Author Topic: How the Halal Guys Went From Smalltime Hot Dog Vendors to Fast  (Read 131 times)


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While “street meat” is practically ubiquitous in the city today, it was an untapped market when founders Abdelbaset Elsayed, Ahmed Elsaka, and Mohammed Abouelenein opened a hot dog stand about 30 years ago. The dogs didn’t do so hot, but what these three discovered in the process was a huge demand from Muslim taxi drivers for fast, good halal food—and an unmet demand at that.

One of those was the name of the business. According to Wilson, when one guest asked about this, the founders replied they didn’t have a name. “Sure you do. You guys are The Halal Guys,” the guest countered.

With a name in hand and bright yellow employee shirts inspired by the color of NYC taxi cabs, The Halal Guys went on to expand their menu as well as the number of carts around the city