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Message from Bhairavi Desai
« on: March 16, 2019, 09:55:32 AM »
Albany needs to hear the URGENCY of our struggle. There is no one who can do that better than drivers themselves.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We've met with more than thirty Senators, Assembly Members, and city officials. Our voices are being heard - they know the congestion surcharge is an unfair burden and they are sympathetic.

We are also gaining support for the other ways the state can raise money by taxing the rich, not the poor. Zephyr Teachout, former candidate for New York State Governor and Attorney General, is calling for the same taxes for the wealthy we are pushing. Even Gov Cuomo has now said the second luxury home tax we proposed as an alternative could raise over $600 million for the state.

While we are being heard and there is understanding and sympathy, the reality is, the clock keeps ticking and we keep losing income.  Albany needs to hear the URGENCY of our struggle.  There is no one who can do that better than drivers themselves.  We need to see you on Wednesday, March 20th in Albany.  And please tape up the posters to your cab.  We have been the ones campaigning on the streets for taxes on the wealthy not the poor.  Finally the conversation is being heard.  The victory needs to be associated with our fight for the wealthy tax revenue to be used to give an exemption to yellows and greens.

Meet at 10:00am sharp!
New Baltimore Service Area
between Exit 21B and 22 on the north bound NYS Thruway
Sign up to go at this link:
If you need a ride, call 718-706-9892 or email us at

Make Driver Voices Heard at Two Public Town Halls
Three city officials are holding public town hall debates on the Congestion Pricing issue, including Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer who has publicly called for yellow cabs to be exempted from the congestion surcharge and Council Member Mark Levine who passed a bill to create a taskforce to study medallion owner-driver debt. Join the Town Halls to make drivers' voices heard!

Council Members Mark Levine & Helen Rosenthal
Tuesday, March 20th
John Jay College (524 W 59th St)
New Building, RoomL63, Atrium


Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer Town Hall
Thursday, March 21
The Cooper Union: 30 Cooper Square