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« on: October 03, 2018, 02:21:16 PM »
Your wait in rush hour may get worse if Uber comes to Halifax, says Bruce Schaller.
"There was a hope that shared trips would offset the traffic impact,” said the former head of New York City Transportation Department’s traffic and planning division, “but in fact because so many of them are coming from public transportation, they’re not leaving a car at home, so they’ve added miles on city streets.”
If TNCs were not made available, 60 per cent of users in larger cities would have taken public transportation, walked, biked or not gone, states the report.
He also found “even with shared riding services, TNCs put 2.6 new TNC vehicle miles on the road for each mile of personal driving removed, for an overall 180 per cent increase in driving on city streets.”
It tends to correlate strongly with those who use public transportation, so it’s the same pool of people who don’t have their own cars year-round and it draws more heavily from transit users,” he said. “They’re not leaving a car at home, so it’s adding miles to the city streets.”

Added traffic slows people down, causing congestion and high idle times, said the former department head.
The former N.Y.C. department head praised Canadian cities though, for being more deliberate.

“What the U.S. did, they came into the city very rapidly with no real control or no oversight,” said Schaller. “There’s a bunch of different issues here that I think the people of Halifax would be smart to work through.”