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Well Thats Interesting.....
« on: September 13, 2019, 04:38:49 PM »
NY Taxi Workers Alliance
Attn: App Drivers - today Uber announced, starting 9/17/19, after a drop off, a driver will have 30 minutes to get to a high demand area where they are dispatching you. If you don't reach on time, then they will log you off. WAV and pro diamond drivers ( high customer ratings and low cancellations) will not be affected.

How long will you be logged off? Will this lead to deactivations? Why are they doing this when demand in outer boroughs has grown? We don't know. No other specifics.

We do know the TLC rules require them to give more details to drivers. So we are calling on the TLC to send a Directive for details and call them in to court or have the Council call them in for a public hearing as necessary.

Actions like this is EXACTLY the reason California drivers fought to win employment protections against Uber, Lyft. These companies can't add and increase more and more control while drivers are left with no rights. They overhired, now they want to overfire. They are getting regulated, now they want to scare drivers. Fight back, brothers and sisters.