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1/21BP Adams out-raises all other candidates in mayor’s raceBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/vHhDj6twBA?amp=1
1/21Gerritsen Beachers demand halt to city scheme to ax dozens of parking spotsBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/hMDYuErohc?amp=1
1/21Camera Enforcement is Nice, But Buses Work Best on Streets Without Cars, MTA Data ShowsSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/OOW7hcp574?amp=1
1/21NYC bus ridership fell for sixth straight year in 2019, hit lowest level in decadesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/I3glFmMtEN?amp=1
1/21Uber threatens Colombia with treaty-based arbitration after ban on use of its ride-sharing appIAREPORTERhttps://t.co/Wa6XGLi1Mw?amp=1
1/21Birmingham could ban Uber if London licence renewal row is not resolvedbmmagazine.co.ukhttps://t.co/SVwVwa6NWl?amp=1
1/21With Cuomo Promising Gig Economy Regulations,
New York Leaders Consider Pros and Cons of California Model
1/20The MTA's R40 Unfortunately Did Predict The Troubled Future Of New York's Subway CarsJALOPNIKhttps://t.co/316423zS9c?amp=1
1/20Bus Driver Runs Over Citi Bike StationWest Side Raghttps://t.co/lFnwx9v8Nv?amp=1
1/20Manhattan: a city of empty luxury condos and overflowing homeless sheltersboingboinghttps://t.co/HvyLglCp4X?amp=1
1/20Scooter-sharing service Revel is racking up injury lawsuits months after launch N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/0CLdV8a3op?amp=1
1/20Joe Guzzardi: Uber Is Latest Cheap Labor-Addicted Employer to Lay Off Americans, Hire H-1BsNOOZHAWKhttps://t.co/JpTeNr4sXZ?amp=1
1/20DC taxi rule overhaul could cut some regulations in age of Uber, LyftWTOPhttps://t.co/lcu2BYyeqT?amp=1
1/19Rep. Maloney Calls on NCUA to Place an Immediate Moratorium on Taxi Medallion Loan maloney.house.govhttps://t.co/7jl8rRRf3f?amp=1
1/19Congressman Proposes Legislation To Help Relieve Taxi Drivers Of DebtWCBS-RADIO 880NYhttps://t.co/Le3tSUtDj8?amp=1
1/19Uber vending machines didn’t work, so now your ride is a moving billboardMashablehttps://t.co/6r9K2TBfz9?amp=1
1/19Cuomo doesn’t care who else gets hurt by his war on the gig economy N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/zltnpNTEX6?amp=1
1/19Critics say more must be done to deter impostors and perpetrators of sexual assault in ride-hail business Boston Globehttps://t.co/yTpzC0mN2m?amp=1
1/19Leading Curb Management Company, Coord, Launches Digital Curb Challenge Across North AmericaStreetInsider.comhttps://t.co/FiSJV4mKJ9?amp=1
1/19Official says Phoenix airport ride-hailing fee is illegalN.Y. 1https://t.co/5bnMHNMK44?amp=1
1/19Jerome Powell Secretly Knows the Federal Reserve Is About to Crash the U.S. Stock Marketccn.comhttps://t.co/edHkWWLyy1?amp=1
1/18A taxi medallion bailout plan could be on the tableFOX5NYhttps://t.co/vw9m2o5S5u?amp=1
1/18‘This Is What I Live For:’ Taxi Medallion Owners Hopeful That Help Is On The WayCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/JIoH0THN9h?amp=1
1/18Lyft’s autonomous vehicle partner Magna is done with self-driving techengadgethttps://t.co/Y1uXmroekX?amp=1
1/18Uber Tweaks Driver Rules in Response to New California Gig Economy LawNPQhttps://t.co/b9Dza9jwSF?amp=1
1/18Signature Bank Supports H.R. 5617 to Provide
Taxi Medallion Owners Relief From Impending Income Tax Consequences
1/18Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor Ahuja warns fans after 'scary' London Uber ride sky newshttps://t.co/TJrQSIPyLQ?amp=1
1/17De Blasio nominates new Taxi & Limousine Commission head N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/M7zi9qGmuS?amp=1
1/17Taxi Medallion Holders Drowning In Debt May Soon Get Major Relief Under Proposed Refinancing LawCBS-NY-WLNYhttps://t.co/mYARwtk6o2?amp=1
1/17iCabbi Acquires CMT's Mobile Knowledge and Forms Global Strategic Alliance PR Newswirehttps://t.co/DYLqektWL4?amp=1
1/17NYC Taxi Union Leader Seeks Driver Bailout, Says NCUA's Silence Is 'Sharpening the Despair'C.U. Timeshttps://t.co/H231RXZape?amp=1
1/17Massive taxi bailout eyed — Second Avenue subway blamed for subway crisis — Pols talk trash POLITICOhttps://t.co/74HQ2i4ONk?amp=1
1/17Sources: Cuomo Reaches Agreement With Advocates to Legalize E-Bikes, E-ScootersNY1https://t.co/2KufDuEft0?amp=1
1/16Bailout Up to $500 Million Proposed for Taxi Drivers Trapped in LoansN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/eZHOQRWSdb?amp=1
1/16Uber’s new policies could encourage discrimination, advocates fearS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/qH0P2DujJ7?amp=1
1/16‘Taxi King’ Gene Freidman is the state’s worst tax cheat N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/JFUJLXqU6r?amp=1
1/16Friends of the BQX gets new leadership at ‘crucial time’ as controversial street car project moves forwardQNShttps://t.co/VwoIYMGKoa?amp=1
1/16Goldman Sachs dumped its entire stake in Uber late last yearCNBChttps://t.co/9ctSg66tDX?amp=1
1/163 men wanted in string of Manhattan cab driver robberies on Christmas DayABC7-NYhttps://t.co/locN8I3vkl?amp=1
1/16Community Board 7 Asks City to Improve Crosstown Bike Routes Following Cyclist’s DeathWest Side Raghttps://t.co/UuwxsyAJHL?amp=1
1/16E-scooter markets are on the declineDeseret Newshttps://t.co/WImLZvNoKA?amp=1
1/15De Blasio to nominate City Hall insider as next TLC chair: sourcesN.Y. DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/BquJOU4kLO?amp=1
1/15Career Journeys: Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk ’98hwsherald.comhttps://t.co/YEL8RC88aD?amp=1
1/15E-bike rider swinging lock breaks pedestrian’s hand in road rage attack near NYC’s Union SquareN,Y, DAILY NEWShttps://t.co/pV3mSXYnGC?amp=1
1/15As California’s AB5 Becomes Law, Uber’s Path to Profitability Just Got More ComplicatedThe Motley Foolhttps://t.co/sd899YXQvK?amp=1
1/15Cuomo announces agreement on limo safety legislationCBS6Albanyhttps://t.co/fU9TSZumzT?amp=1
1/15Brooklyn Pol: I Will Get Cops Out of Schermerhorn Street Bike Lane!STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/2nWfyEgy4D?amp=1
1/14NCUA Seeks to Unload Portfolio of Taxi Medallion Loans CREDIT UNION WATCHhttps://t.co/QS4Tt3Xmb8?amp=1
1/14Uber Driver Goes Double Speed Limit With Terrified Passenger, Company Offers Rider $5 CouponNewsweekhttps://t.co/H35O1BUiti?amp=1
1/14Sidewalk Labs is using machine learning to make neighborhood design smootherarchpaper.comhttps://t.co/DFLnZcgWdp?amp=1
1/14Why Ocasio-Cortez Is Criticizing Cuomo’s Plan for a Train to La GuardiaN.Y. TIMEShttps://t.co/I0WxnEGx3l?amp=1
1/14LA Looks To Boost Taxi Industry With Rideshare-esque RevampPYMNTS.comhttps://t.co/TPjQyOTih0?amp=1
1/14CES 2020: The Future of Cities, Transportation and Equitygovtech.comhttps://t.co/JAKkNBcFQN?amp=1
1/14Uber Eats deliveryman attacks Popeye’s worker in Manhattan1010-WINShttps://t.co/hk0HP4bEWV?amp=1
1/14Uber and Lyft 'cut costs at the expense of workers,' says California lawmakerYAHOOhttps://t.co/Ay0X6jlhiw?amp=1
1/14Delaware Court Refuses to Revive Uber Shareholder LawsuitN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/TfQv29oRdj?amp=1
1/13City Should Charge For Cruising Empty, Instead of Capping ItSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/dsP70EjYT6?amp=1
1/13Facing the facts about New York’s budget hole N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/0erjjSBRFj?amp=1
1/13SF man accused of attempting to rape woman after offering to drive her to San CarlosS.F. Examinerhttps://t.co/iag0lBca6N?amp=1
1/13Uber driver arrested on suspicion of raping passenger in Fontana, police sayL.A. Timeshttps://t.co/3VmUehecOq?amp=1
1/13Uber passenger arrested for trying to kidnap driver, police say ABC NEWShttps://t.co/HGTs2keCJ8?amp=1
1/13After Threats, Lime Follows Uber As The Latest Alternative Mobility Company To Give Up On ColombiaFINANCE COLUMBIAhttps://t.co/NpFAHTzqKn?amp=1
1/13Los Angeles Rethinks Taxis as Uber and Lyft Dominate the StreetsN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/5pti0FGXOa?amp=1
1/12Garrett Camp Sells 170,000 Shares of Uber Technologies Inc slatersentinel.comhttps://t.co/doQQvQ1Uqs?amp=1
1/12The MTA’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/gVbiyCXkLw?amp=1
1/12Think twice before using shared electric scootersSCIENCELINEhttps://t.co/58mKdOMFiP?amp=1
1/12Mike Bloomberg Says He’s Immune to Corporate Influence. His Campaign Is Managed by LobbyistsThe Intercepthttps://t.co/ooiXNOpnMl?amp=1
1/12Albany’s Self-Inflicted Medicaid Crisiscity-journal.orghttps://t.co/tm9w46l5qK?amp=1
1/12E-Bikes Still Available In Ithaca Despite Veto By NY GovernorWSKGhttps://t.co/GSHYWRfWJz?amp=1
1/12Uber driver 'admits sexually assaulting woman he picked up from a police station....Daily Mailhttps://t.co/oAf4Mg7Ek8?amp=1
1/12Goodbye, Uber Pool. Hello, SacRT. | Regional Transit expands its on-demand ride serviceABC10.COMhttps://t.co/30nGpS6nfI?amp=1
1/11Taxi medallion regulator looking to unload massive portfolio CRAIN'Shttps://t.co/eAk8G37NsX?amp=1
1/11Lyft Offers to Settle New York Driver Classification DisputesBloomberg Lawhttps://t.co/otLqvcQtLI?amp=1
1/11Uber to end service in Colombia after regulatory crackdownCNBChttps://t.co/gIcshiji07?amp=1
1/11‘We Need Our Own CCRB’: Cabbies on Police OversightBkylnerhttps://t.co/YMSWxHnRz7?amp=1
1/11Wilbur Ross at CES: We need to update highways to accommodate autonomous carsFOX BUSINESShttps://t.co/iDCqsHRVLP?amp=1
1/11Uber won’t share sex assault details with California regulators, citing privacyS.F. Chroniclehttps://t.co/feTzrA5wUV?amp=1
1/11Lime and Bolt Abruptly Yank E-Scooters From Multiple Markets Across the U.S.GIZMODOhttps://t.co/uro274VqyH?amp=1
1/11Two-way protected bike lanes planned at Greenpoint-Williamsburg borderBrooklyn Paperhttps://t.co/CxoqEjHn6H?amp=1
1/11Waymo Awarded $128m Over Staff Move To UberSilicon.co.ukhttps://t.co/nnoR3gErcN?amp=1
1/10Fake Uber, Lyft Drivers Robbing People On Near North SideBLOCK Clubhttps://t.co/XFHglPrkGV?amp=1
1/10FTC commissioner on new tech like self-driving cars: I 'see lots of risk'YAHOOhttps://t.co/AJnI7gsDG7?amp=1
1/10De Blasio panel tasked with handling BQE headache proposes creating a different panel POLITICOhttps://t.co/JMkugGEyJH?amp=1
1/10Scooter-related injuries are spiking in the United States, study findsCNNhttps://t.co/5uKQ0eAlMx?amp=1
1/10City Not Using Its Single Best Tool to Crack Down on Reckless Cabbies — Cameras!STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/L8ygwNMypU?amp=1
1/9Comparing the gig economy to sweatshops, Cuomo vows to end the ‘fraud’POLITICOhttps://t.co/jz5TmqiF2r?amp=1
1/9Uber makes major changes to California rides as gig-work law takes effectS.F. CHRONICLEhttps://t.co/o5ovYJre59?amp=1
1/9NYPD Targets Blacks and Latinos for ‘Jaywalking’ TicketsSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/dBAyeTDWXg?amp=1
1/9Uber to offer riders pin codes to help identify correct car Market Watchhttps://t.co/c0zqlnxijD?amp=1
1/8Uber's CEO Made a Huge Mistake, and It Just May Signal the End of Uberinchttps://t.co/2MGne3YSlG?amp=1
1/8Uber’s “Academic Research” Program: How to Use Famous Economists to Spread Corporate NarrativesPro-Markethttps://t.co/drLRkwE902?amp=1
1/8De Blasio says ‘common sense,’ not data, justifies e-bike crackdown N. Y, POSThttps://t.co/NbSYLqq6ao?amp=1
1/8Cuomo’s latest transit reform idea: Ban sex offenders from riding with MTAamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/1iC2r5xVPU?amp=1
1/8California Agency Is Hiding Uber and Lyft Accident ReportsS.F. PUBLIC PRESShttps://t.co/kCQy2wr2GV?amp=1
1/8Top New York State Environmental Priorities for 2020 NRDChttps://t.co/XppeQIjO3w?amp=1
1/8Diminished Urban Parking Utilization Drives Up Fees, Especially For Luxury CarsBISNOWhttps://t.co/vDr8lko9xR?amp=1
1/8Travis Kalanick said last year he was getting into real estate. Here’s what he’s buying in New York.The Real Dealhttps://t.co/SLMGKDzk4q?amp=1
1/8Taxi drivers have yet to see any money from ride-share fundWCVBhttps://t.co/M1eBxqSTz0?amp=1
1/8The anti-Uber? Lyft's track record on safety, sexual assaults lawsuits undercuts 'good guy' imageUSA TODAYhttps://t.co/QGMiCua5VJ?amp=1
1/7Empire Station complex plan includes big rail expansion for Penn Station: CuomoamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/wHafZrxm7E?amp=1
1/7Legal Speed Bumps Continue for ‘Reckless Driver’ Bill, But Lander is ‘Optimistic’STREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/zjj0tM9FWl?amp=1
1/7Ride-hail cruising cap could be revived by City CouncilCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/RAfPKOFgWy?amp=1
1/7NY City Council Eyes Uber, Lyft Cruising CapThe Jewish Voicehttps://t.co/8r1vmbIZ1K?amp=1
1/7NYC won’t refund drivers impacted by Y2K-like parking meter glitch N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/FEHKJ1Gy54?amp=1
1/7Uber Files Official Complaint Against Workers Who Led Protests in FranceVICEhttps://t.co/foT8V77Wgf?amp=1
1/7Uber, Lyft drivers accused of sexually assaulting passengers in BoulderFOX KDVRhttps://t.co/kt9zBBn7RG?amp=1
1/7DOJ drops Uber investigation into alleged improper paymentsFOX BUSINESShttps://t.co/HYYu5uQ5If?amp=1
1/6Reminder: Port Authority toll increases begin Sundaysilive.comhttps://t.co/LxlZayYCH0?amp=1
1/6MTA Releases Draft Plan That Aims to Overhaul Queens Bus Network, Workshops Plannedforesthillsposthttps://t.co/M4WqYhiXPe?amp=1
1/6NYPD crackdown of parking placard abuse begins Monday N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/d03Wa7kI8j?amp=1
1/6Manhattan’s Pier 76 will be added to Hudson River Park: CuomoamNEWYORKhttps://t.co/kXUfL7bcXK?amp=1
1/6Cuomo faces biggest budget deficit, $6B, since taking officeN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/jj6IMIi4cL?amp=1
1/6Licensing costs could squeeze Uber drivers out of Red DeerrdnewsNOWhttps://t.co/i4NEQYaTYJ?amp=1
1/6Uber driver gets 5 years in prison for sexual abuse of passenger
now he’ll be tried for allegedly paying someone to ‘silence’ her
Chicago Tribunehttps://t.co/H6CyeJtVII?amp=1
1/63 Reasons Uber and Lyft Will Keep Sliding in 2020The Motley Foolhttps://t.co/tL104SMsJx?amp=1
1/5Billions by default: MTA gets $51.5B for infrastructure work without much debateNewsdayhttps://t.co/n43Fi8MbUU?amp=1
1/5How much does a taxi cost in New York City? – Mother Jonesthemediahq.comhttps://t.co/WoIOqmTzV1?amp=1
1/5Vomit Fraud: Uber Users Warn Of Drivers Allegedly Charging Riders For Messes They Didn’t MakeCBS PHILLYhttps://t.co/tJwkmGNJ1R?amp=1
1/5DOT Will Truly Protect Grand Street Protected Bike LaneSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Isn3Otnr2Q?amp=1
1/5Now the Courts Will Decide Whether Uber Drivers Are EmployeesWIREDhttps://t.co/PUyZ43EgsF?amp=1
1/5As California Tries To Make Contract Workers Employees, Industries Push BackNPRhttps://t.co/bYt5BUX6bk?amp=1
1/5The City of the FutureCALCALISThttps://t.co/qoDcztnXXc?amp=1
1/5The smart city conferences to get excited about in 2020 SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/lYq1K5ALDS?amp=1
1/4Here are Toronto's new rules for ride-hailing companies like Uber and LyftCBChttps://t.co/vWk1TRawOo?amp=1
1/4Why Your Uber Ride Can Cost as Much as a Plane TicketN.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/TMMX20rxZC?amp=1
1/4Starting January 29, Market Street will ban (most) cars downtownCURBEDhttps://t.co/nrhwb0XYib?amp=1
1/4A Chicago transit enthusiast’s look at New York City public transportationSTREETSBLOG CHICAGOhttps://t.co/cEHPc635g1?amp=1
1/4Chicago Ride-Share Tax Hikes Take Effect Monday NBC CHICAGOhttps://t.co/HLGtm53pic?amp=1
1/4Software Glitch Causes Parking Meters Across NYC to Not Accept Credit Cards NBC NEWShttps://t.co/DmfGredmCS?amp=1
1/4Oil Prices Surge, Stocks Slip After US Kills Iranian GeneralNBC NYhttps://t.co/w2kUUieL8L?amp=1
1/3Queens Coalition Brings Last-Ditch Effort to Sink ‘Wrong Way’ LaGuardia AirTrainSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/0BqxEpfDQN?amp=1
1/3Holiday deliveries coincide with spike in New York City traffic deathsQNShttps://t.co/ldq3641Olq?amp=1
1/3‘Dollar van’ driver climbs onto bus sparking unruly mob in BrooklynN.Y. POSThttps://t.co/ZdmZAF1l68?amp=1
1/3Judge temporarily exempts truck drivers from California’s new gig-work lawSan Francisco Chroniclehttps://t.co/YVyghecyXi?amp=1
1/3Two Battles in 2020: Uber vs. Lyft, Netflix vs. Disney(Podcast)Bloomberghttps://t.co/geThsVdZc8?amp=1
1/36 crucial ways New York City’s landscape will change in 2020CURBEDhttps://t.co/ZGOd7Inoc9?amp=1
1/37 trends that will define smart cities in 2020 SMARTCITIESDIVEhttps://t.co/dKU127cBkc?amp=1
1/2More People Are Dying on New York City’s Streets. What Went Wrong? N.Y. Timeshttps://t.co/cY0yxTc1Et?amp=1
1/2Taxi Driver — A Trip To 1970VILLAGE VOICEhttps://t.co/0JkRzIxMse?amp=1
1/2Life in the Gig Economy: Good for Companies, Bad for WorkersTHE TYEEhttps://t.co/b9ntjv9Gat?amp=1
1/2Uber, Postmates lawsuit against California gig-workers law is ‘very weak,’ congressman saysCNBChttps://t.co/OBTcajtvQ7?amp=1
1/2What to watch in 2020: Can Uber keep its promise to Dallas?Dallas Morning Newshttps://t.co/fNVNnKHckr?amp=1
1/1U.S. seeks review of state DMV laws on immigration enforcementNEWSDAYhttps://t.co/rkl1qZom6q?amp=1
1/1Bloodied State Senator: I Will Not Stop Biking … But It Needs to be SaferSTREETSBLOG NYChttps://t.co/Yzo2bQmG0m?amp=1
1/1Teamsters union hits Uber, Postmates for lawsuit challenging California gig worker lawYAHOOhttps://t.co/LRmcVTjYES?amp=1
1/1The Guardian view on the gig economy: stop making burnout a lifestyle THE GUARDIANhttps://t.co/AQG0rnBzKP?amp=1
1/1California’s AB5 Author Defends Crackdown on 'Fundamentally Unfair' Gig Economycheddarhttps://t.co/F9ZvMFQdm9?amp=1
1/1New York is losing residents at an alarming rate N.Y. POSThttps://t.co/q6xdcwBd4Q?amp=1
1/12020 New York In Transit SummitCITY&STATEhttps://t.co/iORWOXOM9C?amp=1
1/1The credit union issues that defined the decade CREDIT UNION JOURNALhttps://t.co/wvO308DV4R?amp=1
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