Author Topic: Judge says Uber 'gravely misled' regulators and judges after  (Read 65 times)


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Judge says Uber 'gravely misled' regulators and judges after
« on: November 04, 2018, 02:51:55 PM »

Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot granted Uber a temporary licence in London
But it was revealed her husband, a former Conservative MP, has links to the firm
London's black cab drivers have won the right to appeal against her decision .

Lady Arbuthnot is married to former Conservative MP James Arbuthnot, who works for a strategy firm whose clients invest in Uber, The Sunday Times reports.

In the latest hearing Mr Justice Walker said Uber had 'gravely misled the regulator and the court' and granted a judicial review, saying Lady Arbuthnot may have made an error by allowing the temporary licence.


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Re: Judge says Uber 'gravely misled' regulators and judges after
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2018, 09:48:00 AM »
The Uber playbook is the same no matter where they are.

They are very THOUROUGH to say the least. 

All ducks in a row, including the judiciary.

The London example is very similar to the recent Uber lawsuit against TLC regarding wheelchair accessibility rules.  Basically, Uber wrote their own rules, TLC caved with the judge’s encouragement.  Unlike most lawsuits it began and concluded in record time.

Case 153369/2018 in NYS Supreme Court - A few FACTS

The case had been with Judge Jennifer Schecter.  It was reassigned to Judge Andrew Borrok in May 2018

Judge Borrok’s father, Charles Borrok, is a principal in Cushman and Wakefield, big players in real estate, not doing well financially.

Cushman and Wakefield owned by TPG.

TPG is a big investor in Uber. 

TPG has a board member on the Uber board.

Case settled.  Instead of Uber being required to dispatch 5-25% of their trips to accessible vehicles, they will be allowed to service wheelchair passengers however they see fit, within certain time requirements.  This option was made permanent in the TLC rules.

Cushman and Wakefield goes public in August 2018, raking in 765 million dollars.