Author Topic: 17 Things Uber Drivers Keep Under Wraps  (Read 40 times)


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17 Things Uber Drivers Keep Under Wraps
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:20:34 PM »
According to an MIT study, a large percentage of Uber drivers who were interviewed admitted that they were prejudiced towards certain customers based on race.

These studies in and of themselves are disturbing, but they could also be viewed as a warning sign for more troubling incidents to come. This looks very bad for the company and for drivers themselves.

There have been plenty of recent reports of Uber drivers making offensive statements to their passengers. Several of these reports have even come from cities with a diverse population, like Boston and Seattle.

These isolated incidents shouldn’t be used to vilify every Uber driver but it is something that the company will have to acknowledge. It will be a difficult task for Uber to address this on a company-wide level.

Driving under the influence has become so taboo in the United States that I am honestly surprised that people still do it. Not only do people still do it, but some people also do it with regularity.

I am always surprised by the number of people who get busted for this while they are on the clock and Uber is no exception.

The New York Times released a report that told the story of multiple Uber drivers who hang out at popular bars (with a drink in hand) and wait for a ride to pop up on their app.

When you get into an uber car you may be thinking "how do I know that this driver isn't a dangerous and unhinged individual?" The answer is that you don't and some recent news reports have shown that this is something worth worrying about.

The background check that Uber does for its drivers is very lax. It ignores dozens of factors that could make you a danger to your fellow passengers. In the recent string of incidents involving Uber drivers, this policy has come under fire.

Since the driving requirements of an Uber driver are greater than the average person (having a car full of people, regularly driving in traffic), you would think they would also have to pass some sort of test. This is not the case.
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