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5/10DOT head calls on Albany to give up control of speed cameras in NYCgothamistREAD HERE
5/10Yet Another Report Makes Clear Case for City Control of Speed CamerasSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
5/10Queens councilwomen introduces legislation to curb vehicle noise pollutionQNSREAD HERE
5/9MTA orders bus drivers not to open back doors to combat fare evasionN.Y. POSTREAD HERE
5/9Companies envision taxis flying above jammed trafficTHE BUSINESS TIMESREAD HERE
5/9Adams must go after excessive speed demons to curb rising traffic deaths N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
5/98 New Yorkers dead from traffic accidents in 4 days, transportation advocates sayNY1READ HERE
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5/3City Launches a New Vision Zero Billboard Campaign — With Little Proof that Such Things WorkSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
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5/3Massive May Day march for workers’ rights heads from Washington Square to Foley SquareamNYREAD HERE
5/3Massive May Day march for workers’ rights heads from Washington Square to Foley SquareSOURCEREAD HERE
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5/1NYC considering first taxi fare hike in a decade, hearings set for next monthABC-7NYREAD HERE
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5/1Madison Ave retailers lock doors in daytime amid crime frenzy N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
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4/30Manhattan Pol Revives Bike, Pedestrian ‘Mayor’ Idea as Key to Streets Master PlanSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
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4/30NYC Council pushes for schools to finally teach bike safety N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
4/29D.C. Taxi Regulator David Do Nominated As Next NYC TLC Chair & CommissionerAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
4/29Mayor Adams Nominates David Do as TLC Commissioner, ChairNYCREAD HERE
4/29Yes, Uber and Lyft customers can be refunded for canceling a ride if a driver doesn’t wear a maskYouTubeREAD HERE
4/29Eric Adams recruits new TLC chair from DC after first pick’s early exit N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
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4/29To get riders back — indeed, to survive — the MTA must curb fare evasionN.Y. POSTREAD HERE
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4/23NY eyes facial recognition to ‘card’ for alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigs N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
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4/22Pols and Advocates to Mayor: Put More Money Into the Streets Master PlanSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
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4/22Elected Officials Call on DOT to Improve Traffic Safety at Busy Forest Hills IntersectionforesthillspostREAD HERE
4/21Bleak houseThe ChiefREAD HERE
4/21U.S. to grant $6.4 billion funding for projects to reduce carbon emissionsKFGOREAD HERE
4/21Earth Week: NYC DOT Commissioner Rodriguez Announces Programming for Largest-Ever Earth Day Celebration This SaturdayNYC-DOTREAD HERE
4/21Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Announces "Clean Curbs" Waste Containerization Pilot Expansion to All Five Boroughsnyc.govREAD HERE
4/21Times Square gets NYC’s first garbage bag bins in latest salvo against rats N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
4/21Traffic deaths on NYC streets up 44 percent over last year: reportamNYREAD HERE
4/21Battery Park City Residents Don’t Want South End Avenue Safety RedesignSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
4/21Eric Adams Says New York City's Density Justifies Subway Mask MandatereasonREAD HERE
4/21Nova Scotia taxi driver leaves $1.68 million to local hospital in his willTORONTO STARREAD HERE
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just hours after crime-ridden city he vowed to clean-up was hit by two more horrific assaults
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With Uber in Groundbreaking Deal That Will Give Yellow Taxi Drivers Higher Fare Volume and Uber Passengers More Choice
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2/16 HERE
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2/7Queens DA on NYC shootings, bail reform: ‘You can’t prosecute your way out of gun violence’ PIX-11READ HERE
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1/28Governor Hochul, Port Authority and LaGuardia Gateway Partners Announce
Completion of Construction for New Terminal Facilities at LaGuardia Airport’s World-Class Terminal B
1/28NYC mayor's brother can serve as his adviser on mayoral security for a salary of $1, conflict of interest board saysCNNREAD HERE
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1/17'What happened to the law & order candidate?' NYC Mayor Eric Adams is lashed for insisting subway IS safe and it’s only
a 'perception' of danger after female Deloitte exec, 41, was pushed to her death in front of train
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12/27Curtis Sliwa backs Andrew Giuliani for governor, slams efforts to ‘anoint’ Lee Zeldin N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
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12/26Mayor-elect Adams may tap FDNY lawyer as first female fire commissionerN.Y. POSTREAD HERE
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12/26The Federal Reserve is considering raising interest rates three times in 2022 to combat inflationFLORIDA NEWS TIMESREAD HERE
12/25NYC’s Times Square New Year’s Eve bash still on, but de Blasio mandates masks and sets capacity at 15K amid omicron surgeN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
12/25NYC reduces crowd size, adds mask rule for New Year's EveWABC-TV-7NYREAD HERE
12/25New York eases quarantine rules for essential workers as omicron hits key industriesnprREAD HERE
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12/23Adams’ trio of transportation chiefs draws criticismCRAIN'SREAD HERE
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12/22Incoming Mayor Eric Adams Re-Nominates
TLC Chair Heredia Jarmoszuk & Appoints Ydanis Rodriguez as DOT Commissioner. Why It Matters?
AutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
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12/21Eric Adams Taps Ydanis Rodriguez to Head the Department of TransportationSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
12/21New electric vehicles hit streets of NYCFOX-5NYREAD HERE
12/21Ford Mustang Mach-E joins New York City’s yellow taxi fleetTHE VERGEREAD HERE
12/21Eric Adams taps Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez to run Transportation DeptN.Y. POSTREAD HERE
12/21Adams names five deputy mayors, all womenCRAIN'SREAD HERE
12/21The Radio City Christmas Spectacular cancels remainder of seasonTIMEOUTREAD HERE
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12/18New York Based Taxi Technology Platform Announces
New Senior Advisor, Justin Erlich, Ahead of Expansion in to US Taxi Market
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12/16BREAKING: Via Appears To Be Ending NYC Rideshare Service on December 20thAutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
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12/10How New York Will Find Its Next City Council SpeakerTHE CITYREAD HERE
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12/10EU targets Uber, Deliveroo model with gig workers' rights planREUTERSREAD HERE
12/10Uber, Deliveroo and other gig economy firms face strict new rules in EuropeCNBCREAD HERE
12/10EU proposals could give millions of gig workers employment rightsTHE VERGEREAD HERE
12/10NYC transit advocates call on city to scrap ‘gridlock alert days’N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
12/10New data shows New York is losing share of millionairesCRAIN'SREAD HERE
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12/9USDOT Nominees Await Action in SenateTransport TopicsREAD HERE
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12/9MTA boots troubled vendor from popular Access-A-Ride programN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
12/9New York City set to approve measure allowing 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections CNNREAD HERE
12/9Researchers Analyze the ‘True Cost’ of Car Congestion UCLAREAD HERE
12/9In Queens, DOT Begins Five-Borough Tour Exploring The Future Of Open RestaurantsgothamistREAD HERE
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12/8Eric Adams’ Choice: A Deputy Mayor for JusticeGOTHAM GAZETTEREAD HERE
12/8A Round and a Roundy: How DOT Spends its Limited ResourcesSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
12/8DoorDash Joins 15-Minute-or-Less Grocery Delivery Biz, Risking Workers’ Lives, Advocates SaySTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
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12/7Can NYC actually enforce the first COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private employers?Fast CompanyREAD HERE
12/7Melrose Credit Union CEO spared prison while appealing his bribery convictionCRAIN'SREAD HERE
12/7Uber Loses U.K. Court Fight Over London Business ModelBloombergREAD HERE
12/7Toyota will build a $1.29 billion electric vehicle battery factory in North CarolinaTHE VERGEREAD HERE
12/7Electric Car Conversions Are Going After The Wrong CarsJALOPNIKREAD HERE
12/7With Ridership Still Down, Transit Agencies Rethink PrioritiesGOVERNINGREAD HERE
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12/6NYC's Program to Curb Dangerous Driving Is UnderwayWNYCREAD HERE
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12/5Explainer: How is the city handling autonomous vehicles?CRAIN'SREAD HERE
12/5DOT Outlines Queens Projects Listed in City’s Transportation Master PlanflushingpostREAD HERE
12/5COUGH, COUGH, COUGH: City Must Raise Cost of Idling Tickets, Says Progressive Community BoardSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
12/5NYPD’s top cop Dermot Shea and second in command file for retirement N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
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12/5New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is considering mandating booster shots at restaurants and concert venuesTEXAS NEWS TODAYREAD HERE
12/5Curbing guns and gangs in NYC now: How Eric Adams can turn the tideN.Y.DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
12/5Cuomo spy games: DeRosa used MTA official to secretly record sex harassment accuser N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
12/5Vito Fossella say he will sue NYC to block non-citizen vote N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
12/4SF destroyed the lives of cab drivers—and is now trying to duck responsibility48hillsREAD HERE
12/4Columbia-area stabbings are the price NYC pays for its feckless criminal-justice ‘reforms’ N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
12/4Liberals supported soft-on-crime policies — now that crime has come to campus N.Y. POSTREAD HERE
12/4Mayor Releases November Financial Plan Update for Fiscal Year 2022 Recovery BudgetTHE ForumREAD HERE
12/4N.Y. enters new state of emergency hoping to head off Omicron COVID-19 variantUPIREAD HERE
12/4TSA extending mask mandate for domestic travel through MarchTHE HILLREAD HERE
12/4Uber to Test Audio Recording Safety Feature in the U.SU.S. NEWSREAD HERE
12/4New York City Streets Plan, released without fanfare, seeks hundreds more miles of bus and bike lanesamNYREAD HERE
12/3The NYC Council Speaker Candidates on Their Legislative PrioritiesCITY LIMITSREAD HERE
12/3Hubert Horan: Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Twenty-Eight:naked capitalismREAD HERE
12/3Most Powerful Women-16. Bhairavi DesaiCRAIN'SREAD HERE
12/3Endless circle of debtMARKETPLACEREAD HERE
12/3Taxi Drivers Struggle Against New York City GovernmentSPUTNIKREAD HERE
12/3Bronx gunman who fatally shot innocent Uber driver arrested, cops sayN.Y. POSTREAD HERE
12/3Uber intros several safety features, including one that records audio during a rideTECH CRUNCHREAD HERE
12/3CPUC Approves $9 Million Settlement With HERE
12/2Immigrant Families Will Gather to Demand Pathway to CitizenshipDocumentedREAD HERE
12/2Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Johnson, Commissioner Gutman Release Master Plan for Future of City StreetsNYCREAD HERE
12/2Super-app Grab rides high into New York debutNasdaqREAD HERE
12/2Transportation experts sound off on priorities for AdamsPOLITICOREAD HERE
12/2What do EVs mean for the future of the gas station? Playgrounds and better food THE GLOBE AND MAILREAD HERE
12/2For Final Budget Act, de Blasio Makes $4B in Red Ink Disappear — But Leaves Adams Billions of WorriesTHE CITYREAD HERE
12/2Uber Receives Price Gouging Class Action ComplaintLAW|STREETREAD HERE
12/2If You're Offered This at the Airport, Just Say No, Experts WarnBEST LIFEREAD HERE
12/2Readers sound off on public transit funding, Bill Madden’s takes and gas-price bemoanersN.Y. DAILY NEWSREAD HERE
12/2Biden will evaluate travel restrictions on southern Africa 'week to week'THE HILLREAD HERE
12/1De Blasio set to exit office owing huge debtsCRAIN'SREAD HERE
12/1Funding deal values transit-tech startup Via at $3.3BCRAIN'SREAD HERE
12/1NYPD Seizes Illegal Mopeds — Then Disseminates Misinformation, Lies and Anti-Cycling PropagandaSTREETSBLOG NYCREAD HERE
12/1Biden says he doesn’t expect more travel restrictions or lockdowns as Covid omicron variant spreadsCNBCREAD HERE
12/1CNN Takes Tesla Around Brooklyn in Full Self-Driving Mode. How Far Off Are NYC Robotaxis?AutoMarketplace NYCREAD HERE
12/1Airlines log busiest days since early 2020 over Thanksgiving but omicron poses new challengeCNBCREAD HERE
12/1Source: Taxi stolen from outside hotel on Staten Island tracked to Newark, N.J.; search continues for car, suspect, cops saysiliveREAD HERE
12/1Did De Blasio Make A Dent In The ‘Tale of Two Cities’? A New Analysis Of NYC Income Inequality Makes A CasegothamistREAD HERE
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