Author Topic: WHere's the OUTRCY from our 'leaders' against the $2.50 PER TRIP MTA RIPOFF ?!?!  (Read 88 times)


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Just curious ...

In MY opinion....

At what point do our so-called 'LEADERS' get off their collective ASSES
and FIGHT the grotesque RIPOFF directed against yellow cab drivers
AND their passengers below 96th Street in Manhattan ?!?!
(i.e. an ADDITIONAL $2.50 ...PER TRIP !!... for the f-ing PIRATE SHIP
known as the MTA !! - for each fare below 96th street in Manhattan
starting on 01/01/19 )

This mess started with the 50 cents per trip idiocy a few years back...
...and is NOW coming back AGAIN with a vengance !!

It is DISCRIMINATORY and violates MANY commerce laws
for UNFAIR competitions / burdens against ONE industry
to ENRICH another segment of the industry...

HELLO ?!?!

( be continued....)

meter peter

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I am starting to believe uber is our leader.


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First they took the rates off the doors, now they're changing the license plates. When you're issued a new plate, the medallion number is no longer the vehicle's plate number. What's the deal with the "Y" plates?