Author Topic: WHy do I have to take a 'Defensive Driving Course' if I have ZERO PONTS ?!?  (Read 381 times)


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Ok, so ... THIS will be the THIRD TIME I have to take
a "MANDATORY" defensive driving course to keep my TLC hack license
with NO points on my DMV license !!

WHY ?!?!

I have
ZERO points...
ZERO accidents...
ZERO passenger complaints ...

- and I am ONCE AGAIN actually going to be 'punished'
by the Taxi Commission for being a 'safe driver' !!

Here's how it works...

If you renew your TLC hack license - you also have to complete
a DMV 'defensive driving' course every so often.
Now THAT helps a driver who has existing points on his / her hack license
with mandated 'points reduction' from those existing points....
- and ALLEGEDLY keeps the public safe. Great.

However, drivers like me who have ZERO points
can't keep that DMV points reduction 'in the bank'
 if/when a FUTURE mistake is made...
- and the BENEFIT of that points reduction will NOT be AVAILABLE !!!

In essence... there could be an argument that it INCENTIVIZES
drivers with no points who get disgusted and
might just wanna go out and GET a ticket so he won't feel like a freggin' MORON !!!
i.e. - spending money on a class that REWARDS worse drivers than me...

HELLO ?!?!    :o
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I don't like it but if it wasn't mandated I wouldn't save I think it is 10%on my insurance.