Author Topic: E-moped beats bike, subway and Uber in Brooklyn rush hour race  (Read 104 times)


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Revel Transit recently launched its rideshare e-mopeds in Brooklyn. The company held a rush hour race to see how the new transit option stacks up.
On Tuesday morning, seven New Yorkers battled rush hour on seven different modes of transportation: Revel Transit electric moped, Citi Bike, the subway, the bus, an Uber, an Uber Pool and a green taxi.
Revel's electric moped won the race (full disclosure, Revel Transit did organize the event), clocking in at a total commute time of 23 minutes. The Uber Pool ride came in second place at 34 minutes and the regular Uber ride in third with a travel time of 37 minutes.
Revel Race NYC Rush Hour Commute Times
Revel E-Moped: 23 minutes
Uber Pool: 34 minutes
Uber: 37 minutes
Green Cab: 43 minutes
L Train to G Train: 44 minutes
Bus: 50 minutes
Citi Bike: 58 minutes
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