Author Topic: Fatal limo accident a reminder that more oversight needed for Uber ...  (Read 74 times)


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I have raised about the current state of regulatory oversight in Philadelphia.

Recent state legislation called Act 164 banned the practice of inspecting taxicabs once every six months and now limits those inspections to only once every four years. Those inspections commonly revealed frightening safety violations. Act 164 even removed the regulator from the process of doing background checks on taxicab drivers. Drivers are now issued their official three-month driving certification without any training or regulatory review.

While we have all embraced the convenience of ride-sharing services, those private vehicles are subject to almost no inspections. They are never subject to a pre-service inspection and less than 5 percent of transportation network company vehicles are inspected in any year. Regulators in Philadelphia do not certify ride-share drivers. Regulators do not know who is out there driving or even which vehicle is engaged in ride-share services.

The public has the right to demand that the "for hire" vehicles they enter every day adhere to best practices, including those related to safety and performance. We confirm that standards are met by inspecting and testing compliance with approved guidelines.