Author Topic: Amazon Reportedly Considering NYC For Half Of Second Headquarters  (Read 24 times)


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After more than a year of fielding corporate subsidy offers and humiliating gestures from desperate elected officials, Amazon is reportedly nearing a final decision for its widely-hyped second headquarters. Except that it won't be a single headquarters at all. Instead, the company has reportedly decided to split up its massive second command post into two separate locations—with one half of HQ2 now very likely to land in our city.

The Wall Street Journal reports that New York City is one of three municipalities in the late stages of discussion with Amazon about the two-city plan, along with Dallas and Crystal City, Virginia. Sources also tell CNBC that the proposed workforce and investments could be split between Austin and Northern Virginia. Each site will have a workforce of 25,000, or half of what was initially promised.

It's unclear what part of the five boroughs would be expected to absorb Amazon's massive footprint, and the accompanying congestion and skyrocketing housing costs the company is known to bring. When Amazon released the original call for applications last September, property owners in 23 different neighborhoods—including Williamsburg and Sunset Park—cobbled together proposals at the request of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. The state's economic development arm, which has doled out more corporate tax breaks than anywhere else in the country, has also made Amazon a generous subsidy offer—though it's unclear for how much.

On Monday, hours before the news of the split locations broke, Governor Andrew (for now) Cuomo announced his willingness to "change my name to Amazon Cuomo if that’s what it takes." Perhaps that's what sealed the deal?

The decision is expected to be announced as early as this week.