Author Topic: SoftBank revs up peer-to-peer car sharing with an investment in Getaround Fast  (Read 114 times)


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Getaround is in 66 cities so far. What is most compelling about the company, according to Ronen, is the hardware system it built to allow people to rent out their cars without having to personally hand over their keys. Getaround also has partnerships with Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Uber.

Its not a coincidence that Uber has a partnership with Getaround and that were investing, says Ronen. He says Uber helped the fund evaluate the investment in Getaround. He also sees a big opportunity in the partnership between the two. Getaround already connects Uber drivers with cars on its platform. But Uber has also agreed to offer Getaround cars to riders on its platform. Ronen says many people dont want to use Uber to do their weekly shopping, for example, wherein they might need to lug purchases to and from multiple locations.