call for action after 5th suicide in 5 monthsWABC-7NYhttps://t.co/zI5vYOvWOl
5/29Uber driver saved after flipping car in East Village crashN.Y DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/KkJyLPddAp
5/29Report: Uber Couldn't Even Leave Southeast Asia Without Pissing Everyone the Heck OffGIZMODOhttps://t.co/jIWR4y908G
5/28Loved ones gather to mourn cabbie who took his own lifeN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2shuba4
5/28Vigil held for Queens taxi driver whose family says committed suicideNY-1https://t.co/QekjbwbKXy
5/28Uber Driver Hits Parked Cars, Flips on Lower East SideNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/BmF4fsMNJG
5/28A new bike sharing company is eyeing an NYC jumpN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2sd9gWC
5/27Body found floating in East River ID’d as cab driver struggling with depressionN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/tOJi9kb2QX
5/27Body found in river identified as financially struggling cabbieN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2GTaH0K
5/27Android tablets coming to taxis in New York CityAndroid Policehttps://t.co/XOATgVEnHN
5/27Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing apps are ‘useless’ for disabled riders, NYC advocates sayWashington Posthttps://t.co/NIEJ9EJaRF
5/27Gay couple thrown out of Lyft by irate driver after they kissedLGBTQ NATIONhttps://t.co/imq4Msvq7y
5/26Portland woman who has never used Uber gets $100 chargeKFMYhttps://t.co/Kte71Rpbab
5/26Uber Driver Arrested With Passengers in His Car on Outstanding Attempted Rape Warrant SOURCEGIZMODO
5/26Driverless cars may be reaching a crossroadsSOURCEhttps://t.co/y8FZBeIIxm
5/26The boom and bust of Michael Cohen's taxi businessmsnhttp://a.msn.com/00/en-us/AAxIeTr?ocid=st
5/26If Uber Loses $1 Billion, Can It Be Worth $62 Billion?24/7wallst.comhttps://t.co/wSOaElUMGi
5/26Uber is back on top — but new controversies threaten to derail its successNBChttps://t.co/KTJkvfgK9j
5/25Two keys to passing congestion pricingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/bXOIquH9Bp
5/25NYC yellow taxis getting update through Curb tech metrohttps://t.co/BUmZXBYxCt
5/25Feds: Uber self-driving SUV saw pedestrian, did not brakeSFGATE
5/25Episode 643: The Taxi Kingnpr https://n.pr/2Lp0Jrx
5/25New app will make your taxi ride less annoyingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/F8gCed1hrs
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5/24The Ruling That Could Change New York’s Uber LandscapeVillage Voicehttps://t.co/6kgx7bpBeg
5/24Missing Cabbie Faces 'Economic Devastation' From $700K In Taxi Medallion Debtgothamisthttp://gothamist.com/2018/05/23/missing_cabbie_medallion_debt.php
5/24Uber and Lyft are terrible at providing wheelchair-accessible service, and here’s the proofTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/dyBNrAIedq
5/24Uber ends self-driving program in Arizona after fatal crashSFGATEhttps://t.co/n0ajV1bxAP
5/24Evgeny ‘Gene’ Freidman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Knowheavyhttps://t.co/WnkZ6HYt0B
5/24Decaying corpse found floating in East River by Brooklyn BridgeN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2J5SORL
5/24How many taxis does a city need?Eurek Alerthttps://t.co/uD4xnkt3s7
5/24Transit head wants massive overhaul, but cost is a concernCRAIM'Shttps://t.co/U5FWpH9ZYm
5/23Exclusive: Desperate Wife Of Yellow Cab Driver Missing Since May 11th Speaks To CBS2CBS-@NYhttps://t.co/a1R0rT7fGK
5/23Taxi Driver's Disappearance Sparks Search For AnswersNY Patchhttps://t.co/WpZ5HiE98I
5/23NYC Taxi Driver's Disappearance Sparks Fear, Frustration Among Other Desperate CabbiesNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/NaJE2yVXCE
5/23New York’s Taxi System Is Broken—Can This Workers’ Plan Fix It?THE Nationhttps://t.co/dyW9LgtnC8
5/23Green taxis: We're hurting tooCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/xD9dUjYaxG
5/23A Sweeping Plan to Fix the Subways Comes With a $19 Billion Price TagN.Y. TIMEShttps://nyti.ms/2GGfzGv
5/23Americans are even more wary of autonomous cars nowYAHOOhttps://t.co/8We5HsdZYI
5/23Former employee sues Uber for sexual harassment, discrimination CNNhttps://t.co/3pwKmA1OtS
5/23New York's Taxi King Pleads Guilty To Tax FraudForbeshttps://t.co/WqX0CY5mpr
5/22Family fears worst after cash-strapped cabbie goes missingN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2KJxLRV
5/22After CNN report, lawmakers want answers from Uber, Lyft on sexual assaultsCNNhttps://t.co/GZ7hAgmY2L
5/22Lyft Is Eyeing Its Own Electric Scooter Service in San FranciscoFORTUNEhttps://t.co/oDaT8l320M
5/22Pay-Hungry Uber Drivers Hobbled by High Court Arbitration RulingBloomberghttps://t.co/ZRO4FlyHrI
5/22Supreme Court rules employers can block workers
from uniting to fight for better pay in victory for businesses
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/wwhxqx0wrB
5/22Will Uber’s New Safety Features Be Enough?Globe Newswirehttps://t.co/6yY9KTA3jj
5/21Miller’s taxi legislation would expand definition of ‘for-hire vehicles’TIMESLedgerhttps://t.co/glCIH3Ayvm
5/21NJ Transit Passenger Films Bus Driver Counting Cash Behind the Wheel NBC-4NYhttps://t.co/nBcGRT2RrT
5/20NYC's Greatest Sculpture: A 30-Foot Dalmatian Balancing A Real Taxi On Its Nosegothamisthttps://t.co/weSYfYWfDs
5/20Elon Musk Thinks Flying Cars Could 'Guillotine' People on The Ground CBS19https://t.co/HI13MmF5VH
5/20City Council aims to double penalty for parking-placard violatorsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/6L3afvOf8E
5/19Study finds Uber drivers make less than minimum wageChicago Tribunehttps://t.co/NFDdpXNCSx
5/19Ex-Uber driver who used homemade gun in attempt to kill Md. cop gets life plus 40 yearsWJLAhttps://t.co/hZGFs68m1s
5/19Gateway group gets green light for key aspect of tunnel projectCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/6ob38zPAdG
5/19Uber and Facebook ads aim to counter 'avalanche of smear'c/nethttps://t.co/9PbrJ0wr9n
5/18From cab to Uber to cab, drivers try to find a way to make a living philly.comhttps://t.co/TwbBBEannB
5/18Shared taxi rides surge in New York City, as do concerns about congestionPOLITICO https://politi.co/2Kz4itJ
5/18How Uber is killing cabsCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/ljOOLQKurr
5/18Traffic cam shows bus jump curb, plow over tree into buildingNBC-Milwaukee https://t.co/Wy6VeBPIwE
5/17Rage on the streets of San FranciscoS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/DsPBNx3IIU
5/17Uber driver accused of taking off with customer's luggage and $8,000YAHOOhttps://www.yahoo.com/news/uber-driver-accused-taking-off-215346734.html
5/17For ride-hail drivers, the future is paved with low wages and more gig workFast Companyhttps://t.co/hWkVP6pCdm
5/17The former Uber exec who obtained
the medical records of a rape victim has threatened to sue the company
5/17California May Push Uber And Lyft To Go Electric, With Far-Reaching ConsequencesForbeshttps://t.co/diI8SENdkH
5/17Uber’s ‘Don’t Blame Us’ for Driver Assaults Is Again Under Fire Bloomberghttp://a.msn.com/01/en-us/AAxkg6d?ocid=st
5/17Lyft also ends arbitration policy for sexual assault claimsYAHOOhttps://t.co/oYhzxiuxiC
5/17What Improved Tech Means for Electric, Self-Driving and Flying CarsN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2GojYOa
5/16Driven to Despair NY MAGhttps://t.co/zhFkLTKGLY
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5/16This is how much Uber drivers really make Market Watchhttps://on.mktw.net/2IHnp7P
5/16D.C. Council would hike tax on Uber and Lyft more than Mayor Bowser proposedWashington Posthttps://t.co/Km56z8wJd0
5/16Uber will allow individuals to publicly file sex crimes claimsN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2IJPUlc
5/16Study finds Uber's growth slows after year of scandal; Lyft benefitsmoneycontrolhttps://t.co/mugM3tizvS
5/16Schneiderman Successor Lobbies for Blessing by Assembly Courthouse
News Service
5/16Why the next attorney general could be the next governorCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/bnJsoArwbV
5/16Uber won't give up on congestion pricingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/gY8xnFWH5b
5/16Airports Are Going Electric From the Ground UpBloomberghttps://t.co/UfbcNxh82b
5/15Bharara for attorney general—if only he would runCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/FtAwDQRK42
5/15Amnesty for taxi driver fines pushed by Councilman RodriguezamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/KMIFDyIijD
5/15'Cash Cab' Renewed at Discovery Channel (Exclusive) Hollywood Reporterhttps://t.co/gNGBupoPQS
5/15New York cabbies have a surprisingly wholesome secret: group chatstheoutline.comhttps://t.co/eedthmhREC
5/15General Motors Still Awaits Permit To Test Self-Driving Cars In New YorkGM AUTHORITYhttps://t.co/TGp4Z2VjDp
5/15Public Advocate Letitia James avoids interim AG spot
after Eric Schneiderman firing, fearing impact on full term
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/A36sXbNiGQ
5/14Road Test: Patch Rides Uber, Lyft, Via and Cab In Manhattan Race Patchhttps://t.co/0pXvgdmwfZ
5/14Uber's Flying Car Plan Meets the Regulator It Can't IgnoreWIREDhttps://t.co/4ZDm2wZfl6
5/13I-Team: NYC Woman Gets Attacked by
Other Passengers in Ride Share, Then Banned by Company
5/13How Uber Silences Women After Sexual AssaultsHUFFPOSThttps://t.co/4GC0zupw9M
5/13Lyft Slapped With New Class Action LawsuitGIZMODOhttps://t.co/rEuWZF5oTz
5/13Trucking & Delivery Association Pushes Back Against NYC’s Plan To Crack Down On CongestionCBS-2NYhttps://t.co/UMHjO7vZjw
5/13The drive for fairness: Solving New York's for-hire car crisis N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/Wx50TU39FT
5/13Here's how much Americans spend on Uber and Lyft in 32 major citiesCNBChttps://cnb.cx/2wDmd0k
5/13Uber Driver Charged With Rape Flees Country, Victim Speaks OutWBZ-Bostonhttps://t.co/HfLjTcT9X4
5/13LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What makes a city great?News-Sentinelhttps://t.co/dT5C5luXvw
5/13Who will NY lawmakers interview for attorney general vacancy? http://auburnpub.comhttps://t.co/0WHv5pHuA3
5/12China’s Didi Chuxing suspends carpooling service following murder of a passengerTC https://tcrn.ch/2wCSJjs
5/12City pumps brakes on taxi medallion sales NY1https://t.co/m2YEKHJG8r
5/126 hurt when for-hire car crashes into Chelsea deli after collision with yellow cabABC-7NY http://abc7ny.com/3458897/
5/12GM still waiting to test self-driving vehicles in New Yorkcnethttp://roadshow.co/pfz54X
5/12Think the MTA Countdown Clocks Are Off? It Might Be the Line You RideNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/2PelJTLPOT
5/116 Hurt When Livery Cab Jumps Curb In ChelseaCBS-2NYhttps://cbsloc.al/2G5rRYL#.WvV1npB-oHM.twitter
5/11City sets aside sale of taxi medallions as their value plummetsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/KOYfp1jP7X
5/11Who’s driving? Uber, Lyft drivers accused of violent crimes in Atlanta myAJChttps://t.co/Ki30861W6c
5/11State regulators probe Uber pricing during stormFOX25Bostonhttps://boston25.com/2KapYMV
5/11Extras on Excise: A New Congestion Surcharge Is Coming to New York CitySSALT Talk Bloghttps://t.co/kWw7Sajz6g
5/11Uber, Lyft run off the road by Senate panelNEWS STARhttps://t.co/LvyTFd6vfm
5/11For New York’s cabbies, an industry’s fall exacts a deadly costTHE GLOBE
5/10Why the City Council Is Turning Against UberVillage Voicehttps://t.co/SWrn0WBJfo
5/10Cars getting crowded out as New Yorkers put their foot downReal Estate Weeklyhttps://t.co/LdWqgP1AJk
5/10Transit failures could derail Big Apple's tourismCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/8f3szCRWMO
5/10Uber And Lyft: The Cost And Benefits Of DisruptionForbeshttps://t.co/2Hv9lOPKu3
5/9Walmart ends its grocery delivery partnerships with Uber and Lyft after they fail to take offCNBChttps://cnb.cx/2Itakiq
5/3New York City Council Weighing Measures to Curb E-hailing GrowthNEXT CITYhttps://t.co/eqnWLQwMLt
5/9Woman sues Uber driver and Uber for crash with claims of distracted drivingKFOX14https://t.co/rtJOt31s57
5/9Council members aim to stop NYC plan to limit deliveriesN.Y. Posthttps://nyp.st/2wuHJ7I
5/9Dyckman Street Bike Lanes To Be Debated At Public Hearing Patchhttps://t.co/u1jd6W3fci
5/9Will you be able to afford UberAir's flying car service?cnet.comhttp://roadshow.co/GJgAzk
5/9Driverless Car Service Set To Begin In North Texas This SummerHouston
Public Media
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5/8What Will New York Do About Its Uber Problem?N.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2FR3PR6
5/8Uber vehicle reportedly saw but ignored woman it struckTChttps://tcrn.ch/2I5TTF2
5/8Eric Schneiderman, Accused by 4 Women, Quits as New York Attorney GeneralN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2KIEVqr
5/8Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General of Physical AbuseNEW YORKERhttps://t.co/ggMLAgLwGb
5/8Tiffany & Co. takes over New York, turns iconic yellow cabs blueMARKETINGhttps://t.co/IW86nHpEBq
5/8NYC gas tops $3 a gallon as prices rise nationwidepix11.comhttps://t.co/xxjMGObREQ
5/8Council speaker lashes out at de BlasioCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/d5U0SllKPi
5/7Feds get signals crossed on L subway shutdown planTHE Villagerhttps://t.co/H9EsFM3js9
5/7Oust Uber From ManhattanN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/neoBLaKm0T
5/7https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/06/insider/taxi-driver-suicide.htmlN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2HRwECG
5/7How to avoid buying a used Uber or Lyft carWFLXhttps://t.co/FU15q2KpJe
5/7De Blasio and City Council Tangle Over How to Spend $1 BillionGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/GpJ8yFunOF
5/6Israeli diplomat says he was thrown out of Uber for speaking HebrewN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2FKBVpZ
5/6We had to show Uber the door. In Brighton passenger safety comes first The Guardianhttps://t.co/pVbJJgxrPx
5/6Taxi Cab Owners and Regulators Created Uber Bloomberghttps://t.co/EwQdjFxi6a
5/6LaGuardia Airport moves pick-up spot for car service at Terminal BNY1https://t.co/32z3OWheaF
5/5How to (maybe) save SF’s taxi industryCURBEDhttps://t.co/X7ybP5Gbkt
5/5Uber launches UberTaxi Pilot: The black and yellow taxis are coming back!techradarhttps://t.co/hyRmWi5xAt
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5/5Uber investigating how a convicted killer was allowed to work in Brazos CountyKBTXhttps://t.co/5CE79qUdnY
5/4Cab Drivers Say City's Failure To Regulate Uber Is 'Killing Us'gothamisthttps://t.co/CHbdQcv0cN
5/4Women who claim sexual misconduct by Uber drivers join Megyn Kelly NBC-Todayhttps://t.co/KeWNOUmYCp
5/4New York Taxi Workers Alliance pushes plan to solve poverty crisisTIMES Ledgerhttps://t.co/RlV0EwBWgm
5/4City Council considers resident-only parkingQUEENS Chroniclehttps://t.co/i8Quv7soAO
5/4New York City Council eyes measures to stop ride-share expansion SMARTCIYIESDIVEhttps://t.co/f0Fi4qoGcT
5/4People in San Francisco are really pissed over these electric scootersVICEhttps://t.co/YwWLhsjoeU
5/3Listen to ‘The Daily’: The Taxi Driver’s PlightN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2KsmSoi
5/3Reviving SF’s taxi industry: The city is looking at solutionsS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/DSgsOnCZS5
5/3Woes That Led To NYC Taxi Driver's Suicide Detailed In New Report PATCHhttps://t.co/faULlnLOhj
5/3New York City Council Weighing Measures to Curb E-hailing GrowthNEXT CITYLINK
5/3New court ruling could force Uber, Lyft to convert drivers to employeesarsTECHNICAhttps://arstechnica.com/?post_type=post&p=1302183
5/3Do You Drive a Taxi, Ride Share or Car Service for a Living?N.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2HFm3uA
5/3A U.S. senator is joining the call for Uber
to end forced arbitration for alleged sexual assault victims
5/3Tiffany Blue Taxis Are Coming to New York CityTOWN&COUNTRYhttps://t.co/ZJx3FWOzYU
5/3Uber driver showed porn to underage passengers: policeN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2I4pnyV
5/2Council speaker: We should have imposed limits on UberN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2FwVxh5
5/2Gig Economy Business Model Dealt a Blow in California RulingN.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2HF7kje
5/2Taxis Lose Fight Over NYC Regulation of Lyft and Uber Courthouse News Servicehttps://t.co/nhW8uVqWyf
5/2Uber and Lyft drivers could get employment status under California court rulingTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/iW1b0mXpn5
5/2Uber, Lyft regulations weighed at City Council hearingamNEWYORKhttps://in.amny.com/2KqGHfN
5/2Uber BANNED from another UK city after York and London DAILY STARhttp://shr.gs/i3x7TGh
5/1NYC Council Bill Seeks $2,000 From App-Based Car Service DriversCBShttps://cbsloc.al/2FsESLF#.WuhFTCA-K3o
5/1A Taxi Driver Took His Own Life. His Family Blames Uber’s Influence.N.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2FvGNPB
5/1De Blasio administration opposes annual fee for Uber, Lyft driversN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://nydn.us/2rbo2MV
5/1New York City may try again to limit Uber’s growthPOLITICO https://politi.co/2r8G6r0
5/1De Blasio administration looks to take air out of Uber's tiresCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/NzWYUvYX1Y
5/1CNN investigation: 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuseCNNhttps://cnnmon.ie/2HH9dIl
5/1Taxis hope city will reduce regulations as ride-sharing competition increasesRochester Firsthttps://t.co/1bMsw5YlWH
5/1Where New York stands on 5 big transportation projectsCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/kFglBcOksg
5/1NYC Lawmakers Take Aim At Uber — Again PATCHhttps://t.co/WN6FKHptUp
4/30At last, a sign of hope for taxisCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/HljRd64Gn3
4/30Traffic agents preying on drivers stuck in Midtown Tunnel gridlockN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2rd1LxE
4/30A look at ride-hailing in Syracuse nearly 1 year after its introductionTHE DAILY ORANGE http://dailyorange.com/2018/04/a-look-at-ride-hailing-in-syracuse-nearly-1-year-after-its-introduction/
4/29Uber will no longer pick-up passengers at T.F. Green AirportPROVIDENCE JOURNALhttps://t.co/FuI2xRh6gI
4/29Cyclist dies nine days after being hit by taxiN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2JwF8M8
4/28Open Letter to Uber Boarddocumentcloud.orghttps://t.co/w6LfcTuL2t
4/28State regulator ruling could cost Uber ‘millions’S/F. Examinerhttp://disq.us/t/31rfusa
4/28Women alleging sexual assault by Uber drivers ask to be freed from forced arbitrationTChttps://tcrn.ch/2Jyc6M7
4/28News 5 Investigates: Is Lyft ripping off its drivers?KOAAhttps://t.co/s7mHtnxKvP
4/28Community Board To Revisit Dyckman Street Amid Bike Lane Backlash PATCHhttps://t.co/Lmq00nJb1J
4/28Parking Permits Won’t Solve New York’s Parking Crunch If They’re Dirt CheapSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/1tADH7Mb4D
4/28Here’s Why Uber Should Report Data on Violence Involving Its DriversBloomberghttps://t.co/kXIkjS2Amk
4/28American Airlines CEO warns that higher fares are comingTRIB LIVEhttps://shar.es/an1x5B
4/27State Budget Does Help Mass Transit, But MTA Capital Plan Uncertainty RisingGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/zXF0kWierg
4/27NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio unveils $89 billion budget for 2019ABC-7NYhttp://abc7ny.com/3395694/
4/27Parking permits system proposed to free up spots for NYC residentsNY-1http://fw.to/ulvxu7P
4/27Will New York Become the Next American City to Reserve Parking Spots for Residents?OBSERVERhttp://observer.com/2018/04/new-york-city-residential-parking-spots/
4/27MTA Unveils ‘Bus Action Plan’ to Address Crumbling Bus ServiceNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/iEVPnSNhc4
4/27Uber is branching out. Is it more like Amazon or Yahoo?S. F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/0QmJXRhLvj
4/26Uber blasts for-hire vehicle bill in City Council as ‘cynical attempt to force drivers out’amNEWYORKhttps://in.amny.com/2I0RXie
4/26City councilman's proposed bill will charge e-hail drivers $2,000 a year to driveN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://nydn.us/2qZtxNO
4/26Bill to handicap Uber introduced in City CouncilCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/VpvqBa6Aax
4/26New York taxi drivers call for pay guarantee, limits on cars for hireREUTERShttps://t.co/nLKcQmMPdM
4/26Cynthia Nixon endorses 'comprehensive' congestion pricing to ease transit funding crunchamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/iwuSCUEJGZ
4/26NYC Drivers Could Need A Permit To Park On The Street NYC Patchhttps://t.co/DH0ovSk9mk
4/26Should New York City Reserve Parking Spots for Residents Only?N.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2FfXWMO
4/26Residential Parking Permits May Soon Take Over Northern Manhattan StreetsNBC-4NYhttps://t.co/FqUjGthJ42
4/26Uber’s first diversity report under CEO Dara Khosrowshahi
shows Uber is still mostly white and male
4/25Middle East Uber rival Careem says data of 14 million drivers and riders stolen in cyberattackCNBChttps://cnb.cx/2HIm7J5
4/25Should New York City Reserve Parking Spots for Residents Only?N.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2FfXWMO
4/25Failure to Signal: Uber Forced to Accept Expanded Settlement after Concealing Security Breach from FTCNATIONAL
4/25Stuck on a double decker bus? It could be worseamNEWYORKhttps://in.amny.com/2HsErCW
4/25Cars to be banned from New York's Central ParkMOTOR AUTHORITYhttps://t.co/EPWmQz7skx
4/24Uber, Lyft and Via sue to block wheelchair-accessibility mandateCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/8AieIYZB7Q
4/24Wheelchair-accessibility mandate for car services advancesCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/qm4hvGmvJg
4/24MTBOT - Largest Yellow Taxicab Trade Association in NYC -
Announces Major Investment Deal with STRONG for Traditional and Digital Taxi Top Advertising
4/24TLC drivers voice safety concerns amid wave of violenceNEWS-12-Bronxhttps://t.co/KQio4ORMZw
4/24At Long Last, a Plan to Fix New York City’s BusesN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2HnjuNL
4/23Taxis’ ad deal is one edge they have on UberCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/cjn8M2TUYL
4/23On congestion and MTA funding, choose goals before making policiesCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/uFVAYh1fSj
4/23For a Much-Needed Win, Self-Driving Cars Should Aim LowerWIREDhttps://t.co/k4IfCL1jgT
4/23How much is the life in new YorkThe Siver Timeshttps://sivtimes.com/how-much-is-the-life-in-new-york/14773/
4/23Commuter van drivers protest Jamaica redevelopmentTIMES Ledgerhttps://t.co/bXVvXgvGR1
4/22FTC Puts Uber on a Short Leash for Security BreachesSPECTRUMhttps://t.co/VBfLpqJyy1
4/22Uber Sets Lobbying Record in Washington After Leadership Changes SiliconValley.comhttps://t.co/3yojWQpBvW
4/22Solving transit troubles key in SF mayor’s raceS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/Ofyh6GGUxj
4/21Mayor: Central Park To Go Car-FreeCBS2NYhttps://t.co/srDSAY34Xk
4/21Cuomo doubles down by speeding up emissions effortINNVATELIhttps://t.co/S2xqyYnPtG
4/21California Legislature can’t let tech start-ups play by their own rulesSacramento Beehttps://t.co/L9NsZ9olkR
4/21Trump Lawyer's NYC Cab Firms Hit With Tax Warrants NYC Patchhttps://t.co/yKLnsH3LKr
4/21Proof You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job in Tech to Drive for Uber, LyftDicehttps://go.shr.lc/2F23lqZ
4/21Deputies say women got into fake Uber carFOX35https://t.co/c26tB3WC1d
4/21Ohio jury convicts Uber driver of sex chargeWHIOhttps://t.co/y3MUN4m4Us
4/20‘Outrageous’ $17 Toll to Cross the Verrazano Vexes DriversN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2J7boVF
4/20Signature Bank earnings down $100 million thanks to dud taxi loansCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/zwRxl6RBmW
4/20Uber Driver Accused Of Rape Allegedly Flees Country After Posting BailNewsweekhttps://t.co/Pw38ttYHdl
4/20Cuomo and Dimon take on the tax bill and run into troubleCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/kQfJGs0ATA
4/20Explosive NYC Growth of Uber, Lyft, Ride-Hail Fuels Arch Auto PartsCISION http://story.cd/AAIz3d
4/20Facebook Is Under Fire For Shady Data. Why Not Uber?Forbeshttps://t.co/fKbb6nlE1V
4/20Uber, Lyft Rates Expected to Rise After Tax EffectTHE HOYAhttps://t.co/63OtTi7wjN
4/20Lyft Drivers' Suit Against Uber Over Spying Pared by JudgeBloomberghttps://t.co/Jf07lIoHjb
4/20Ridesharing is overtaking urban mass transit and we should rejoice, not mourn for the pastUSA TODAYhttps://usat.ly/2qKyuKm
4/19Uber and Lyft might be taking over the streets —
but the ride-sharing economy still has a long way to go
4/19Illegal immigrant Uber driver raped passenger then fled to native Ghana, police sayFOX NEWShttps://fxn.ws/2HcYetG
4/19Uber whistleblower Susan Fowler backs California legislation to end forced arbitrationTChttps://tcrn.ch/2HHHV5j
4/19Cuomo matches his lowest favorability rating as governorThe Buffalo Newshttps://t.co/Z6HtNS3DPJ
4/19Dash for cash! Taxi driver holds up traffic to snag money flying on Manhattan BridgeBrooklyn
Daily Eagle
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4/18Brooklyn Councilmembers Push to Reform Disciplinary Actions for Low-Level Marijuana OffensesBK READERhttps://t.co/2PfkBZaBZ7
4/18If Taxis Want to Survive, They Should Learn From UberTHE DAILY SIGNALhttps://t.co/5lwLoV1DAB
4/17 Taxi medallion credit union exec: don't rule cabs—or us—out yet CREDIT UNION JOURNALhttps://t.co/dlypaSmlY3
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4/16Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists Prepare for an I.P.O. WaveN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2qBUgjh
4/15Uber Escapes With No FTC Fines Over 2016 Data Breach It Paid $100,000 to Cover UpGIZMODOhttps://t.co/o3ilgxvdCk
4/15Uber will begin offering peer-to-peer car rentals in San Francisco later this month.CNNhttps://cnnmon.ie/2EDQo6m
4/15Are dockless bikes good business?San Diego
Union Tribune
4/15An ex-Uber employee raised over $100 million to fill the streets of San Francisco with scootersBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/MgN3R9jUQG
4/15Ride-sharing services face rocky road in JapanKyodo Newshttps://t.co/uX3cpqxZRI
4/15U.S. judge: UberBlack drivers are not employeesFAST COMPANYhttps://t.co/bdZ8pJLYuz
4/14Uber, Lyft and Via sue to block wheelchair-accessibility mandateCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/NQAnDa7wQ8
4/14Lyft breaks down how much drivers can makeTChttps://tcrn.ch/2IQJL37
4/14Exclusive: FBI raid sought information on taxi owners linked to Trump's lawyerCNNhttps://cnn.it/2qxagD9
4/14Uber agrees to expanded settlement with FTC over 2016 data breachengadgethttps://t.co/hT3E61KGFk
4/13Lyft bringing 100 wheelchair-accessible vehicles to city by yearend METROhttps://t.co/ND3gZ9sJIy
4/13Uber drivers are freelancers, not employees, judge rulesTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/7teUqbBY2a
4/13Pimp my taximeterS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/WRIMD5h4EO
4/13Uber to up its background checks for drivers The Mercury Newshttps://bayareane.ws/2HdZjki
4/13Uber wants to do it all: Rideshare, carshare, train ticketsEconomic Timeshttps://t.co/L44T45iuqp
4/13FBI raid sought Trump lawyer’s communications
with bank that loaned him money against his taxi business
THE Washington Posthttps://t.co/f2mj8mhUOC
4/12State's half-measures won't fix city's congestion problemCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/E9UTWxnwOd
4/12New York State Considers Tax on Drivers Entering New York CityHEARTLAND INSTITUTEhttps://t.co/GX7zGcJQQc
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4/12Is Uber Freight On The Verge Of Going Out Of Business?FORBEShttps://t.co/nwUsROAxQH
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4/12Michael Cohen and the absolutely amazing
history of the once-coveted New York City taxi medallion
4/12City Announces 2018 Car-Free Day Details PATCHhttps://t.co/mCucTXLWpV
4/12Uber Risks Distraction With Latest Move By CEO Dara KhosrowshahiFORTUNEhttps://t.co/a0Y9ek8is0
4/11Uber loses EU court case in fight against French criminal chargesREUTERS https://reut.rs/2HdnDTw
4/11Cynthia Nixon is ripping the NY Democratic Party apartHOT AIRhttps://t.co/uqaF5ThhdI
4/11Supervisors Vote To Suspend Licenses, Fees For Taxis, Ride-Hailing Drivers Amid LawsuitSFGATEhttps://t.co/6sKVwpNpxX
4/11SF Supervisor Peskin wants to tax ride-hail vehicles, some private shuttlesLMTonlinehttps://t.co/su1gK0lusE
4/11Uber Risks Distraction With Latest Move By CEO Dara KhosrowshahiFORTUNEhttps://t.co/a0Y9ejQH3q
4/11Why Is Uber Buying an Electric-Bike Company?SLATEhttps://t.co/23BlmiHPFG
4/11For-hire vehicle surcharges in Manhattan won’t fix MTA budget woes, per S&P Global RatingsamNEWYORKhttps://in.amny.com/2v2KcWd
4/11Robert Mueller Is Asking About This Little-Known Chapter Of Michael Cohen’s New York Life BuzzFeedhttps://t.co/xkIUn86sLN
4/10Uber is acquiring Jump Bikes, a bet that bike-sharing will grow in the USCNBChttps://cnb.cx/2H98LFG
4/10The Curb App Lets You Flag a Cab With the Ease of a Ride-Hailing TripSTREETSBLOG CHICAGOhttps://t.co/EeJJPn1EBg
4/10Seattle City Council votes to take a closer look at ride-hailing servicesCURBEDhttps://t.co/hBZ2YnEjLd
4/10Don’t let NYC congestion-pricing plan idleamNEWYORKhttps://in.amny.com/2HcTMrH
4/10Critics Skeptical Of NYC’s Long-Awaited Congestion Pricing PlanCBS2-NYhttps://t.co/NRXTQBPdhq
4/10American Express will use ad targeting on NYC taxisDIGIDAYhttps://t.co/mDWl5TrSDL
4/10$2.75 or $25 Per Hour? How Much Are Uber Drivers Really Making? thestrangerhttps://t.co/wO8w0xPXZL
4/10Why Uber Believes Jump Makes Financial Sense The Informationhttps://t.co/Yvd5XOJ7uu
4/10NYC conference to examine challenges posed by the ‘gig economy’ CORNELL CHRONICLEhttps://t.co/jnzoq2Tpah
4/10Lockport Uber driver warns of scam targeting driversWIBVhttps://t.co/jM4IJJYtSF
4/9Ex-TLC Commission chairman ‘ousted’ as Pace University Law deanN.Y. POST https://nyp.st/2JuMIY9
4/9Congestion Pricing Plan for Manhattan Ran Into Politics. Politics Won.N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/KK1ZrRdg3K
4/9Readers sound off on yellow cabs, gun laws and the Post Office N.Y. DAILY NEWS https://nydn.us/2Hknag1
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4/9California might be getting ready to approve self-driving cars for ride-hailing apps THe Daily Dothttps://t.co/ImKm5MkKNA
4/9For Uber And Lyft, Medicare Could Be The Next Profitable RideFORBEShttps://t.co/qagoLwmAPM
4/8Cops bust ‘hustler’ posing as cabbie at JFK airportN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2H2DjbX
4/8Uber and taxi fees will fund MTA repair crews’ salariesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://nydn.us/2GHk4FP
4/8Uber driver inflates fare, uses customer's phone to tip himself $76everything Lubbockhttps://t.co/K9ovU9vKnf
4/8Getting an Uber or Lyft at LaGuardia Will Soon Be Much Easierthe POINTS GUYhttps://t.co/j71A5i5gD8
4/8Uber Beats Antitrust Appeal of Philadelphia CabbiesTHE INDUSTRY TODAYhttps://t.co/NzpfB4C229
4/8Churchill: Self-driving cars will run over workerstimes-unionhttps://t.co/dpqGPkRSGa
4/7Taxi to the FutureCJ https://www.city-journal.org/html/taxi-future-15809.html
4/7How the internet is clogging up city streetsBBChttp://www.bbc.com/news/technology-42516066
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4/7Uber, Lyft and taxi surcharge falls far short of congestion pricing traffic relief, New Yorkers sayamNEWYORKhttps://in.amny.com/2EqGqFl
4/7Cuomo vs. de Blasio: budget battle!QUEENS Chroniclehttps://t.co/KCGafyWnir
4/7Residents, disabled groups suing to stop ‘arrogant’ L train planTHE VILLAGERhttps://t.co/kjQZwYBPzz
4/6Uber-like app Flywheel will kick half of SF taxi fleet off its platformS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/T6y6BV3K4T
4/6Congestion pricing for taxi, for-hire carsQUEENS Chroniclehttps://t.co/MbSxrYx0Dh
4/6Uber to suspend service in Greece after new legislationREUTERShttps://reut.rs/2GYFIV2
4/6Her Uber driver saw her service dog and didn’t stop.Ft Worth
Star Telegram
4/6Pace Law Dean David Yassky Steps Down Amid Faculty DiscontentN.Y. Law Journalhttps://t.co/ggltENerqz
4/6NYC and Bill de Blasio seem to be coming to their senses about electric bikesFast Companyhttps://t.co/ePlI4N4HUs
4/5Inside New York's taxi 'crisis'BBChttps://t.co/dCXIe5qdY3
4/5We taxi drivers just can’t hack it anymoreN.Y.DAILY NEWS https://nydn.us/2uJol5T
4/5Transit advocates say state budget doesn’t go far enoughBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/Fh0wCIbzMa
4/5For-Hire Drivers—and Their Riders—Brace For New Fees in MidtownNYC LENShttps://t.co/6YQoRNBJul
4/5Self-Driving Uber Fatality Could Complicate RegulationsJDSUPRAhttps://t.co/4MWoRwexRP
4/5Seattle changing gears: New rules for Lyft, Uber, taxi companies?Q13FOXhttp://via.q13fox.com/vo5eA
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4/5Are your Uber and Lyft accounts worsening traffic? Christion Science MONITORhttps://t.co/BHq10jsaye
4/5Concerns About Uber & Lyft’s Growth Potential Rising: ReportAHhttps://t.co/X2LH6UD21A
4/4It Seems The Governor And Mayor De Blasio
Agree On Need To Cap Ride-Sharing Vehicles In The City
4/4Cuomo agrees with de Blasio on capping ride-sharing carsN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://nydn.us/2Gwm3sn
4/4Yellow Taxi Drivers and Riders Warn Upcoming New Cab Fee Is a Bad IdeaOBSERVERhttps://t.co/9X6xEoczaE
4/4Uber drums up opposition to Seattle City Council minimum-fare proposal Seattle Timeshttps://t.co/E8n1SmsSal
4/4Albany Didn’t Even Get the Taxi Fees RightSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/g1cUkIsRnd
4/4Winners and losers in New York's budgetCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/qrzKHPDoAH
4/4E-bikes could soon get legal OK, says mayorCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/5Wderjbeef
4/4Cuomo’s Budget Doesn’t Solve Any of New York’s Transit and Traffic ProblemsSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/nJy0WgiZTe
4/3NYC politicians, transit advocates react to Cuomo’s 2019 state budgetmetrohttps://t.co/Njt2JnXJvP
4/3Emails show Arizona governor's tight connection with Uberwpxihttps://t.co/EgOgVYgFbW
4/3Mears investors to compete nationally with ride-share cabsORLANDO SENTINELhttps://t.co/JJrWUCCghl
4/3BMW and Daimler are putting their differences aside to beat UberTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/1rrKlqIZtC
4/3Cuomo defends a small step toward congestion pricingPOLITICO https://politi.co/2pYlhgo
4/3ata Sheet—Big Data About Taxi Rides Sheds Unique Insights, But With a Privacy CostFORTUNEhttps://t.co/yzICmaKNZy
4/3Albany Punts on Clearing Manhattan’s Clogged StreetsCURBEDhttps://t.co/yzICmaKNZy
4/3NYC congestion pricing is shirked in state budget for surcharge on for-hire vehiclesCURBEDhttps://t.co/Ut3JoVT7IV
4/3Taxi, Uber Rides In Manhattan Will Soon Get More ExpensiveNYC PATCHhttps://t.co/xONrTXw47T
4/3The histories, rainmakers, relationships and clients
that make these lobbying firms the city's biggest
4/2New York Taxi Drivers See State Fee as Blow to Battered Industry WSJhttps://t.co/QdeTYbxLS2
4/2Credit Union Sues San Francisco over Taxi Medallion Loans Credit Union Watchhttps://t.co/7qRZB1vASF
4/2Uber and Lyft are undermining NYC’s green taxisN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2InCp6P
4/2Lawmakers, residents mixed on NYC taxi, ride-sharing taxNEWS12https://t.co/ycm4OS8pma
4/2New surcharges on for-hire vehicles have some NYers fumingNY1http://fw.to/0OAsrMf
4/1Congestion Pricing Falters in New York, AgainN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2IhLGxj
4/1New Yorkers react to congestion pricing in NYS budgetPIX-11 http://via.pix11.com/nNVo9
4/1UberRUSH is shutting downYAHOOhttps://t.co/B5lDg5dmfp
4/1Gov. Andrew Cuomo details $168B New York budget dealABC-7NYhttp://abc7ny.com/3284793/
4/1New York budget approval includes new fee for cabs, Uber, LyftN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://nydn.us/2pSyYym
4/1'Upfront pricing' coming to some NYC taxisNY-1http://fw.to/c0lrUY
4/1Singapore says Uber-Grab deal may violate competition lawsTChttps://tcrn.ch/2GGJK4d
3/31New York reaches $168B budget deal including
funding for NYCHA and MTA with fees for Uber, Lyft, taxis
3/31De Blasio floats reviving proposal to cap new Uber carsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/62UKUkXNsQ
3/31De Blasio considering cap on ride-sharing vehiclesN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2pRcqxT
3/31Unruly passenger puts cabbie through taxi ride from hellN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2Go26Uk
3/31Philly taxicab drivers down, but not out, after losing federal appeal against UberWHYYhttps://t.co/PYch87ULCT
3/31NYC Taxi Drivers Are Killing Themselves, and Some Blame Uber and LyftNEWSWEEKhttps://t.co/3NMAD3Lk3D
3/30Majority of New York City voters oppose congestion pricing plan, according to pollN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/adKb8hHw5x
3/30New York has a moral duty to play fair with yellow cabsN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2Iejb3x
3/30Yellow cab hail apps may adopt surge pricing modelN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/ay5W0sGR1r
3/30Ride-pooling services seek a congestion-pricing breakCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/wWW3B7qEd2
3/30Wheelchair-accessible taxis likely won't escape congestion feeCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/i1J4C3A19d
3/30Crickets as taxi lender opens medallion bidding at $200KCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/26JTHhCyN8
3/30Senators say major budget issues still unsettledPOLITICOhttps://politi.co/2E4eQh5
3/30Uber Isolated by Partners and Competitors in Aftermath of CrashBloomberghttps://t.co/1mDM5RqDNJ
3/30Uber Freight lead, Lior Ron, has left the companyTChttps://tcrn.ch/2GRO1zD
3/30Uber settles with family of pedestrian hit by its self-driving SUVSOURCEhttps://finance.yahoo.com/news/uber-settles-family-pedestrian-hit-043500797.html
3/29Cabbies lay down caskets in protest of city’s taxi rulesN.Y. POST https://nyp.st/2GFk48s
3/29Why Are New York Taxi Drivers Committing Suicide?WIREDhttps://t.co/0T6Eb2fa84
3/29Uber, Lyft Pushing Cabbies To Suicide, Taxi Drivers SayNYC Patchhttps://t.co/j28UhiMrEW
3/29Lawsuit: SF let Uber and Lyft kill taxi cabs, and stuck credit union with the billCURBEDhttps://t.co/AsmpfaCdy1
3/29Why You Should Be in Favor of Congestion Pricing in New YorkN.Y. Magazinehttps://t.co/2jLmZvk36S
3/29Ridesharing Versus Public TransitAMERICAN PROSPECThttp://prospect.org/article/ridesharing-versus-public-transit
3/29New York lawmakers mull surcharge on Manhattan taxis, UberCharolotte Observerhttps://t.co/yhL3g8HksJ
3/29Kim pushes bill to protect NYC taxi driversTimes Ledgerhttps://t.co/apVkzpXmXj
3/29Astoria Cabbie Cries, ‘No One Cares’ Queens Gazettehttps://t.co/DbGPrfv3yt
3/29Ride-Sharing Apps Pushing NYC Taxi Drivers into Financial RuinJewish Voicehttps://t.co/qQdPgSaxd2
3/29Uber exec leaves company after fatal accident Seattle Timeshttps://t.co/7YQbe9SEw0
3/28'Tentative' budget deal includes housing money, change in tax codePOLITICO https://politi.co/2GA2m68
3/28Why Uber’s Expansion Plans Would Make City Life UnbearableThe Bole Italichttps://t.co/4mcacAFmSM
3/28Uber agrees to pay $10 million to settle discrimination suitCBShttps://t.co/GnF8xwzMcP
3/28Uber doesn't plan to renew self-driving permit in CaliforniaCNNhttps://cnnmon.ie/2GxNaXg
3/28Uber's Autonomous Test Cars Had Volvo's Safety Systems DisabledJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/Z6UoV5vChm
3/28A San Francisco Uber got stuck on stairs after driving down a pedestrian walkwayBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://read.bi/2pH6Wpr
3/28Mobileye chastises Uber by detecting struck pedestrian in footage well before impactTChttps://t.co/ax0DIgxLpu
3/28Uber Lobbyist Literally Wrote Bill, Now Ohio Law,
that Won't Let Cleveland Tax Uber and Lyft to Help Pay for RTA
3/28Smuggler used Uber cars to move drugs in NYC: prosecutorsN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2IXDLqb
3/28Nvidia suspends self-driving car tests in wake of Uber crashTHE VERGEhttps://t.co/QE61lzr53u
3/28London proposes stricter vetting for ride-hailing driversYAHOOhttps://t.co/n4CeNKHDu1
3/28Why it’s time for Uber to get out of the self-driving car businessarsTECHNICAhttps://t.co/Ac8EXiEFwd
3/28Arizona governor suspends Uber's ability to test self-driving carsCNBChttps://cnb.cx/2pHwqD6
3/27New Leadership Has Not Changed UberN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2DXLP6y
3/27Why Uber Is Just Another Taxi Company Doomed to BankruptcyThe Bold Italichttps://t.co/kBxzC9GJjo
3/27N.Y. leaders stay in their comfort zone and fail mass transitDAILY NEWShttps://t.co/JSaNtuQkHY
3/27Cuomo Is in Their Corner. But Is Congestion Pricing Stalled?N.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2pGDSyb
3/27India will be Uber's last stand in AsiaCNNhttps://cnnmon.ie/2G7PPY5
3/27Police noticed ‘suspicious activity’ in a parked car and arrested an Uber driver on a rape chargeWashington Posthttps://t.co/5AB9zJI4c1
3/27Uber's India Doom Is Written In The (Selfies With) Stars: GadflyNDTVhttps://t.co/tGgqK6xEEE
3/27Key New York City Issues in Final State Budget NegotiationsGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/i2PVTywCJT
3/26Credit union is driving cabbies to brink of suicide: advocateN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2ukYUr2
3/26Uber to Sell Its Southeast Asia Business to Grab, a Regional RivalN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2pEvUWp
3/26Cops arrest man accused of shooting livery driverN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2DTHhxV
3/26'The Gig Economy' Is the New Term for Serfdomtruthdig!https://t.co/MWxiPO4PYB
3/25Ride-sharing apps are driving NYC cabbies into financial ruinN.Y. POSThttps://nyp.st/2DPfL4F
3/25For-Hire Vehicle Industry Coalition Seeks Legal Recourse Against New York City and TLCMENAFNhttp://www.menafn.com/1096644155/For-Hire-Vehicle-Industry-
3/25At Uber, Troubling Signs Were Rampant Long Before a Fatal Self-Driving CrashFORTUNEhttps://for.tn/2pyUwQA
3/25Save the subways: Manhattan editionN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/save-subways-manhattan-edition-article-1.3892841?cid=bitly
3/24First Phase Of Congestion Pricing Could See Fee For Ride Hail Cars, Cuomo SaysSTATE OF POLITICShttps://t.co/ELM1PiWR2A
3/24Cuomo backs for-hire vehicle fee as lobbying against intensifiesPOLITICOhttps://politi.co/2DQ3cWP
3/24Transit app launches campaign urging officials to support congestion pricingCURBEDhttps://t.co/nIpp0G7Ahr
3/24Success for Uber’s direct loan despite driverless fatalityREUTERS https://reut.rs/2DPzNfm
3/24Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona CrashN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2uf9lML
3/24It’s time to delete Uber from our citiesCURBEDhttps://t.co/UEaKzu4Bmk
3/24Was Uber fatality a result of rush to self-driving market?S.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/a8XIPktOGy
3/23Black-car and livery operators gear up to take city to courtCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/nsLHwTub0R
3/23Experts: Uber self-driving system should have spotted womanYAHOOhttps://t.co/t66WneNEMB
3/23Disgraceful Dashcam Video Proves Uber Is the Theranos of Self-DrivingTHE DRIVEhttps://t.co/ag8jitQzdC
3/23Police have released the first video from inside the Uber self-driving car that killed a pedestrianrecodehttps://t.co/6lMESuiHpB
3/22Group makes final push for $12 NYC congestion chargeN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2DLgqnD
3/22MTA expects to raise fares next year as agency’s financial troubles continue N.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2pxP6VR
3/22Uber should be shut down': friends of self-driving car crash victim seek justice The Guardianhttps://t.co/9PwpTrs69x
3/22[UPDATE] After NYC Suicides, Drivers Urge Lawmakers To End Uber's Exploitative WaysFORBEShttps://t.co/0qe6k2o2ma
3/22Cabbie blamed Uber, Lyft for financial woes before hanging himselfN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2Gc5SmU
3/22Cash-strapped veteran cab driver hangs himself in his Queens garageN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2ptNEDJ
3/22With congestion pricing on sidelines, Cuomo doubles down on controversial subway-fundingPOLITICO http://politi.co/2prGEaz
3/22Egypt has suspended the operating licenses of Uber and its rival CareemQUARTZhttps://qz.com/1233779
3/22TAXI SHAME Uber sued for denying rides to woman with cerebral palsy 25 TIMESTHE SUNhttps://t.co/aV0c0KHfJ1
3/22Uber's Disaster MovieFORBEShttps://t.co/lPcyJ4KWbu
3/22Lhota says he doesn’t expect congestion pricing bill this year, then backtracksPOLITICOhttp://politi.co/2pwhS8z
3/22Uber Autonomous Accident Video Shows Car Just Before CollisionBloomberghttps://t.co/0TdPQ4ktYT
3/22Uber’s $1.5 Billion Debt Deal Touches a Nerve on Wall StreetBloomberghttps://t.co/8dXnQ5e6Mk
3/22NuTonomy Suspends Boston Self-Driving Car Pilot After Fatal Uber CrashTHE DRIVEhttps://t.co/7DsnX4PuxY
3/22Toyota will temporarily stop its self-driving-car tests after fatal autonomous Uber accidentSFGATEhttps://t.co/SXPBxn69OF
3/21A transit rescue plan is in sight N.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2FOndD3
3/21Nixon kicks off campaign with blistering attack on Cuomo's recordPOLITICOhttp://politi.co/2DL5cjm
3/21Operator of self-driving Uber involved in fatal accident served time in prisonN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2FO6pw0
3/21Uber and Lyft drivers are demanding higher pay in New York CityBUSINESS INSIDER http://read.bi/2pw7hdV
3/21Uber drivers press city for wage guaranteeCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/hGJlmNrlIj
3/21After NYC Suicides, Drivers Urge Lawmakers To End Uber's Exploitative WaysFORBEShttps://t.co/D4eEVaqwDQ
3/21The MTA is leaving disabled New Yorkers behindCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/R9zKlxioPj
3/21Pervert sent Uber to pick up teen girl for ‘group sex’: copsN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2GLAd9M
3/20The Latest: Uber cancels media event following fatal crash AM970https://shar.es/1LJCMZ
3/20Woman hit by Uber was walking bicycle: policeMSNhttp://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBKrRpF?ocid=st
3/20Self-driving vehicle strikes and kills pedestrian in ArizonaYAHOOhttps://finance.yahoo.com/news/uber-self-driving-
3/20Pedestrian killed by driverless Uber, rideshare company suspends program N.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2FLifXH
3/20Congestion Pricing Plan Gets Little Support In Albany NYC Patchhttps://t.co/8fakBszK82
3/20India’s Uber drivers went on strike because they’re making almost nothingThe Washington Posthttp://wapo.st/2DFYLhf?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.5f6f0fe8a655
3/20Pilot program bans curb-side rush-hour deliveries in parts of New York CityWABC-7NYhttp://abc7ny.com/3234721/
3/20Uber driver charged with raping woman in car in BostonBoston Globehttps://t.co/Ed0LS6hF2z
3/20New York Officials Want To Charge You Extra If You Take An Uber in BuffaloWYRKhttps://t.co/6c2ubeSPNN
3/19A way out of Albany's congestion-pricing pickleCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/RvknTsGZge
3/19Prospects dim for congestion tolls in New York CityThe Washington Post http://wapo.st/2pkTrdW?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.47c7ec8a8f8f
3/19Who's competing with Uber?CNBChttp://cnb.cx/2HL4Hba
3/19Uber Scam?econlib.orghttps://t.co/nHpYYvpady
3/19Uber driver critical after shooting, suspect remains at largeNEWS 12 BRONXhttps://t.co/riwi9Gqlq5
3/19How Uber ghost rides are linked to online money launderingThe Next Webhttps://t.co/JCXmYa3lR3
3/18Uber accused of silencing women who claim sexual assault by drivers The Guardianhttps://t.co/Kjcl1JDjyK
3/18Business prepare for delivery troubles as NYC bans curbside drop-offsN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2plKsJK
3/18New hit-and-run alert system fully launchedPIX-11http://via.pix11.com/sevFP
3/18Union: Driver shot multiple times in the Bronx, robbed of $23N.Y. ! http://fw.to/wwYXhJW
3/18When ride-sharing titans like Uber and Didi collude, it is the customer who loses outSouth China Mourning PostShttps://sc.mp/2pkLoy1
3/18Officials punished for 'black' taxi servicesCHINADAILYhttps://t.co/BLRTeIlava
3/18Uber just raised rates on Florida riders. But drivers are the ticked off ones MSN http://a.msn.com/08/en-us/BBKjNUc?ocid=st
3/17Congestion pricing plan leaves Uber gagging over increased fees for outer-borough ridersN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2FFrAjG
3/17 Ridesharing Uber And Lyft Gave 65 Percent More Rides Than Taxis In New YorkPYMTS.comhttps://t.co/0399rRHOR5
3/17Uber’s vision for the future of ride-hailing: Driverless cars and autonomous air taxis 512techhttps://t.co/h6gIziRL24
3/17Stop scapegoating Uber and Lyft driversCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/BRMI2NIPVS
3/17De Blasio Calls For Tougher State Laws To Keep Dangerous Drivers Off The RoadsCBS-2NYhttps://t.co/0kKEGUsItO
3/16Are New York City’s Yellow Cabs About to Become More Like Uber?OBSERVERhttp://observer.com/2018/03/nyc-taxi-drivers-fares-uber-apps/
3/16Uber's underpayment of drivers keeping it afloat, report finds The Guardianhttps://t.co/dqNwe8a4Um
3/16Uber to share its London data in latest charm offensiveREUTERShttps://reut.rs/2DtDI1e
3/16Make fare surcharges equal to help save the subwaysSOURCEhttp://nydn.us/2FCNe8r
3/16Ride-hail apps like Uber and Lyft generated
65 percent more rides than taxis did in New York in 2017
3/16When Self-Driving Cars Can’t Help Themselves, Who Takes the Wheel?N.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2FLAfgL
3/16How Much Does It Cost to Unclog NYC's Streets?WIREDhttps://t.co/LlPmLY95RA
3/16Congestion pricing in NYC, explainedCURBEDhttps://t.co/pZmOXeNITm
3/15New bill would be a nightmare for Uber and taxi ridersN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2pcwwm4
3/15Why Uber is in favor of congestion pricingCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/B9Kz1OiCXH
3/15Google co-founder’s flying taxi would get from Midtown to JFK in 10 minutesN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2Dp84BW
3/15Congestion pricing plan for cabs, Uber, Lyft, outlined in NY Assembly budget proposalamNEWYORKhttps://in.amny.com/2FAnGsz
3/15Hong Kong cabbies hold protest against ‘unlicensed taxis’ on UberSouth China Morning Post https://sc.mp/2ItfZSv
3/14NYC Taxis Could Soon Charge Surge Prices Like Uber NYC Patchhttps://t.co/V58xrPvKll
3/14Leading NY Environmental Activists Demand Albany Cut Vehicle Emissions, Pass Fix NYC PlanEDFhttps://t.co/nT0oZmm1z6
3/14Uber slams Assembly Dems for proposed fee on for-hire car trips in ManhattanN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2FzX1w5
3/14The real reason a top Uber executive abruptly left
shows how much mistrust and fighting there really was behind the scenes
3/14Trial opens in case of Uber driver accused of raping passengerSunSentinelhttps://t.co/bBdNQH6srj
3/14London mayor Sadiq Khan ripped into big tech
over fake news, online abuse, and regulatory arbitrage
BUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/Pfp5pCF2W9
3/14Pamela Anderson Rails on Ride-Hail Apps in PersonTMZhttps://t.co/ZbAYtinIfP
3/14Don’t Let Congestion Pricing Push Accessible Taxis Off the RoadGOTHAM GAZETTEhttps://t.co/TLxiQynQcd
3/14Lyft faces discrimination lawsuitTC http://tcrn.ch/2GoyZB6
3/14Angry Istanbul taxi drivers seek to block UberYAHOOhttps://t.co/40hXOn5HvQ
3/13New York City considers giving yellow cabs surge-pricing capabilityPOLITICOhttp://politi.co/2p7bMfk
3/13Assembly Democrats unveil plan to charge only
cabs and for-hire vehicles under congestion pricing
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2Dn1jAL
3/13Why This Time Could Be Different for Congestion Pricing in NYCNEXT CITYhttps://t.co/fzEzxGLVnn
3/13Getting There: Uber takes toll on transportation, driversctposthttps://t.co/7z0bMMoZve
3/13What the new 'Express Pool' service offered by Uber Philadelphia means for commutersDaily Pennsylvanianhttps://t.co/xpDhcxvC16
3/13Portland issues Uber a $3.5 million ticketPortland Tribunehttps://t.co/2jRWvyXEah
3/12Will Uber drivers repeat their folly?CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/S2maY8FJEg
3/12It doesn't take a genius to see MTA needs better ideasCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/4uZe3CXDMl
3/12London mayor Sadiq Khan tells tech giants they are not above the law TheTelegraphhttps://t.co/K1sAhhgkTJ
3/12“I got out and ran”: with one attack a week in London, is using Uber safe for women?NewStatesmanhttps://t.co/YVGyVL16qA
3/11Crisis control: Taxi commissioner responds to industry complaintsNY1http://fw.to/YkmhkNU
3/11Grab to buy Uber's southeast Asia business: ReportZDNEThttps://t.co/D7gt59aLKj
3/11Judge says Uber breached contract with drivers involving ‘Safe Rides’ feeTC http://tcrn.ch/2Fqbw5y
3/11Uber sued after data stolen by hackers covered upwpxihttps://t.co/xshIEmEdi5
3/11Uber Driver Wages Are Too Low to Sustain the Cab Industry Bloomberghttps://t.co/cC7vNeMptL
3/11Uber hails loan investors directlyBUSINESS INSIDERhttps://t.co/JBUEtGOEsz
3/10Uber Calls Lenders for $1.25 Billion in Wall Street ShortcutBloomberghttps://t.co/FykTOQS3VN
3/10Toyota Aims to Offer Uber-Like Services for Tokyo Taxis Using AIBloomberghttps://t.co/sD57GM7XrC
3/10Congestion tax in Manhattan: Readers speak! Leary Libertyhttps://t.co/zbJGMK7g67
3/10Golden talks congestion pricing, speed camerasBrooklyn Daily Eaglehttps://t.co/8mqDOKUIcc
3/10Self-Driving Cars Meet Their New Nemesis: Local PoliticiansWIREDhttps://t.co/elvWhmFzRA
3/10This Is Why It’s So Hard To Calculate How Much Uber Drivers EarnFAST COMPANYhttps://t.co/bAKiyIIVcF
3/9No Brakes: NYC Taxi Drivers Speak OutNY-1https://t.co/IRlChHDYms
3/9Job-growth outlier | MTA unveils big ideas | Taxis and road pricingCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/lN8QE47qWE
3/9Uber, Lyft Vehicles Will Soon Have Video Screens In Their BackseatsCBS-NYhttp://cbsloc.al/2txiOhY#.WqJ2tkFkRx0
3/9Dying to Know Uber's Secrets, Data-Hungry Cities Get CreativeWIREDhttps://t.co/MANXbmk57Z
3/9Uber Calls Lenders for $1.25 Billion in Wall Street ShortcutBloomberghttps://t.co/FykTOQS3VN
3/9Uber Better Not Be the Future of WorkBloomberghttps://t.co/JOfjNODmxB
3/9California’s first proposed per-ride city tax to raise Uber, Lyft pricesarsTECHNICAhttps://arstechnica.com/?post_type=post&p=1272061
3/9Cashless tolling: Top 10 terms to help navigate the systemlohudhttps://t.co/oSs4RljC7X
3/8Your ride home from Uber, Lyft is about to get a lot more annoyingN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2FjBYgY
3/8Time for Uber to pay the piperCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/KP5tQLlmn2
3/8New report says congestion-pricing plan doesn't go far enoughCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/TTYmkU1ai7
3/8Trump Must End Assault on Middle-Class Taxi OwnersKings County Politicshttps://t.co/r8CwBmRy2c
3/8If Your Uber Ride Cost an Extra $50, Would You Still Take It?N.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2G6XWBb
3/8Uber Is Running Out of Ways to Save ItselfVANITY FAIRhttps://t.co/BG1ZtEUA49
3/8SoftBank's Got a Ticket to Ride. Uber's StrandedBloomberghttps://t.co/iTI9kv5kPh
3/7Uber joins push for congestion pricing plan to fund city’s broken subway systemN.Y. DAILY NEWS http://nydn.us/2FgYAyE
3/7Wheelchair users sue UberCURBEDhttps://t.co/3ilz6qxus5
3/7Uber Spent $10.7 Billion in Nine Years. Does It Have Enough to Show for It?Bloomberghttps://t.co/j41rIkIEIO
3/7‘Legal Fiction’ Shields Uber From Antitrust SuitCourthouse Newshttps://t.co/zPF60AUWMQ
3/7Why Apple, Amazon, and Google are making big health care movesVOXhttps://t.co/O47zme6E7G
3/7Haling The First Amendment: NYC Taxi Authority's Ad Ban Struck Down As UnconstitutionalForbeshttps://t.co/QbN1QhJ07b
3/7Self-driving cars are being attacked by angry humansN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2toj9DG
3/6City To Crack Down On Drivers Blocking These NYC Intersections NYC Patchhttps://t.co/roLCoFwZYa
3/6What Our Drivers NeedTHE INDYPENDENThttps://indypendent.org/2018/03/what-our-drivers-need/
3/6Driven To RuinTHE INDYPENDENThttps://indypendent.org/2018/03/driven-to-ruin/
3/6Uber May Have Imposed 12-Hour Limits, but It’s Still Pushing Drivers in Other Troubling WaysSLATEhttps://t.co/ST5Fi5J7nH
3/6With a Single, Insulting Tweet, Uber's CEO Just Destroyed Months of Hard WorkInchttps://t.co/Gc4GKPucUJ
3/6Pennsylvania sues Uber over 2016 data breachYAHOOhttps://t.co/6wi0j5OU8y
3/6How much do Uber drivers really earn?MONEYWATCHhttps://t.co/hr8sb45gDv
3/6CityViews: Hold Uber and Lyft Accountable for Shortchanging DriversCITYLIMITShttps://t.co/AyTyjO4ixw
3/6Woman says she was raped twice trying to take a Lyft home: copsN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2tm7wNE
3/6Let everyone ride the subwayN.Y. DAILY NEWS http://nydn.us/2FaU1lp
3/6Congestion pricing, faster buses, MTA scrutiny needed to solve city’s ‘transportation crisisamNEWYORK https://in.amny.com/2FXSznq
3/5City Council Proposes Bill Targeting Uber and Other “E-hail” Services.The Jewish Voicehttps://t.co/sOrjiJ1SpW
3/53 Far-Flung Cities Offer Clues to Unsnarling Manhattan’s StreetsN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2t0KonO
3/5MIT forced to redo study that found miniscule earnings for Uber driversN.Y. POST http://nyp.st/2Fqs8sK
3/5Uber called an MIT study concluding drivers make less than $4 an hour ‘flawed’recodehttps://t.co/PCzV8aM3kT
3/5Dutch taxi drivers planning an attack on Uber: reportNL Timeshttps://nltimes.nl/2018/03/05/dutch-taxi-drivers-planning-attack-uber-report
3/4Maybe Taxi Drivers Don’t Hate Progress, Maybe They Just Don’t Want To Be Poorcurrentaffairs.orghttps://t.co/MeZDb8B3zc
3/4Stony Point Says NO to New York City’s “Congestion Pricing” plan Rockland County Timeshttps://t.co/fZYMys1nnm
3/3The City Council finally remembered that Uber needs to be regulated in NYCTimeOuthttps://t.co/k0i1rURMkn
3/3Uber and Lyft drivers may make way less money than you thinkN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2oCg7qG
3/3Uber launches Uber Health, a B2B ride-hailing platform for healthcareTChttp://tcrn.ch/2FFcI1z
3/2City Council bill aims to kneecap Uber and LyftCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/J3VTzb7SG9
3/2Another taxi lender closed by regulatorsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/THakoVoD4R
3/2Ride-Hailing Congestion Dims Promise of Robot TaxisDiscoverhttp://bit.ly/2FcvgbV
3/2Uber launches health service to give rides to the doctorN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2oFdJyC
3/2Uber: We’re moving away from 'antagonistic relationship' with citiesPOLITICO http://politi.co/2F8AdCq
3/1Calif. man allegedly posed as Uber driver to lure and rape seven women N.Y. Daily Newshttp://nydn.us/2ozkj9M
3/1Sexual predators pose as Uber and Lyft drivers and attack women leaving bars and clubsL.A.Timeshttps://t.co/2Zvjf4HUoa
3/1New Yorkers Deserve Action on Ambitious Transit PlansN.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2t18G0X
3/1Uber discriminates against people in wheelchairs, lawsuit saysc/nethttps://t.co/Ew9uPYvz7e
3/1SF lawmaker wants city tax for Uber, Lyft for Nov. ballotS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/Flst1FMnMA
3/1Drunk Man Accidentally Takes $1,600 Uber To NJ After Partying With Friends In West VirginiaCBS-PHILLYhttps://t.co/Eil8kgePri
2/28Congestion pricing in Boston not that popular with voters: Poll CURBEDhttps://t.co/HM3c6oouxR
2/28Group files class-action suit against Uber for ‘discrimination,’ lack of wheelchair accessS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/QhcQaG09oC
2/28Meet Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s nemesis: UberThe Real Dealhttps://therealdeal.com/2018/02/27/meet-trump-attorney-michael-cohens-nemesis-uber/
2/28Advocates React to Testing Truly Driverless Cars on Our StreetsSTREETSBLOG SFhttps://t.co/lMoanDLSYj
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2/27Studies are increasingly clear: Uber, Lyft are congesting citiesmySAhttps://t.co/3HZ41xj9Hq
2/27Westchester County Executive George Latimer ending Uber, Lyft Thumbs Up programlohudhttps://t.co/DaYo0oUAsF
2/27Uber drivers protest Suffolk’s proposed ride-sharing banNewsdayhttps://t.co/2GWmCuywda
2/27Passengers Who Call Uber Instead Of An Ambulance Put Drivers At RiskBuzzFeedhttps://t.co/SivBtlZVZC
2/27Uber and Lyft are making streets more congested: ReportFast Companyhttps://t.co/CDfGKJXkws
2/27Uber’s Anti-Regulatory Crusades Are Hurting Drivers and Their CitiesThe Nationhttps://www.thenation.com/article/ubers-anti-regulatory-crusades-are-hurting-drivers-and-their-cities/
2/263 Far-Flung Cities Offer Clues to Unsnarling Manhattan’s StreetsN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2t0KonO
2/26Uber, Lyft drivers are making city traffic worse, studies findN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2HNBHjV
2/25Community leaders call for replacement of Taxi and Limo CommissionNEWS12-The Bronxhttps://t.co/bUPfpKdt9r
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2/25TOUGH TO WATCH: Uber driver robbed and nearly killed in heart-wrenching videoABC-13Houstonhttp://abc13.com/3131996/
2/24CBS2 Exclusive: EMTs Say Cars Are Blocking Entrance To Brooklyn Hospital CenterCBS-2NYhttp://cbsloc.al/2CGO3Xj#.WpFZ1U4Ts-4
2/24Rep. Espaillat Presents Viable Alternative For NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)ADRIANOESPAILLAThttps://t.co/lkWIURZ9Vy
2/24Congressman wants to help cabs compete with Uber and other ride hailing appsNY1http://fw.to/C1okqni
2/24Sony to enter taxi-hailing app businessCar Connectionhttps://t.co/6vpe0CpTQ2
2/24New Poll Reveals Nobody Is Excited About Riding in Driverless CarsOBSERVERhttp://observer.com/2018/02/self-driving-cars-gallup-poll-results/
2/24Nissan's self-driving taxi is ready for passengers msnhttp://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBJuXIy?ocid=st
2/24Judge: Ads can run in Uber, Lyft vehicles in New York CityCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/nf0DdxUCgw
2/23Judge: Ads can run in Uber, Lyft vehicles in New York CityWTOPhttps://t.co/387Jay3MHM
2/23The Cost of Cold Feet: No Cordon Toll Means Kissing Most Congestion Pricing Benefits GoodbyeSTREETSBLOGhttps://t.co/Pq4ZPAZQ46
2/23De Blasio demands no congestion-pricing revenue go to suburbsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/U6n4GmFL9A
2/23Uber CEO plans to 'invest aggressively' to compete with rivals Southeast AsiaYAHOOhttps://www.yahoo.com/news/uber-ceo-plans-apos-invest-112319233.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=tw
2/23Elon Musk Makes Fun of Uber's Plan for Flying Taxis Gadgets360https://gadgets.ndtv.com/transportation/news/elon-musk-makes-fun-of-uber-s-plan-for-flying-taxis-1815989
2/22Why more cabbies are killing themselvesN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2E66BG6
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2/22To get a ride, Uber says take a walkABC-NEWS http://abcn.ws/2on77Vk
2/22California Federal Court Certifies Class of Over 9,000 Uber DriversN.Y. EMPLOYMENT
2/21Traffic Cameras Could Soon Catch You Blocking NYC Intersections NYC Patchhttps://t.co/Viivq0ri9Q
2/21PPA proposes new fee on Uber, Lyft and taxi rides philly.comhttp://www.philly.com/philly/news/philadelphia-parking-authority-ppa-ride-tax-uber-lyft-20180220.html
2/21Uber drops opposition to London language testREUTERShttps://reut.rs/2BFbsMb
2/21Opinion: Taxi for out-of-touch Liberals on opposing cab levy to fund plate buy-backWest Australianhttps://t.co/TPmfbnhRiU
2/21Uber Eats driver turns self in after allegedly killing delivery customerCBS NEWShttps://t.co/k9MoVaUHU8
2/21Taxi federation asks police to help crack down on fare beatersNEWS12https://t.co/XBk8aXWxHH
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2/20Cuomo’s congestion-pricing baby stepsN.Y. POST http://nyp.st/2ol634j
2/20Los Angeles, Moscow, New York top list of world’s most gridlocked citiesUSA TODAYhttps://usat.ly/2Ht0pWR
2/20Uber class-action lawsuit over how drivers were paid gets green light from judgeL.A. Timeshttp://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-uber-class-action-20180219-story.html
2/20Sony Forms Alliance With Cabs as Uber Steps Up Japan PresenceBloomberghttps://t.co/4PZGh6Z3MO
2/20Convenient mobile app may soon be available for hailing Access-A-Ridesilive.comhttp://s.silive.com/IkCkeKV
2/19It’s an emergency for the city’s drivers: Start acting like it, Mr. MayorN.Y.DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/p0B7gdzXUg
2/19Taxi Driver Says He Was Violently Attacked After Driving Couple In HarlemCBS-2NYhttp://cbsloc.al/2HqFkMD#.WorLOoAiAqE.
2/19Police: Uber Eats delivery flees after customer shot, killed in BuckheadWSB-TV2http://2wsb.tv/2EDw0D2
2/19Couple beats cab driver unconscious after refusing to pay fare in Harlem N.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/r0KlS9ajbI
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2/17When Competition Causes an Industry to CollapseAGhttps://amgreatness.com/2018/02/13/competition-causes-industry-collapse/
2/17Cuomo’s congestion pricing plan inches forward,
but major details must be ironed out with Legislature
N.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2F8oKjF
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2/16Florida school shooter arrived by Uber, escaped to Walmart after, cops sayMiami Heraldhttp://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article200373444.html
2/16London Plans to Rein in Uber With New Rules for Drivers, CarsBloomberghttps://t.co/fosBnt2p2w
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Back Congestion Pricing If Cuomo Releases a Strong Plan
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2/13Transit experts search for solutions to a subway, bus system in a ‘state of crisis’amNEWYORK https://www.amny.com/news/transit-crisis-mta-1.16721583
2/13TLC mulls base wages for drivers and caps on taxis,
black cars amid sharp growth of licensed vehicles
amNEWYORK https://www.amny.com/transit/tlc-black-car-taxi-1.16723002
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2/10‘It’s the new slavery’: NYC cab driver blasts Uber, city officials in suicide note RThttps://www.rt.com/usa/418352-schifter-suicide-ny-driver-uber/
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2/8CHP Investigating Lyft Passenger Death On 110 FreewayCBS-L.A.http://cbsloc.al/2GUWzFD#.Wnw9cjdJavE
2/8Lyft Passenger Killed in Fatal Hit-and-Run on Freeway After Driver Demands He Exits VehicleNBC-4-L.A.https://t.co/t0lgOzlpSi
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2/6Mayor: Make taxi and Uber riders, not city, pay for subway planCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/GNUqHYOQcV
2/6M.T.A. Construction Costs ‘Threaten to Strangle’ Growth, Report WarnsN.Y.Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2sdjx7w
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2/6New York taxi driver blamed local politicians before City Hall suicideWNEMhttps://t.co/3jEH2iQhrT
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2/4Battle of the Bots: Uber and Waymo Gear Up for Driverless-Car TrialWSJhttps://t.co/OcstYxEZr2
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2/3Congestion charging would profoundly change New York transit financingThe Bond Buyerhttps://t.co/sRd5YB83z5
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2/32 On Your Side: Uber Drivers Say They're Barely Scraping ByMSNhttp://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBIAPw7?ocid=st
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2/1TLC, union address tensions after livery drivers attack inspectors in the BronxWABC-NYhttp://abc7ny.com/3013436/
2/1Separate attacks on livery cab driver, inspectors show dangers of car-for-hire businessWPIX http://via.pix11.com/JnUpf
1/31Group argues congestion pricing would impact few city driversNY-1http://fw.to/WNpORYN
1/31Congestion Pricing Plan Wouldn't Hit Most Commuters: StudyNYC Patchhttps://t.co/QEdayCuEfa
1/31Council speaker gives ultimatum to state on congestion pricing, MTA reformCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/LjTna8baEP
1/31Judge rules Philadelphia Parking Authority not liable for taxi cab losses inflicted by Uber and Lyft The Inquirerhttps://t.co/gKcF4nMnjT
1/31Ola takes its war with Uber to Australia where Indian cabbies ruleQUARTZhttps://qz.com/1192410
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1/29A Congestion Pricing Plan for ManhattanN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2FoFdzd
1/29MTA meeting, Andy Byford work to define overcrowding on subwayTIMES Ledgerhttps://www.timesledger.com/stories/2018/4/mtameeting_2018_01_26_q.html
1/29New poll: 82% of Uber users ready to quit the serviceNEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATIONhttps://t.co/44A56MhQzY
1/29UK PM Says Uber’s Case Is Proof Labor Rights Must Be ImprovedAHhttps://t.co/n2ceIkYZ3y
1/29Car With Lyft Sticker Involved in Chicago Hit And RunSOURCELINK
1/29New law to force Colombian taxi companies to submit mobile app in challenge to UberFORIEN BRIEFhttps://t.co/Kn2K8R25Q3
1/28Taxi committee head got thousands in donations from cab industryN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2rMSMqi
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1/28Uber Will Start Making Money By 2021, CEO ClaimsAHhttps://www.androidheadlines.com/2018/01/uber-will-start-making-money-by-2021-ceo-claims.html
1/27Transit union calls for barriers in bus lanes to keep out carsN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2Bwtkow
1/27Livery cab drivers seek changes to fining practices following TLC protestsNEWS12 Bronxhttps://t.co/s94vPpdgAR
1/27NYC could become first US city with London-style congestion chargeMOTOR
1/27Lyft Responds To Allegations Of Employees Snooping On RidersCBS-SFhttp://cbsloc.al/2DDRL5j#.WmxlFRWsuO4
1/27Wait, Is Lyft Bad Now, Too?SLATEhttps://t.co/0pKzBNfymE
1/27Why Every Uber Needs A Vending MachinePYMNTShttps://t.co/fb4MCPbeix
1/27Air Air pollution Uncovered: Why You Would possibly Be Respiratory In Tire WasteKaplan Heraldhttps://kaplanherald.com/2018/01/26/air-air-pollution-
1/26Road to congestion pricing runs through three NYC senatorsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/FszDl8TkdZ
1/26Livery cab drivers rally for 2nd day against TLC, city ticketsNEWS12 Brooklynhttps://t.co/PpZhfp6qwi
1/26Now the Real Work Begins on a Manhattan Congestion PlanN.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2GhOryC
1/26Congestion Pricing Might Finally Be Coming For Manhattan But Let's Not Get Too Excited Just YetJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/43gynQmbD5
1/26Commentary: Here’s Who Will Benefit Most From NYC's Congestion FeesFORTUNEhttp://for.tn/2GeXrVf
1/26Lyft Investigating Claim Employees Accessed Info of Mark Zuckerberg and OthersGIZMODOhttps://gizmodo.com/lyft-investigating-claim-employees-accessed-info-of-mar-1822429209
1/26Former employees say Lyft staffers spied on passengersTChttp://tcrn.ch/2E9U9Sw
1/25Cuomo Proposes New Way to Fund MTA, but Re-hashes Old Feud with CityWNYChttps://t.co/eeGDBcsspc
1/25Riders Outside Manhattan Can Now Hail Accessible Taxis, TooN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2FaV7gD
1/25Accessible Dispatch program expands to the outer boroughsamNEWYORKhttps://www.amny.com/transit/wheelchair-access-cabs-1.16330499
1/25Is Uber a passing fad?Forbes http://www.forbesindia.com/blog/no-wires-attached/is-uber-a-passing-fad/
1/25Low Insurance Liabilities For Taxi Drivers Leave Accident Victims With Huge BillsCBS-NY http://cbsloc.al/2E4aUhP#.WmnA5IPXBuo
1/25Uber to be profitable within three years, new CEO saysAutomotive
1/25The average speed of traffic in Manhattan is 4.7 mph. New York thinks it's found a solutionL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/srGLPParrE
1/24New Transit Boss Vows To Shake Up Ailing System WSJhttps://t.co/6aS2mQBkAh
1/24New City Council Speaker Corey Johnson Says He’ll Be Independent, Challenge MayorCBS-NYhttp://cbsloc.al/2G7plCx#.Wmh029xIbqA
1/24Judge Demands DUI Data From Uber Amid Complaints About Drunk Drivers msnhttp://a.msn.com/00/en-us/AAv2JkB?ocid=st
1/24While Uber Invests In Lobbying And AI, Drivers Keep Fighting For Decent PayForbeshttps://t.co/JeCLDCBHfV
1/24Uber CEO hopes to have self-driving cars in service in 18 monthsTC http://tcrn.ch/2G4XyT3
1/23A New York Times investigation reveals why the NYC subway system is such a messBUSINESS INSIDER http://read.bi/2zW10in
1/23A new plan would jack up the cost of ride sharing in ManhattanTimeOut NYhttps://t.co/gvpBNhHxVx
1/23National Limousine Association Refutes Uber and Lyft's Claims Concerning Background ChecksPR Newswire http://prn.to/2mYAZaT
1/23Rockaway takeaway: City wants to take lanes from Canarsie thoroughfareBROOKLYN DAILYhttps://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2018/4/mm-rockaway-parkway-shrinkage-2018-01-26-bk.html
1/23Uber driver in US illegally charged with 4 California rapesWNTPhttps://shar.es/1NlUAU
1/23Judge rejects Uber’s proposed $3M settlement with NY driversN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2DXBnh2
1/22The good, bad and ugly of congestion pricingN.Y. POST http://nyp.st/2FZSHCG
1/22Congestion pricing friends and foes both agree: The MTA is the worstN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2F0tV3V
1/22The MTA is apparently turning a blind eye to Access-A-Ride complaintsN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2BjKu8H
1/22SoftBank Officially Becomes Uber’s Largest ShareholderAHhttps://t.co/hNxJ3gOwAo
1/22With its SoftBank deal, Uber may have invited a tiger into the hen houseBUSINESS INSIDERhttp://read.bi/2mSwA8v
1/22Uber ignores security bug that makes its two-factor authentication uselessZDNEThttp://www.zdnet.com/article/uber-security-flaw-two-factor-login-bypass/
1/22'I unlocked the door myself and I jumped:' Woman says Lyft driver tried to kidnap herWMChttps://t.co/fqtd1sk3t0
1/21Cuomo’s congestion pricing plan will target for-hire cars and cabsN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2roYTB7
1/21To combat congestion, Cuomo will focus first on for-hire vehicles POLITICO http://politi.co/2DreLse
1/21Gov. Cuomo praises Manhattan congestion pricing planNewsdayhttps://nwsdy.li/2ro6zmR
1/21NYC 'congestion pricing' could smack drivers with steep tollsnj.comhttp://s.nj.com/EEp7ppd
1/21Autonomous Vehicles Got You Intrigued? How Would You Feel Riding In A Self-Driving Taxi?lean Technicahttps://t.co/PRztyGYQGQ
1/20Congestion pricing: Driving in Manhattan could cost youABC-NYhttp://abc7ny.com/2967140/
1/20Cuomo's panel unveils its congestion pricing plan, but uncertainties aboundPOLITICOhttp://politi.co/2BfsRqH
1/20When a start-up like Uber or Lyft goes public, what do the drivers get?L.A. Times http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-uber-lyft-driver-stock-20180119-story.html
1/19In advance of report's release, Cuomo's congestion pricing panel considers 2020 roll-out datePOLITICOhttp://politi.co/2mUiF2u
1/19Why driving into Manhattan could soon cost as much as $12N.Y. POST http://nyp.st/2FUF7AD
1/19The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You ThoughtBloomberghttps://t.co/ZUDNl1rCBR
1/19SoftBank's acquisition of 15 percent of Uber closesN.Y. DAILY NEWS http://nydn.us/2Bdc0Vi
1/19Congestion pricing: Will drivers be charged in and out of Manhattan on weekdays?ABC-NYhttp://abc7ny.com/2964714/
1/19Why driverless cars may mean jams tomorrowECONOMISThttps://t.co/26cHN1bPQk
1/19London taxi protest sees London Bridge closed for hoursEVENING
1/19What Is a City Street? And What Will It Become?NY Maghttp://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/01/what-is-a-city-street-and-what-will-it-become.html
1/18Restrict Uber, exempt taxis:
Any honest attack on congestion will go after its major driver, app-based for-hire car services
N.Y. DAILY NEWS http://nydn.us/2DgDU4G
1/18Is the Market for New York City Taxi Medallions Showing Signs of Life?WSJhttps://t.co/nKQl5d7fEO
1/18Cuomo’s Congestion Pricing for New York City Begins to Take ShapeN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2FGvYeR
1/18DOT Proposes Installing Protected Bike Lanes In Midtown, ManhattanCBS-NYhttp://cbsloc.al/2mQ68wV#.WmCBRYBA3a8
1/18Uber Gains in Bklyn, Queens Underserved CommunitiesKings County
1/18London taxi protest: Black cab drivers stage demo against TfL and UberEvening Standardhttps://t.co/DOkUZUSxsy
1/18This Uber Driver Mad as HellYou Tubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST-G4QZkTDc&feature=em-subs_digest
1/18Judge paves way for taxi lawsuitCBC http://www.cbc.ca/1.4491767
1/18Uber nearing autonomous cars without human backup driverABC Newshttp://abcn.ws/2FMX0kR
1/18Calif. Judge to Approve $7M Uber SettlementAuto Rentalhttps://t.co/7tQeNwviP4
1/17To fight congestion, get serious about UberCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/w7krbywRL8
1/17The new normal for taxi medallion prices: less than $200,000CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/qhGsFjTXo3
1/17The nanny of former Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski
has filed an excruciatingly detailed lawsuit
1/17Taxi companies renew push for equal playing fieldWIBVhttp://wivb.com/2018/01/16/taxi-companies-renew-their-push-for-equal-playing-field/
1/17Travis Kalanick discussed compensating the driver he berated in that viral videorecodehttps://www.recode.net/2018/1/16/16822862/uber-travis-kalanick-driver-video-fawzi-kamel-cars
1/17Drivers Ask Judge To Reject $3M Uber SettlementLaw360https://www.law360.com/classaction/articles/1002360/drivers-ask-judge-to-reject-3m-uber-settlement
1/17DAs Seek Uber Data Showing If It Shelved Drunken DriversLaw360https://www.law360.com/articles/1002390/das-seek-uber-data-showing-if-it-shelved-drunken-drivers
1/16This Woman’s “Nightmare” Uber Ride Was Probably Worse Than YoursPhilly Maghttp://po.st/WiFQ3t
1/16US regulators will 'carefully' review GM's request to launch
a self-driving car WITHOUT a steering wheel or pedals on public roads in 2019
Daily Mailhttp://dailym.ai/2FEsKsi
1/16Cuomo’s tough budget choice: protect the public — or his own ambitionsN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2D7ZUTm
1/16Sen. Charles Schumer Asks DOT to Step in After JFK Airport DisasterNBC4-NYhttps://t.co/2jiC6EQsQg
1/16Cold War In Vegas: Taxis, Lyft, Uber Fight It OutForbeshttps://t.co/FfzV1kLK5L
1/15NYC Taxi Medallion Sold at Auction for High Bid of $185,000 CREDIT UNION
1/15Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Is Selling 29% Of His Stake In The Company…How Much Is That Worth?CELEBRITY NET WORTHhttps://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/billionaire-news/
1/15Colorado fines Lyft for using driver with serious feloniesCOLORADOANhttp://noconow.co/2DchpRF
1/15Uber, Lyft expected to follow same safety rules as taxi operators: OppalNEWS1130http://www.news1130.com/2018/01/14/uber-lyft-rules-taxi-operators/
1/15Losing money rapidly, how long can Uber last?salonhttps://www.salon.com/2018/01/14/losing-money-rapidly-how-long-can-uber-last/
1/15Senior citizens will lead the self-driving revolution THE VERGEhttps://www.theverge.com/2018/1/10/16874410/
1/14Plan to relieve Manhattan gridlock with tolls gains momentumBOSTON HERALDhttp://www.bostonherald.com/news/national/2018/01/
1/14Didi Buys 99 Taxis, Igniting Fight With Uber in Latin AmericaBloomberghttps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-03/
1/14Uber driver charged in rape of 16-year-old girl SOURCELINK
1/14Mercedes Rolls, Bursts Into Flames on Major Deegan Expressway, Killing Driver: NYPDNBC-NYhttps://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Mercedes-Rolls-
1/14Race to build a million-mile car becomes a realityFINANCIAL TIMEShttps://t.co/L8KSftoXKl
1/13To Measure the 'Uber Effect,' Cities Get CreativeCITYLABhttps://www.citylab.com/transportation/2018/01/to-measure-the-uber-effect-cities-get-creative/550295/
1/13G.M. Says Its Driverless Car Could Be in Fleets by Next YearN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2EB9eLL
1/13Inside Uber’s $100,000 Payment to a Hacker, and the FalloutN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2EBBApk
1/13Build a Wall Between Uber and Travis KalanickBloomberghttps://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-01-12/build-a-wall-between-uber-and-travis-kalanick
1/13Uber must give up some secrets, Florida court rulesSun-Sentinelhttp://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/transportation/
1/13After rejecting Uber, London renews Addison Lee's licenceYAHOOhttps://uk.news.yahoo.com/car-addison-lees-licence-renewed-london-141845566--sector.html
1/13Current and former Uber security staffers cast doubt on spying claimsCNBChttp://cnb.cx/2mpUuIg
1/13Calgary Uber driver removed from app after sending profanity-laced, sexual email to customerjumphttps://jumpradio.ca/news/3962104/calgary-uber-driver-removed-sexual-email/
1/13Citi Bike contract renewedCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/IsSgVyftAT
1/12The great traffic debate: Congestion pricing or an Uber cap?CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/BG8IStX6MX
1/12City Council elevates some business-friendly membersCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/GFypY2i9Wc
1/12Millennials are less likely to tip their Uber driversN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2qUd2pz
1/12Uber’s Secret Tool for Keeping the Cops in the DarkBloomberghttps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-11/
1/12Uber’s valuation dropped 20 percent, according to some investorsrecodehttps://www.recode.net/2018/1/11/16879370/mutual-
1/12Speaker Corey Johnson fills leadership positions, awards top spots to Democrats who helped himN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2DkIzDy
1/11Yellow Cabs Losing Turf at NYC Airports to Ride-Hailing Services Wall Street
1/11Uber Shuffles Staff Ahead Of Congestion Pricing PushSTATE OF POLITICShttp://www.nystateofpolitics.com/2018/01/uber-shuffles-staff-ahead-of-congestion-pricing-push/
1/11CES painfully exposes Uber and Lyft’s big convenience problemTNW https://tnw.to/2CNOH6i
1/11Nearly 60 livery cabs targeted in vandalism spree in QueensABChttp://abc7ny.com/2926085/
1/11NYC subway terror bombing suspect indictedABChttp://abcn.ws/2Eumfa2
1/11Does Manhattan need a congestion tax on Uber? Learn Libertyhttp://www.learnliberty.org/blog/does-manhattan-need-a-congestion-tax-on-uber/
1/11Uber, taxi industry make their case as ride-hailing hearings begin in VancouverGlobal NEWShttps://globalnews.ca/news/3953228/uber-taxi-industry-hearings-vancouver/
1/11He Weaned Himself From Ride-Hailing Apps. Here’s Why.N.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2FqIgYI
1/11Uber must give up some secrets, Florida court rulesSun-Sentinelhttp://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/transportation/
1/10Congestion pricing faces an uphill battle in the Assembly, tooPOLITICOhttps://t.co/3cIpQO5gmy
1/10Pamela Anderson For Crying Out Loud ... Don't Uber/Lyft Alone!!!TMZhttp://www.tmz.com/2018/01/09/pam-anderson-dont-uber-lyft-alone-ride-hail-app/#
1/10‘Prince of Taxis’ plots Uber’s defeat in JapanFINANCIAL TIMEShttps://t.co/LATqyeyNfs
1/10Uber reaches $3 million settlement with New York drivers over feesCNBC http://cnb.cx/2D0tfys
1/10What’s Old Is New Again: Surge PricingPYMNTS.comhttps://www.pymnts.com/commerce/2018/uber-surge-pricing-ridesharing-retail-gebni/
1/10New York Transit Agency to Test All-Electric BusesTHE DRIVEhttp://www.thedrive.com/sheetmetal/17510/new-york-transit-agency-to-test-all-electric-buses
1/9Pamela Anderson New Ride-Hail PSA ... Tied to #MeTooTMZhttp://www.tmz.com/2018/01/08/pamela-anderson-new-rideshare-app-ad-psa-metoo/#
1/9City's wishful thinking on taxi medallionsCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/XvHSjelLHo
1/9De Blasio’s Vision Zero program drives down traffic deaths to new low, as cyclist fatalities increaseN.Y. DAILY NEWShttp://nydn.us/2ElM6AQ
1/9Travis Kalanick is selling $1.4B in Uber stock—
here's what happens if you suddenly have a billion dollars
1/9Here’s who controls Uber after its megadeal with SoftBankrecodehttps://www.recode.net/2018/1/8/16865598/uber-softbank-
1/9Taking Back the Streets:medium.comhttps://t.co/coKKux4gnv
1/9Uber is working with Toyota to create a vehicle and system that is built for ride-sharingrecodehttps://www.recode.net/2018/1/8/16864916/uber-partnership-toyota-ces-volvo-daimler
1/9As Uber pleads, Burnaby adds taxisCBChttp://www.cbc.ca/1.4478376
1/9Uber consultation in Aberdeen branded 'farcical'BBChttp://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-42606973#
1/8How to Get New York Moving AgainN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2EjxWA6
1/8Ad Warns Riders About Uber and Lyft, but Some Call It AlarmistN.Y. Times https://nyti.ms/2EkTYCF
1/8Why yellow is top choice world overTIMES of INDIAhttp://toi.in/M2zcfZ/a24gk
1/8Uber’s Rivals Muscle In to Lure Passengers and Regulators in EuropeBloomberghttps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-08/
1/8Riding in a self-driving Lyft is so smooth, you'll forget it's a robotMashablehttp://mashable.com/2018/01/08/lyft-aptiv-self-driving-ces/#o.boMDC8gGO9
1/8Frozen pipe causes flooding, adds to chaos at JFK airportNBC-NYhttps://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/water-main-
1/8Sprint CEO Joining Uber’s Board Due To SoftBank’s InvestmentAHhttps://www.androidheadlines.com/2018/01/sprint-
1/7No ‘congestion pricing’ unless the MTA stops its multibillion-dollar wasteN.Y. POSThttp://nyp.st/2Cxt5uC
1/7Everyone that’s cashed out since Uber’s SoftBank deal (so far)FAST COMPANYhttps://www.fastcompany.com/40514137/everyone-thats-cashed-out-since-ubers-softbank-deal-so-far
1/7Business picks up for taxi companies after winter stormWWAYhttps://www.wwaytv3.com/2018/01/06/business-picks-up-for-taxi-companies-after-winter-storm/
1/7Sprint’s Marcelo Claure will join Uber’s board, which is set to grow to 17 directorsrecodehttps://www.recode.net/2018/1/6/16858802/sprint-marcelo-claure-uber-board-17-directors
1/7On the Road: Uber, Lyft drivers will soon have higher DUI standard than other motorists THE PRESS ENTERPRISEhttps://www.pe.com/2018/01/06/on-the-road-uber-lyft-
1/7Pay back taxes, Vietnam court tells UberTHE NATIONhttp://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/Startup_and_IT/30335571
1/6Uber Shareholders Including Kalanick Loosen Grip With Sales of StockN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2EdW9Ic
1/6Many People Hailing a Taxi in the Bitter Cold!pahomepage.comhttp://www.pahomepage.com/news/many-people-hailing-a-taxi-in-the-bitter-cold/903912407
1/6Has Uber Lost Its One True Believer?VANITY FAIRhttps://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/01/travis-kalanick-selling-uber-shares
1/6Your car may soon serve you ads — how about a pizza?siliconbeathttp://www.siliconbeat.com/2018/01/05/your-car-may-soon-serve-you-ads-how-about-a-pizza/
1/6Perth Stadium off limits to cars and Uber, but not taxiswww.abc.net.auhttp://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-06/perth-stadium-uber-ban/9308490
1/5Android malware mimics Uber's UI to steal your log-inYAHOOhttps://t.co/kh4VNlMBrP
1/5Didi takeover of Brazil’s 99 piles pressure on UberFINANCIAL TIMEShttps://t.co/Yf1kix1IPs
1/5Uber Refuses To Refund Passenger Who Got Cheated
By The Driver, So He Shares His Shocking Photos Online
1/5Ex-Uber CEO Kalanick reportedly selling 29 percent of stakeN.Y.POSThttp://nyp.st/2CHgb0I
1/5De Blasio Declares Winter Weather Emergency For NYC As Snowstorm Clobbers AreaWCBS-NYhttp://cbsloc.al/2CQMkAy#.Wk9eBGdy7xU
1/5Competing With the Giants in Race to Build Self-Driving CarsN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2EWGWfU
1/5Cuomo floats use of eminent domain for Penn Station overhaulCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/AShXjB72QE
1/5New York's Largest Credit Union Sues Former 'Taxi King'Credit Union Timeshttps://t.co/QjazRXPedc
1/4Race Rears Its Head as New York City Council Elects New LeaderN.Y. Timeshttps://nyti.ms/2E0QkgY
1/4Uber Says Its ‘No Flirting’ Rule Justifies the Driver Who Left a Gay Couple on the FreewayHORNEThttps://hornetapp.com/stories/ubers-no-flirting-rule/
1/4Uber is sued over payment for mobile ads it called fraudulentREUTERShttps://reut.rs/2lO8Brp
1/4‘You in?’ – The return of ‘Cash Cab’ with Ben Baileythemaine
1/4TNCs catch taxis in occupancy rateCRAIN'Shttps://t.co/fdxNgmvQ8I
1/4Uber driver charged in heist of 23,000 iPhones walks freeFOXhttp://fxn.ws/2CAeeUj
1/3Uber investors sell at big discount, but still make billionsABChttp://abcn.ws/2qhMv50
1/3Toss A Coin For Uber’s New Valuationcrunchbasehttps://news.crunchbase.com/news/toss-coin-ubers-new-valuation/
1/3New York to install 1,500 more sidewalk barriers after vehicle attacksREUTERShttps://reut.rs/2A7tUIQ
1/3Cardiff man with cerebral palsy refused Uber rideBBChttp://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-42545078
1/3Taxi drivers, owners sound off on city fare limitSun
1/2Push for New York Congestion Charge Picks Up SteamWSJhttps://t.co/gebMft4gIT
1/2Is Softbank Uber's Savior?FORBEShttps://www.forbes.com/sites/lensherman/2018/01/01/is-softbank-ubers-savior/#6e4225d3d04a
1/2Man says some Uber & Lyft drivers may be scamming you out of moneyVALLEY NEWShttp://www.valleynewslive.com/content/news/Man-says-that-
1/2Ridesharing apps slammed on New Year's Eve in RochesterWHAMhttp://13wham.com/news/local/uber-and-lyft-slammed-
1/1Aspire Will Auction 14 Taxi Medallions Bids Starting at $150KJewish Voicehttp://thejewishvoice.com/2017/12/20/aspire-will-auction-14-taxi-medallions-bids-starting-150k/
1/1Same-sex couple claims kiss got them kicked out of Uber along freewayKPRChttps://www.click2houston.com/news/same-sex-couple-
1/1Full transcript: Former Attorney General Eric Holder
and Uber General Counsel Tony West on Recode Decode
1/1The 10 Biggest Business Scandals of 2017FORTUNE http://for.tn/2j8N6jv
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