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2/22How to delete Uber and Lyft from your lifeTHE VERGE
2/22Cuomo casts doubt on NYC’s congestion pricing planCURBED
2/22New York City taxi commission accused of $810 million fraudABC NEWS
2/22Uber’s Latest Numbers, Layoffs And Rider Tool Suggest More Trouble Ahead FORBES
2/22Twitter suspends 70 Bloomberg-boosting accounts for violating company policy N.Y. POST
2/22Michael Bloomberg Was In Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black BookNATIONAL FILE
2/22Column: Uber and Lyft increase traffic and pollution. Why do cities let it happen? L.A. Times
2/21Cabbies worry as hedge fund snaps up taxi medallions N.Y. POST
2/21Timeline of the NYC Taxi Medallion CrisisNCUA
2/21AG Demands $810M for Inflating NYC Taxi Medallions Courthouse News Service
2/21Taxi Medallion Loans Sold To Distressed Asset Manager For $350MPYMNTS
2/21New York Attorney General Accuses N.Y.C. of Fraud Over Taxi CrisisN.Y. Times
2/21NY Attorney General to sue NYC for $810M over alleged taxi medallion fraudN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/21Cuomo Blasts US ‘Extortion’ for Delay on NYC Congestion FeesTransport Topics
2/21Overhyped Uber Technologies Should Currently Trade Below $20 Due To Many ReasonsSEEKING Alpha
2/21Fake Uber, Lyft drivers risk jail time and big fines under new city ordinanceCWB CHICAGO
2/21Taxi App Curb Integrates with Ride Health’s Patient Transportation PlatformHIT
2/20Taxi Drivers Attend Board Meeting Saying the NCUA 'Sold Us Out Today'C.U. TIMES
2/20NCUA Completes Taxi Medallion Loan SaleNCUA
2/20Investment Firm Buys Taxi-Medallion Loan Portfolio WSJ
2/20NCUA Sells Taxi Loans to Hedge Fund, Ignoring Pleas to Give NYC Officials More TimeCREDIT UNION TIMES
2/20New app aims to bring more rides to NYC’s struggling taxi industry — but cabbies concerned over cheaper ratesN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/20Here Are The New Protected Bike Lanes Coming To Manhattan In 2020gothamist
2/20Uber Risks Becoming Another WeWork Disaster Unless It Abandons Reckless StrategyCCN
2/20How a little electrical tape can trick a Tesla into speedingVOX
2/20Ride-Hailing Services Add To Traffic Congestion, Study Saysnpr-WLRN
2/194 headaches the new taxi chief will have to deal withCITY&STATE
2/19MTA Boss Vows Congestion Pricing Will HappenSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/19Why congestion pricing might be delayed POLITICO
2/19Uber and Lyft fees might increase in Massachusetts — but to what end?The Boston Globe
2/19Is Uber killing the U.S. middle class?venturebeat.com
2/19>Ride share safety: What you should know before getting into an Uber or LyftWREG
2/19Police: Uber driver who drove wrong way shot at passengers7 NEWS BOSTON
2/19Bloomberg in 2011: Black and Latino men ‘don’t know how to behave in the workplace’N.Y. POST
2/19Bloomberg program reportedly put lawyers in AG offices to advance climate change agendaN.Y. POST
2/19In the case of Uber vs. LA, here's why you should bet on LASMARTCITIESDIVE
2/18NYC encourages riders to report discriminatory cabbiesN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/18Gig economy workers have a new weapon in the fight against UberWIRED
2/18Bloomberg once suggested farming, factory work don’t require much ‘gray matter’N.Y. POST
2/18Bloomberg’s long record of vulgar comments haunting presidential bidFOX NEWS
2/18How the race to autonomous cars got sidetracked by human natureFAST COMPANY
2/18I Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber.
The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything I Faced Before
2/18Did the ‘techlash’ kill Alphabet’s city of the future?FORTUNE
2/18Queens bus riders upset over MTA shuffling routesN.Y. POST
2/18Uber’s new California commission caps only underscore the pricing opacity for driversQUARTZ
2/17De Blasio, TLC outraged that city taxi drivers are avoiding Chinese passengers N.Y. POST
2/17California cab driver saves elderly woman from $25,000 scamN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/17Squeegee men, scourge of the ‘90s, are back in New York N.Y. POST
2/17How Private Equity Ruined a Beloved Grocery ChainThe Atlantic
2/17Why Charlie Munger’s ‘bulls--t earnings’ metric is used by so many tech companiesCNBC
2/16Straight talk about saving yellow cabs: Rethink, reduce, reboot the for-hire-industryN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/16Bloomberg could kill America’s car culture if elected president N.Y. POST
2/16Mayor speaks out against ride discrimination amid coronavirus scarepix11
2/16NYC cabbies avoiding Chinese neighborhoods over coronavirus fearsN.Y. POST
2/16When Will Uber And Lyft Run Out Of Cash? INVESTOR'S BUSINESS
2/16LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment Landside Experience ImprovementsSam Schwartz
2/16Smart Cities Council launches sustainability-focused 2020 challengestatescoop
2/16Amazon Axes Delivery Partners in U.S.; Hundreds of Jobs CutYAHOO
2/16Utica Avenue transit study to inform Brooklyn bus redesign: MTABrooklyn Paper
2/16Free subway rides for all? Brooklyn pol says it’s timeBrooklyn Daily Eagle
2/15The Ride-Hail Utopia That Got Stuck in Traffic WALL STREET JOURNAL
2/15De Blasio’s latest MTA pick gets around with a city-funded chauffeurN.Y. POST
2/15New York Gig Worker Debate Highlights Risks for Uber, Lyft InvestorsTheStreet
2/15Two taxi drivers: One switched to Uber, one didn't. Both of their lives changed.KUOW
2/15Uber legal battle to save London licence likely to begin in JulyTaxiPoint
2/14Uber reinvents itself as taxi companyFINANCIAL TIMES
2/14Dial-an-Uber lets users talk to an actual human to hail a rideTECH CRUNCH
2/14Warren Buffett's right-hand man trashes the metric Uber BUSINESS INSIDER
2/14Feds Should Stop Congestion Pricing: HV Congressional Candidate Patch
2/14Protected bike lane coming to N. 14th street in WilliamsburgBrooklyn Paper
2/14MTA Revives Old Proposal For Busway Underneath M TrainSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/14New York City hit UPS with $23M in parking fines in 2019FREIGHT WAVES
2/14Anti-Car Dems Don’t Have a Presidential CandidateSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/13Uber passengers livestream nightmare rideCNN
2/13Oregon Uber driver locked passenger in his car, raped her, police sayThe Oregonian
2/13Coney Island pol calls for free subways, buses in City Council resolutionBrooklyn Paper
2/13Will the MTA Really Turn Its Back on Disabled New Yorkers Yet Again?GOTHAM GAZETTE
2/13DOT Debuts Plans for Protected Bike Lanes on Crescent and 31st Streets in AstoriaSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/13NYC mayor orders all municipal vehicles to be electric by 2040GREEN CAR REPORTS
2/13Governor Cuomo Announces Major Terminal 4 Development Project,
Advancing the Transformation of JFK International Airport
2/13Brooklyn Chamber launches small-biz loan programBrooklyn Paper
2/12#BloombergIsRacist Trends Clip Shows Dem Candidate
Saying 'We Disproportionately Stop Whites Too Much And Minorities Too Little'
2/12Uber and Postmates lost a bid to temporarily block California's new gig-worker lawBUSINESS INSIDER
2/12Uber Shares Worth $250 Million to Be Sold by Morgan Stanleywccftech
2/12NYC Paratransit Services Severely Limited And Unpredictable; They Still Cost $614M A Year Patch
2/12City Looks To Curb Reckless DrivingCBS Local-WLNY
2/12Uber-driving labor organizer enters crowded race for Assembly District 34QUEENS Daily Eagle
2/11Have No Fear, Trump Won’t Kill Congestion Pricing (Experts Hope!)STREETSBLOG NYC
2/11Feds Could Throw Wrench Into NYC's Congestion Plan: Report PATCH
2/11Council’s ‘Reckless Driver Accountability Act’ Passes Committee — But Not Without Friendly FireSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/11MTA questions need for so many buses Downtown: reportBrooklyn Paper
2/11Uber, wary of AB5, is giving California drivers more freedom. Its tactics may not workS.F. Chronicle
2/11How e-scooters, self-driving cars, and flying taxis will shape the future of your commuteCITY A.M.
2/11Sustainable transport on track to overtake cars by 2030 in worlds largest citiesURBAN TRANSPORT NEWS
2/10Andrew Cuomo’s ridiculous – and creaky – ‘high-speed rail’ fantasy N.Y. POST
2/10Investors Hit the Brakes on Automotive StartupsWIRED
2/10Winnipeg's dream of rapid transit appears to be deadCBC
2/10Mom-and-pop shops ‘blindsided’ by de Blasio’s sign crackdownN.Y. POST
2/10Peeping Tom allegedly posed as Uber driver to lure intoxicated women into his carABC NEWS
2/10The Age of DecadenceN.Y. Times
2/10SoftBank-backed taxi app Ola launches in London, looking to unseat Uber as No. 1 playerCNBC
2/9New City Rule Tells Truckers: Don’t Even THINK of Double-Parking Here!STREETSBLOG NYC
2/9MTA CEO Pat Foye Discusses NYC Transit Boss Andy Byford’s Exit, Congestion Pricing & MoreCBSN-WLNY
2/9SoftBank-backed Fair puts the brakes on weekly car rentals for Uber driversTECH CRUNCH
2/8Inside the Ugly Uber and Lyft Driver Freakout Over CoronavirusDAILY BEAST
2/8Uber and Lyft take different roads in search of profitREUTERS
2/8At least 29 people have died in electric scooter crashes since 2018QUARTZ
2/8Uber Falters in First Legal Attack on California Gig Worker LawYAHOO
2/8Crackdown On Trucks Urged To Deal With New York's Crumbling BQEYAHOO
2/7Will the taxi task force’s report do anything to help medallion owners?CITY&STATE
2/7Uber Jumps After Beating Expectations, Despite $8.5 Billion Full Year Losszerohedge.com
2/7MTA To Late-Night Transit Riders: Via Con Dios, Have a Lyft and Uber Uber AllesSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/7Former Uber driver who raped passenger in North Hollywood gets 6-year prison sentence L.A. Daily News
2/7Uber, Lyft drivers tell state to enforce AB5, get us back wagesS.F. Chronicle
2/7Uber driver arrested moment he left court after tipping himself on blind woman’s phoneMETRO
2/6UWS Motorists Still Wary Study Will Scrap Parking As it Passes CB Patch
2/6“Help us get our lives back”Manhattan Times
2/6Community Board 7 Supports Controversial Request
for Curbside Usage Study as Emotions Flare Over Parking
Wext Side Rag
2/6Uber driver planned to ‘unleash death’ on non-Muslims by driving a van into a Pride paradePink News
2/6Coronavirus Scare Fuels Racism Claims Among Uber Drivers, RidersBloomberg
2/6Councilman calls for MTA to provide free NYC subway and bus service year roundN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/6New York Turns to Ride-Hailing as a Last-Mile Solution for Night-Shift RidersNEXT CITY
2/6NAFCU Asks NCUA to Sell Taxi Loans 'Expeditiously,' Breaking With CUNA & OthersCredit Union Times
2/6Lobbyist for controversial horse carriage bill also worked as consultant to new Council speakerPOLITICO
2/5Transportation advocates want Governor Cuomo to take responsibility for making the MTA more reliable. 1010 WINS
2/5Despite Growing Pleas, NCUA Won’t Guarantee Delay of Taxi Loan SalesCredit Union Times
2/5Meeks Calls On NCUA to Not Sell Taxi Medallion DebtQueens county Politics
2/5Stop 'partition face' and save lives — make seat belts in cabs mandatoryCRAIN'S
2/5Uber to contribute $100K toward boosting 2020 Census participation in ChicagoABC-7Chicago
2/5Cashless tolls: Fare evasion could soon draw a misdemeanor charge in NY LOHUD
2/5Midtown tower One Vanderbilt will make Grand Central area a pedestrian haven N.Y. POST
2/5MTA proposing on-demand transit service for NYC areas with limited overnight bus and train optionsN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/4Taxi-medallion bailout proposal is worth a lookCRAIN'S
2/4Ex-TLC Chief Joshi takes job with 'Gridlock Sam'CRAIN'S
2/4City Council likely to approve mayor's pick to run TLCCRAIN'S
2/4City Council shows support for de Blasio’s new Taxi and Limousine Commission pick N.Y. POST
2/4Next Curbside Parking Battle Is Set for Tuesdaywest Side Rag
2/4Cybercrime’s New Stomping Grounds: Smart CitiesPYMNTS
2/4AB 5 is already changing how Uber works for California drivers and riders L.A. Times
2/3How much to take an Uber after Super Bowl to Miami Beach? Price maxed out at $335Miami Herald
2/3Vancouver Needs to Steer clear of Different Towns’ Errors With Uber and Lyftgizmochronicle.com
2/3A $500 million bailout plan for NYC taxi driversWDEF
2/3‘Adios Colombia’: Uber Makes Its First Exit in Latin AmericaBloomberg
2/3NYC subway ‘demonstrations’ aren’t protests, they’re vandalism N.Y. POST
2/3Elon Musk contradicted a bold claim he made last year about AutopilotBUSINESS INSIDER
2/3Hail and fare-well: Yellow taxis must be able to thrive in the world of Uber and LyftN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/3Police Seek Suspect Accused Of Robbing 2 Cab Drivers In The BronxCBS-2NY-WLNY
2/3Poor NYC neighborhoods a big lure for investors N.Y. POST
2/2Task force says 'mission-driven' investors must help cabbiesTHE HOUR
2/2We’ve Got an Uber Driver Who’s Got a Gun’The Atlantic
2/2Woman sues Uber after alleged sexual assault by driverINDEPENDENT
2/2These researchers tricked a car's Autopilot using only a projectorDriving
2/2Vancouver Wants to Avoid Other Cities' Mistakes With Uber and LyftWIRED
2/1Cabs could enact surge pricing at part of bailout for New York City driversABC-7NY
2/1Panel wants to institute Uber-like surge pricing for NYC cabsN.Y. POST
2/1Multiple Arrests Reported At Anti-Police, Anti-MTA Fare Protest Amid Acts Of Subway VandalismCBS-NY-WLNY
2/1Uber wants Boston customers to ride more transit smartcitiesdive
2/1BQE truck ban: Mayor Bill de Blasio announces crackdown on oversized vehiclesABC-7NY
2/1DNC drops donor requirement for debates, opening door for BloombergTHE HILL
1/31New York Is Urged to Consider Surge Pricing for TaxisN.Y. Times
1/31Look for ‘mission-driven’ private investors to bail out taxi medallion owners, says NYC task forceN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/31The unresolved questions on congestion pricing implementationCITY&STATE
1/31Legislators push city control over subways and busesBrooklyn Paper
1/31Uber launches legal action against Surrey over city’s plan to fine driversGlobal NEWS
1/31London taxi drivers set to judicially review TfL decision to not immediately revoke Uber’s licenceTaxi Point
1/31Latest research shows Uber actively controls drivers despite being labelled 'independent workers' Taxi Point
1/30Curb Taxi Media Lights Up NYC’s Yellow Cabs With Programmatic Adsad exchanger
1/30NYC Officials Seek 'Mission-Driven Capital' to Purchase NCUA Taxi LoansCREDIT UNION TIMES
1/30Driving NYC taxis out of business: How Uber and Lyft doomed the once-solid yellow cab industryN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/30You Think Trump’s a Danger to Democracy? Get a Load of Bloomberg.DAILY BEAST
1/30Gig economy ‘like quicksand’ and workers unable to develop skillsPERSONNEL TODAY
1/30Top Cuomo aide rakes in a higher paycheck than her boss N.Y. POST
1/30NYPD strongly opposes Gov. Cuomo’s ‘unrealistic’ plan to close Pier 76 tow pound by year’s endN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/30Lyft cuts 2% jobs on journey to profitabilityREUTERS
1/30City unveils slate of protected bike lanes for BrooklynBrooklyn Paper
1/29New York’s MTA Criticized Over Congestion-Pricing Panel Wall Street Journal
1/29Uber Blames ‘Operational Error’ After Users Complain Of Canceled Access And Lost UberCash BalancesForbes
1/29Why Taxi Workers Are Calling for the Release of Ride-Hailing Safety DatS.F. PUBLIC PRESS
1/29Taxis threaten to scrap accessible vehicles over ride-hailing dispute, vulnerable people caught in middleCity News 1130
1/29Katie Holmes' Blue Oxfords Are the Coolest Shoes in Her Closetmarie claire
1/29Uber driver charges passenger £606 for 10-mile journeyDaily Mail
1/29Surrey mayor promises $500 fines for Uber drivers picking up in cityCity News 1130
1/29Uber driver fined for illegal Cheltenham race week cab fareGloucestershireLive
1/29California report: To be the green choice, ride-hailing needs to go electricGREEN CAR REPORTS
1/29Uber suffers another blow as it loses McDonald’s delivery monopoly in the UKKTVZ
1/28Taxi-medallion task force to recommend rule changes, rescue plansCRAIN'S
1/28Newly passed legislation aims to save cab drivers time and moneynews12.com
1/28To fight new employment law, Uber pits California drivers against each otherWashington Post
1/28She fractured her spine after the car ran a red light. Uber said she signed away her rights to a jury trial.Philadelphia Inquirer
1/28New York Gov. Cuomo gives e-bikes, scooters a second chanceSMARTCITIESDIVE
1/28Fees On Uber and Lyft Accelerate Local Sustainable Transport ProjectsSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/28Inside New York City’s new ‘blueprint for sustainable development’CURBED
1/27The 15 Worst Mistakes Uber Drivers And Passengers MakeSOURCE
1/27Jury to decide if Uber responsible for passenger’s injuriesPROVIDENCE Journal
1/27Graffiti trains, subway bed bugs more signs of a city on the wrong track (opinion)silive
1/27Baltimore hasn’t collected taxes on Uber or Lyft rides, missing about $2.1 million a year in revenueWashington Post
1/27SMALL VICTORY? NYPD Says It Has Changed E-Bike Crackdown to Focus on ‘Unsafe’ RidingSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/27Uber driver demanded gay couple stop kissing in her cab ‘because she is a Christian’Pink News
1/27Surrey sends Uber notice to cease operations by Friday night or face bylaw finesCFOX
1/27‘We respectfully decline’: Uber, Lyft respond to Surrey’s efforts to halt ride-hailingGLOBAL NEWS
1/26Does Uber care about its black passengers?S.F. Chronicle
1/26Taxi drivers have yet to see any money from ride-share fundWCBV
1/26New York State Governor Mulls Car Helmet Compulsion To Discourage Motoring Forbes
1/26Bill To Allow Baltimore To Collect Taxes On Uber, Lyft Rides Moves Forwardcbs-wjz-Baltimore
1/26NYC asks tech startups for help making the city more sustainablestatescoop
1/26How E-Bikes Are Helping Crooks Make Quick Getawayyoutube
1/25Uber and Lyft drivers deserve much betterN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/25Panel Favors Bailout Plan For Debt-Ridden Cabbies The Chief
1/25De Blasio wants Byford back, closes door on idea of city control of subwaysN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/25Uber and Lyft price-gouge customers trying to flee Seattle shootingsalon
1/25Motive for Cuomo's gig economy task force leaves some confusedPOLITICO
1/25Uber in London Failed to Flag Assault Complaints, Monitor Drivers’ Insurance StatusInsurance Journal
1/25The UK Marketing lead for Uber has left the company as part of plans to cut 400 marketing jobs. Prolific London
1/25Nurse who claims she was raped by a Lyft driver
files a lawsuit against the ride-sharing company saying 'they sent a predator' to pick her up
Daily Mail
1/25Uber Co-Founder Garrett Camp Has Dumped $620 Million Worth of Shares, but Not Everyone Is SellingCCN
1/25Cuomo now wants to legalize e-bikes and e-scooters after allN.Y. POST
1/25Uber Braces for Data Battle in Europe;WSJ
1/24Ubers and Lyfts look to get in on rooftop advertisingCRAIN'S
1/24Curb Taxi Media Launches Programmatic ‘Smart’ Taxi Tops in NYCMARTECHSERIES
1/24Byford, Cuomo’s popular subways chief, resigns (for good this time)POLITICO
1/24New York Governor Lays Down Ultimatum on Gig Worker RightsBloomberg
1/24TfL letter exposes series of failures and over 27,000 safety related Uber complaints in LondonTaxi Point
1/24Uber driver used phone of blind passenger to give himself £20 tip and five-star ratingMirror
1/24Uber enters auto insurance debate with 2020 legislative prioritiesFlorida Politics
1/24Engineers begin study of billion-dollar passenger train through southern BrooklynBrooklyn Paper
1/24CUNA Asks NCUA to Delay Taxi Medallion Sales as Drivers Attend Board MeetingCredit Union Times
1/24Single taxi medallion loan sale not in best interest of CUs, membersCUNA
1/24NY Gov. Cuomo introduces $275B infrastructure plan CONSTRUCTIVEDIVE
1/23NCUA Is Reviewing Rep. Maloney's Letter CREDIT UNION WATCH
1/23City Council, TLC talk merits of inside/outside advertising on for-hire vehiclesamNEWYORK
1/23Strict rules to curb congestion caused by Uber and Lyft cars should stand, NYC saysN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/23Hail Help Ayuda a los taxis Manhattan Times
1/23Critics from both parties slam council bill letting non-citizens vote N.Y. POST
1/23Meeks announces legislation that would help relieve taxi medallion owners of crippling debtQNS
1/23Charlie Baker is proposing a fivefold increase in Uber and Lyft feesBoston.com
1/23Uber Drivers Urge NYC To End Advertising Ban On For-Hire Vehicles WCBS-880 NY
1/23Uber has a better shot at reaching profitability than its competitors, CEO saysCNBC
1/22Curb Taxi Media Launches Programmatic 'Smart' Taxi Tops in NYC PR Newswire
1/22Task Force Tally: The Many Groups Cuomo Has Convened to Fix the MTACITY LIMITS
1/22Uber Calls for Emergency Decree as It Faces Exit From ColombiaBloomberg
1/22Okay, But Have You Tried Just Making Them Employees?GIZMODO
1/22Uber banned in Birminghamplanet biometrics
1/22Uber boss Khosrowshahi met with TfL commissioner to discuss London banCITY A.M.
1/22Uber lets drivers hike fares at California airportsN.Y. POST
1/22Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams under fire for gentrification comments: 'Go back to Iowa'PIX-11
1/22Fed Lawmakers Float Tax Relief for Taxi Medallion HoldersKinga County Politics
1/21BP Adams out-raises all other candidates in mayor’s raceBrooklyn Paper
1/21Gerritsen Beachers demand halt to city scheme to ax dozens of parking spotsBrooklyn Paper
1/21Camera Enforcement is Nice, But Buses Work Best on Streets Without Cars, MTA Data ShowsSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/21NYC bus ridership fell for sixth straight year in 2019, hit lowest level in decadesN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/21Uber threatens Colombia with treaty-based arbitration after ban on use of its ride-sharing appIAREPORTER
1/21Birmingham could ban Uber if London licence renewal row is not
1/21With Cuomo Promising Gig Economy Regulations,
New York Leaders Consider Pros and Cons of California Model
1/20The MTA's R40 Unfortunately Did Predict The Troubled Future Of New York's Subway CarsJALOPNIK
1/20Bus Driver Runs Over Citi Bike StationWest Side Rag
1/20Manhattan: a city of empty luxury condos and overflowing homeless sheltersboingboing
1/20Scooter-sharing service Revel is racking up injury lawsuits months after launch N.Y. POST
1/20Joe Guzzardi: Uber Is Latest Cheap Labor-Addicted Employer to Lay Off Americans, Hire H-1BsNOOZHAWK
1/20DC taxi rule overhaul could cut some regulations in age of Uber, LyftWTOP
1/19Rep. Maloney Calls on NCUA to Place an Immediate Moratorium on Taxi Medallion Loan
1/19Congressman Proposes Legislation To Help Relieve Taxi Drivers Of DebtWCBS-RADIO 880NY
1/19Uber vending machines didn’t work, so now your ride is a moving billboardMashable
1/19Cuomo doesn’t care who else gets hurt by his war on the gig economy N.Y. POST
1/19Critics say more must be done to deter impostors and perpetrators of sexual assault in ride-hail business Boston Globe
1/19Leading Curb Management Company, Coord, Launches Digital Curb Challenge Across North AmericaStreetInsider.com
1/19Official says Phoenix airport ride-hailing fee is illegalN.Y. 1
1/19Jerome Powell Secretly Knows the Federal Reserve Is About to Crash the U.S. Stock Marketccn.com
1/18A taxi medallion bailout plan could be on the tableFOX5NY
1/18‘This Is What I Live For:’ Taxi Medallion Owners Hopeful That Help Is On The WayCBS-NY-WLNY
1/18Lyft’s autonomous vehicle partner Magna is done with self-driving techengadget
1/18Uber Tweaks Driver Rules in Response to New California Gig Economy LawNPQ
1/18Signature Bank Supports H.R. 5617 to Provide
Taxi Medallion Owners Relief From Impending Income Tax Consequences
1/18Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor Ahuja warns fans after 'scary' London Uber ride sky news
1/17De Blasio nominates new Taxi & Limousine Commission head N.Y. POST
1/17Taxi Medallion Holders Drowning In Debt May Soon Get Major Relief Under Proposed Refinancing LawCBS-NY-WLNY
1/17iCabbi Acquires CMT's Mobile Knowledge and Forms Global Strategic Alliance PR Newswire
1/17NYC Taxi Union Leader Seeks Driver Bailout, Says NCUA's Silence Is 'Sharpening the Despair'C.U. Times
1/17Massive taxi bailout eyed — Second Avenue subway blamed for subway crisis — Pols talk trash POLITICO
1/17Sources: Cuomo Reaches Agreement With Advocates to Legalize E-Bikes, E-ScootersNY1
1/16Bailout Up to $500 Million Proposed for Taxi Drivers Trapped in LoansN.Y. Times
1/16Uber’s new policies could encourage discrimination, advocates fearS.F. Chronicle
1/16‘Taxi King’ Gene Freidman is the state’s worst tax cheat N.Y. POST
1/16Friends of the BQX gets new leadership at ‘crucial time’ as controversial street car project moves forwardQNS
1/16Goldman Sachs dumped its entire stake in Uber late last yearCNBC
1/163 men wanted in string of Manhattan cab driver robberies on Christmas DayABC7-NY
1/16Community Board 7 Asks City to Improve Crosstown Bike Routes Following Cyclist’s DeathWest Side Rag
1/16E-scooter markets are on the declineDeseret News
1/15De Blasio to nominate City Hall insider as next TLC chair: sourcesN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/15Career Journeys: Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk ’98hwsherald.com
1/15E-bike rider swinging lock breaks pedestrian’s hand in road rage attack near NYC’s Union SquareN,Y, DAILY NEWS
1/15As California’s AB5 Becomes Law, Uber’s Path to Profitability Just Got More ComplicatedThe Motley Fool
1/15Cuomo announces agreement on limo safety legislationCBS6Albany
1/15Brooklyn Pol: I Will Get Cops Out of Schermerhorn Street Bike Lane!STREETSBLOG NYC
1/14NCUA Seeks to Unload Portfolio of Taxi Medallion Loans CREDIT UNION WATCH
1/14Uber Driver Goes Double Speed Limit With Terrified Passenger, Company Offers Rider $5 CouponNewsweek
1/14Sidewalk Labs is using machine learning to make neighborhood design smootherarchpaper.com
1/14Why Ocasio-Cortez Is Criticizing Cuomo’s Plan for a Train to La GuardiaN.Y. TIMES
1/14LA Looks To Boost Taxi Industry With Rideshare-esque RevampPYMNTS.com
1/14CES 2020: The Future of Cities, Transportation and Equitygovtech.com
1/14Uber Eats deliveryman attacks Popeye’s worker in Manhattan1010-WINS
1/14Uber and Lyft 'cut costs at the expense of workers,' says California lawmakerYAHOO
1/14Delaware Court Refuses to Revive Uber Shareholder LawsuitN.Y. Times
1/13City Should Charge For Cruising Empty, Instead of Capping ItSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/13Facing the facts about New York’s budget hole N.Y. POST
1/13SF man accused of attempting to rape woman after offering to drive her to San CarlosS.F. Examiner
1/13Uber driver arrested on suspicion of raping passenger in Fontana, police sayL.A. Times
1/13Uber passenger arrested for trying to kidnap driver, police say ABC NEWS
1/13After Threats, Lime Follows Uber As The Latest Alternative Mobility Company To Give Up On ColombiaFINANCE COLUMBIA
1/13Los Angeles Rethinks Taxis as Uber and Lyft Dominate the StreetsN.Y. Times
1/12Garrett Camp Sells 170,000 Shares of Uber Technologies Inc slatersentinel.com
1/12The MTA’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekCITY&STATE
1/12Think twice before using shared electric scootersSCIENCELINE
1/12Mike Bloomberg Says He’s Immune to Corporate Influence. His Campaign Is Managed by LobbyistsThe Intercept
1/12Albany’s Self-Inflicted Medicaid Crisiscity-journal.org
1/12E-Bikes Still Available In Ithaca Despite Veto By NY GovernorWSKG
1/12Uber driver 'admits sexually assaulting woman he picked up from a police station....Daily Mail
1/12Goodbye, Uber Pool. Hello, SacRT. | Regional Transit expands its on-demand ride serviceABC10.COM
1/11Taxi medallion regulator looking to unload massive portfolio CRAIN'S
1/11Lyft Offers to Settle New York Driver Classification DisputesBloomberg Law
1/11Uber to end service in Colombia after regulatory crackdownCNBC
1/11‘We Need Our Own CCRB’: Cabbies on Police OversightBkylner
1/11Wilbur Ross at CES: We need to update highways to accommodate autonomous carsFOX BUSINESS
1/11Uber won’t share sex assault details with California regulators, citing privacyS.F. Chronicle
1/11Lime and Bolt Abruptly Yank E-Scooters From Multiple Markets Across the U.S.GIZMODO
1/11Two-way protected bike lanes planned at Greenpoint-Williamsburg borderBrooklyn Paper
1/11Waymo Awarded $128m Over Staff Move To
1/10Fake Uber, Lyft Drivers Robbing People On Near North SideBLOCK Club
1/10FTC commissioner on new tech like self-driving cars: I 'see lots of risk'YAHOO
1/10De Blasio panel tasked with handling BQE headache proposes creating a different panel POLITICO
1/10Scooter-related injuries are spiking in the United States, study findsCNN
1/10City Not Using Its Single Best Tool to Crack Down on Reckless Cabbies — Cameras!STREETSBLOG NYC
1/9Comparing the gig economy to sweatshops, Cuomo vows to end the ‘fraud’POLITICO
1/9Uber makes major changes to California rides as gig-work law takes effectS.F. CHRONICLE
1/9NYPD Targets Blacks and Latinos for ‘Jaywalking’ TicketsSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/9Uber to offer riders pin codes to help identify correct car Market Watch
1/8Uber's CEO Made a Huge Mistake, and It Just May Signal the End of Uberinc
1/8Uber’s “Academic Research” Program: How to Use Famous Economists to Spread Corporate NarrativesPro-Market
1/8De Blasio says ‘common sense,’ not data, justifies e-bike crackdown N. Y, POST
1/8Cuomo’s latest transit reform idea: Ban sex offenders from riding with MTAamNEWYORK
1/8California Agency Is Hiding Uber and Lyft Accident ReportsS.F. PUBLIC PRESS
1/8Top New York State Environmental Priorities for 2020 NRDC
1/8Diminished Urban Parking Utilization Drives Up Fees, Especially For Luxury CarsBISNOW
1/8Travis Kalanick said last year he was getting into real estate. Here’s what he’s buying in New York.The Real Deal
1/8Taxi drivers have yet to see any money from ride-share fundWCVB
1/8The anti-Uber? Lyft's track record on safety, sexual assaults lawsuits undercuts 'good guy' imageUSA TODAY
1/7Empire Station complex plan includes big rail expansion for Penn Station: CuomoamNEWYORK
1/7Legal Speed Bumps Continue for ‘Reckless Driver’ Bill, But Lander is ‘Optimistic’STREETSBLOG NYC
1/7Ride-hail cruising cap could be revived by City CouncilCITY&STATE
1/7NY City Council Eyes Uber, Lyft Cruising CapThe Jewish Voice
1/7NYC won’t refund drivers impacted by Y2K-like parking meter glitch N.Y. POST
1/7Uber Files Official Complaint Against Workers Who Led Protests in FranceVICE
1/7Uber, Lyft drivers accused of sexually assaulting passengers in BoulderFOX KDVR
1/7DOJ drops Uber investigation into alleged improper paymentsFOX BUSINESS
1/6Reminder: Port Authority toll increases begin Sundaysilive.com
1/6MTA Releases Draft Plan That Aims to Overhaul Queens Bus Network, Workshops Plannedforesthillspost
1/6NYPD crackdown of parking placard abuse begins Monday N.Y. POST
1/6Manhattan’s Pier 76 will be added to Hudson River Park: CuomoamNEWYORK
1/6Cuomo faces biggest budget deficit, $6B, since taking officeN.Y. POST
1/6Licensing costs could squeeze Uber drivers out of Red DeerrdnewsNOW
1/6Uber driver gets 5 years in prison for sexual abuse of passenger
now he’ll be tried for allegedly paying someone to ‘silence’ her
Chicago Tribune
1/63 Reasons Uber and Lyft Will Keep Sliding in 2020The Motley Fool
1/5Billions by default: MTA gets $51.5B for infrastructure work without much debateNewsday
1/5How much does a taxi cost in New York City? – Mother Jonesthemediahq.com
1/5Vomit Fraud: Uber Users Warn Of Drivers Allegedly Charging Riders For Messes They Didn’t MakeCBS PHILLY
1/5DOT Will Truly Protect Grand Street Protected Bike LaneSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/5Now the Courts Will Decide Whether Uber Drivers Are EmployeesWIRED
1/5As California Tries To Make Contract Workers Employees, Industries Push BackNPR
1/5The City of the FutureCALCALIST
1/5The smart city conferences to get excited about in 2020 SMARTCITIESDIVE
1/4Here are Toronto's new rules for ride-hailing companies like Uber and LyftCBC
1/4Why Your Uber Ride Can Cost as Much as a Plane TicketN.Y. Times
1/4Starting January 29, Market Street will ban (most) cars downtownCURBED
1/4A Chicago transit enthusiast’s look at New York City public transportationSTREETSBLOG CHICAGO
1/4Chicago Ride-Share Tax Hikes Take Effect Monday NBC CHICAGO
1/4Software Glitch Causes Parking Meters Across NYC to Not Accept Credit Cards NBC NEWS
1/4Oil Prices Surge, Stocks Slip After US Kills Iranian GeneralNBC NY
1/3Queens Coalition Brings Last-Ditch Effort to Sink ‘Wrong Way’ LaGuardia AirTrainSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/3Holiday deliveries coincide with spike in New York City traffic deathsQNS
1/3‘Dollar van’ driver climbs onto bus sparking unruly mob in BrooklynN.Y. POST
1/3Judge temporarily exempts truck drivers from California’s new gig-work lawSan Francisco Chronicle
1/3Two Battles in 2020: Uber vs. Lyft, Netflix vs. Disney(Podcast)Bloomberg
1/36 crucial ways New York City’s landscape will change in 2020CURBED
1/37 trends that will define smart cities in 2020 SMARTCITIESDIVE
1/2More People Are Dying on New York City’s Streets. What Went Wrong? N.Y. Times
1/2Taxi Driver — A Trip To 1970VILLAGE VOICE
1/2Life in the Gig Economy: Good for Companies, Bad for WorkersTHE TYEE
1/2Uber, Postmates lawsuit against California gig-workers law is ‘very weak,’ congressman saysCNBC
1/2What to watch in 2020: Can Uber keep its promise to Dallas?Dallas Morning News
1/1U.S. seeks review of state DMV laws on immigration enforcementNEWSDAY
1/1Bloodied State Senator: I Will Not Stop Biking … But It Needs to be SaferSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/1Teamsters union hits Uber, Postmates for lawsuit challenging California gig worker lawYAHOO
1/1The Guardian view on the gig economy: stop making burnout a lifestyle THE GUARDIAN
1/1California’s AB5 Author Defends Crackdown on 'Fundamentally Unfair' Gig Economycheddar
1/1New York is losing residents at an alarming rate N.Y. POST
1/12020 New York In Transit SummitCITY&STATE
1/1The credit union issues that defined the decade CREDIT UNION JOURNAL
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