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5/8Survey: Nearly Half of Business Travelers Ready to Fly DomesticallyBTN
5/8Get ready for self-driving carsN.Y. DAILY NEWS
5/8After Feuding With MTA Over Subway Safety, NYC Agrees To Add Volunteer Police Officers Undergroundgothamist
5/8Uber still pretends not to be a taxi firm, but is going to make a taxicab anywaythenextweb.com
5/8Uber says reclassification of UK drivers cost US$600mlnca.proactiveinvestors.com
5/8Slow Electric Vehicle Charging Is Making Drivers Switch Back to GasVICE
5/8Judge says Citi Bike rival can continue operating for now despite DOT lawsuit N.Y. POST
5/7Opposing PRO Act, Uber and Other Gig Companies Spend Over $1 Million Lobbying CongressThe Intercept
5/7‘The subway system doesn’t really go to Albany’: Cuomo explains why he rarely takes mass transit in NYCN.Y. DAILY NEWS
5/7DOT Pushes Back on Council Bill to Repurpose Private Parking for Public BenefitSTREETSBLOG NYC
5/7Joco allowed to continue ebike operations as NYC lawsuit plays outYAHOO
5/7City Sues E-Bike Rental Company, Saying It's Unauthorized and Had Ignored Cease and DesistN.Y. Law Journal
5/7Platform to evaluate congestion pricing policies on population segments by time of day in New York CityPHYS.ORG
5/6Gravity Inc. Announces Innovative New Electric Yellow Taxi FleetThe Auto Channel
5/6Having Given Up On Flying Cars And Autonomous Ones, Uber Wants Its Drivers To Buy Their Own EVsJALOPNIK
5/6How Crowdfunded Cabs Became a Beacon of Hope In the Fight Against AAPI ViolenceELLE
5/6Yang wants to control the subway. Transit experts don’t think it’s a good idea.POLITICO
5/6Opinion: Congestion pricing is key to fighting climate crisisQueens Daily Eagle
5/6Biden administration blocks Trump-era rule affecting gig workersREUTERS
5/5Uber, Lyft have a California playbook to fight proposed U.S. rules on workersFOX
5/5Uber’s Business ‘Clouded’ By Treating Everyone Like ShitJALOPNIK
5/5Tesla Model 3 taxis drive NY’s resolution for more all-electric yellow cabsTESLARATI
5/5New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announces Broadway Can Reopen May 19 Along with Other Restriction LiftsPeople
5/5Revel saw a loophole as an opportunity for a new ridehail service. New York City is absolutely lividkake.com
5/5Biden wheels, deals and sells his infrastructure packagePOLITICO
5/5A Push to Unlock Subway Bathrooms as the City Gets Moving AgainTHE CITY
5/5Uber and Arrival partner to create an EV for ride-hail driversTECH CRUNCH
5/5Yang's train ideas pannedPOLITICO
5/4MTA to restore NYC’s 24-hour subway service on May 17N.Y. DAILY NEWS
5/4MTA’s Access-A-Ride E-Hail Users Have Trouble Getting Ridesgothamist
5/4Blue in green: Lime launches cheaper electric moped share competing with RevelBrooklyn Paper
5/4To combat climate change, electric cars have to be cheaperAXIOS
5/4When Parking Is PunitiveNEXT CITY
5/4Lime taps user base for Complete Streets advocacy smartcitiesdive
5/4Chuck Schumer calls on Gov. Cuomo, MTA to resume 24/7 subways N.Y. POST
5/4Eric Adams seeks the cycling vote with a promise for 300 miles of bike lanesamNY
5/3New York state DMV tests virtual hearings for traffic ticketsPIX-11
5/3Seize the day” says driver who finally purchased taxi plateroadwarriornews.com
5/3Revealed: Senior aide to David Cameron secretly helped to keep Uber cars on London's roads
two years before Downing Street launched lobbying campaign to protect online taxi firm
Daily Mail
5/3SADIQ KHAN: ‘As we emerge from the pandemic, I cannot imagine a future without black cabs’Taxi Point
5/3Heathrow should think ‘long and hard’ about putting the squeeze on London’s black taxis says LTDATaxi Point
5/3U.S. Labor Secretary Supports Classifying Gig Workers As EmployeesLong Island Press
5/3Electric vehicles on world’s roads expected to increase to 145m by 2030The Guardian
5/3Public transit hopes to win back riders after crushing yearBoston.com
5/2NYC taxi commission to stop testing cabbies for marijuana N.Y. POST
5/2What Uber and DoorDash’s Investors Are Suddenly Afraid OfSLATE
5/2Judge, not arbitrator, must decide on Uber drivers' pre-Prop. 22 employment status, court rulesS.F. Chronicle
5/2State Senator Has Pretty Decent Suggestion After NY Mayoral Candidate Accused of Assault:THE MARY SUE
5/2Don’t walk this way: 58% more NYC pedestrians killed so far in 2021 N.Y. POST
5/2Joe Biden's magic wordWashington Examiner
5/1Robert De Niro Was Once a Real Taxi DriverRare
5/1How Michael Bloomberg’s Former Campaign Manager Became Andrew Yang’s Favorite Fixerprospect.org
5/1It’s War: New Bike Rental Company Ignores City ‘Cease and Desist’ OrderSTREETSBLOG NYC
5/1OP-ED: New York State Comptroller DeNapoli's NY MTA debt audit is terrible newsMass Transit
5/1‘More congestion, more pollution’: Clean air campaigners concerned about 20,000 more UbersINDEPENDENT
5/1Can ‘Open Streets’ Outlast the Pandemic?Bloomberg
5/1Bill making Open Streets permanent in NYC passes city council with some naysayersamNY
5/1Mayor de Blasio says MTA should end overnight COVID closure of NYC subway by July 1N.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/30A Candidate for N.Y.C. Mayor Is Accused of Sexual AssaultN.Y. Times
4/30 Local Restaurant Manager Hit by E-Bike Rider on Amsterdam Avenue DiesWeat Side Rag
4/30Yellow taxi fleet owners looking to go green turn to Tesla's electric vehiclesNY1
4/30Mayor de Blasio says he plans to ‘fully reopen’ NYC on July 1 N.Y. POST
4/30Lime launches 100 e-mopeds in New York City as Mayor de Blasio reveals plan to fully re-open by July 1 TECH CRUNCH
4/30NYC hits new Citi Bike rival with cease and desist order N.Y. POST
4/30How New York can make sense of its streets Bond Buyer
4/29NYC Loses $1.2 Billion After Tourist Spending Drops by 73%.bloombergquint.com
4/29Moped-sharing startup Revel plans to launch a Tesla-only ride-hailing service in NYCTHE VERGE
4/29THAT’S RICH: The Wealthy are Mostly Benefitting from State’s E-Car RebateSTREETSBLOG NYC
4/29Ford takes its first step toward producing its own electric car batteriesTHE VERGE
4/29Electric Car Industry’s Mission: Zero EmissionINTERESTING ENGINEERING
4/29Uber is now letting people rent entire cars from the appwhdh.com
4/29Should I wear a mask outside? Experts weigh in on scenarios.Washington Post
4/29NCDOT, National Park Service launch autonomous shuttleMass Transit
4/28ANALYSIS: Andrew Yang’s ‘Plan’ For The MTA is Empty Promises that Won’t Work AnywaySTREETSBLOG NYC
4/28Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are exacerbating traffic congestion, according to a MIT studyEMINETRA
4/28Campaign Seeks To Fix Manhattan’s Third Avenue Traffic ToiletSTREETSBLOG NYC
4/28NYC Subway surge continues as another daily pandemic ridership record fallsamNY
4/28MTA unions call on de Blasio to improve policing on subways, busesamNY
4/28With Biden as an ally, United Auto Workers union prepares to fight for EV jobsCNBC
4/27$2B Taxi Lawsuit Says TLC Conspired to Inflate Medallion PricesThe Jewish Voice
4/27Uber driver drove woman into canal and still charged her for tripMETRO
4/27Andrew Yang’s Discomfiting Vision for New York CityTHE AMERICAN PROSPECT
4/27Toyota is buying Lyft’s autonomous car division for $550 millionTHE VERGE
4/27Congress resurrects push to allow thousands more autonomous vehicles on the roadTHE VERGE
4/27MTA plans to only buy electric buses come 2028 as officials map greener future for NYC TransitN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/27Adams picks up endorsement from Bronx counterpart; Wiley reaches out to Latino votersPIX-11
4/27State to lose one seat in Congress after new census countCRAIN'S
4/26Uber driver in critical condition after mob attack in QueensN.Y. POST
4/26Uber and Lyft asked Congress to bail out their drivers. Now they can’t get enough drivers to come back to work.Usa latest news
4/26Exclusive Interview with NYC Mayoral Candidate Fernando Mateo: ‘Democrats Destroyed Our City’BREITBART
4/26South Asian groups endorse Eric Adams, Scott Stringer in Democratic primary race for mayorNY1
4/26BQE fix to be announced next month: MayorBrooklyn Paper
4/26David Cameron faces calls for a probe into his Uber lobbyingDaily Mail
4/25Pandemic put brakes on 60-year taxi garage in QueensNY1
4/25New York City subway bomber Akayed Ullah gets life sentenceFOX NEWS
4/25BRAD LANDER SPEAKS: ‘I’m Giving Up My Placard and Will Stop Driving So Much’STREETSBLOG NYC
4/25Uber Tries to Drive Back Legal Rights on Brooklyn Woman Who Sued After AccidentTHE CITY
4/25Guest Column: Electric Cars Won’t Save UsSTREETSBLOG MASS
4/24City opens all vaccination sites to walk-insCRAIN'S
4/24Unwitting click on mass email response jeopardizing Uber passenger’s suit against the rideshare app: court docsN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/24DOT Announces Expansion of ‘Successful’ Car-Share Pilot Program STREETSBLOG NYC
4/24What we can learn from the pandemic's effect on the environment and what can change WHMI
4/24Electric Vehicles Could Be The Norm By Earth Day No. 75Forbes
4/23Three Meetings, Nine Hours Later, Upper East Side Board Backs Crosstown Bike Lanes STREETSBLOG NYC
4/23NYC Invests $30M Into Tourism Campaign To Spur Travel RecoveryPATCH
4/23Uber Driver In Boston Faces Sexual Assault ChargeWBUR
4/23Insane Moment Sleeping Nurse Springs Up in Back of Uber and Savages Drivertoofab
4/23OOIDA urges Buttigieg to include truck parking in infrastructure billLAND LINE
4/232 teens denied a ride to Bronx rob livery driver in Midtown; he spots them for police, pair charged/td>N.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/22Safety, comfort: How NYC’s next mayor can lure back commuters who left N.Y. POST
4/22Scrutiny of Tesla crash a sign that regulation may be comingWBAY.COM
4/22MTA kicks off first-ever payroll-tax bond dealCRAIN'S
4/22LIRR Wants To Be First In North America With Battery-Powered Commuter Trainsgothamist
4/22Comptroller: MTA’s COVID debt could slow $54.8B repair plan N.Y. POST
4/22Taxi driver to face charges for holding onto $13,000 flute a passenger left in his cab in 2012Universal HUB
4/22Speeding driver caught after running away from Queens crash that killed his passenger: copsN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/21NYC’s Once-Mighty Tourism Industry Shows First Signs of RevivalBloomberg
4/21A divide over safety underground: The leading Democratic mayoral candidates’ transportation proposalsNY1
4/21Pedestrian Critically Injured After Collision With E-Bicyclist in Amsterdam Avenue Bike LaneWest Side Rag
4/21Boston startups are preparing for an electric vehicle futurebizjournals.com
4/21Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger in BrightonNBC-10Boston
4/20Gett inks deal with Curb Mobility to bring yellow cabs to its enterprise-focused on-demand ride-hailing appTECH CRUNCH
4/20Times Square businesses fear a return to the bad old days as quality of life slipsCRAIN'S
4/20Dream of Connected NYC Greenway Re-Envisioned as Path to COVID RecoveryTHE CITY
4/20The Case For a Transit-First Infrastructure PlanBloomberg
4/20Once Hailed As The Next Evolution In Car Buying, Car Subscription Services Are All But GoneJALOPNIK
4/20Boston Uber driver charged with kidnapping as lawyer faults language mix-upGRUNTSTUFF
4/20Uber Eats rider died riding e-bike not approved for use in NSW, company confirmsTHE GUARDIAN
4/20The 19 electric vehicles you can buy new right now, from Mini's $30,000 hatchback to Porsche's $185,000 super sedanBUSINESS INSIDER
4/19Two people killed in fiery Tesla crash with no one drivingTHE VERGE
4/19Cash and cabs: Bigger ideas are needed to save yellow taxisN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/19NYC eateries cutting out third-party delivery servicesFOX5-NY
4/19Changes coming for food cart and truck vendors in NYC PIX-11
4/19Motormouth: How will we charge all those electric cars? Boston Herald
4/18Is Andrew Yang yanking our chain? Beware the lure of this mayoral candidateN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/18Woke mayoral candidates want to use COVID to turn NYC into Communist ‘utopia’ N.Y. POST
4/18This Is The Future Of Ridesharing: What You Need To Know About Lyft And Uber NowForbes
4/18Europe – Dutch court orders Uber to reinstate six drivers fired for app fraud (ITV News)www2.staffingindustry.com
4/18CBS 17 helps Durham law student get reimbursed for flights after Uber driver takes off with her possessions cbs17.com
4/18The Benefits and Drawbacks of Electric Carslegalreader.com
4/17Brooklynites slam DOT over narrow Brooklyn Bridge bike lane proposalBrooklyn Paper
4/17Brooklyn borough president calls on MTA to improve safety at subway stationsNews 12 THE BRONX
4/17NYC congestion pricing needs a transit plan. Here’s one for the buses.reorientations.medium.com
4/17Yang, Adams tangle over parking placardsPOLITICO
4/17MTA survey finds few New Yorkers expect to use transit daily as COVID pandemic recedesN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/16Taxi owners demand new city bailout plan after TLC commissioner's 'suicide' gaffeCRAINS
4/16New Yorkers paying historic price to replace Bill de Blasio as mayor NY POST
4/16London Is About To Have An Explosion In Cycling DeathsSINGLE FILE
4/15‘Stop with the suicide thing,’ taxi chief tells cab owner opposed to mayor’s medallion planCRAIN'S
4/15Handcuffed to the wheel: NYC cabbies keep foot on gas pedal in pursuit of debt reliefamNY
4/15City Policy Favoring Purchasers of Expensive Taxi Medallions Passed Constitutional MusterJDSUPRA
4/15Congestion pricing not as climate-friendly as it’s cracked up to be (opinion)silive.com
4/15Gov. Murphy vows to oppose NYC congestion pricing planNEW JERSEY 101.5
4/15Bird, Lime and Veo selected for NYC e-scooter pilot TECH CRUNCH
4/15NYC e-cargo bikes lay groundwork for future of grocery delivery SMARTCITIESDIVE
4/15To Save the New York Subway, Send in the CrowdsBloomberg
4/15Public Pete and Policy Polly: Some guidance for the New York City vet helping lead the U.S. Department of TransportationN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/14Any more tourist attacks, and visitors won’t ever return to NYCNY POST
4/14Uber and Lyft Need a Sharper Turn WSJ.COM
4/14What Is The MTA Assessing In Its Congestion Pricing Environmental Assessment?STREETSBLOG NYC
4/14Stop complaining: 6 reasons why we’re all to blame for our traffic nightmare (opinion)silive.com
4/14NYC Fire Officers union back Eric Adams for mayor N.Y. POST
4/13Uber CEO says company could get into cannabis deliveryCNBC
4/13ANALYSIS: Mayor de Blasio Has Abandoned the Open Streets ‘Program’STREETSBLOG NYC
4/13The 2021 Comprehensive Guide to Electric Scooter Lawsunagiscooters.com
4/13REPORT: City Spent More to Settle Crash Suits Last YearSTREETSBLOG NYC
4/13Uber And Lyft Off: Air Taxis Become Grounded In RealityPYMNTS
4/13Government guidance urges vaccinated passengers to continue applying safety measures in taxisTaxi Point
4/13Scammers seek to profit from Uber, Lyft shortages in Las VegasLAS-VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL
4/12Meet the Republican Candidates for Mayor of New York CityGOTHAM GAZETTE
4/12Uber, drivers at odds over cause of rideshare shortage in Las Vegas KVVU-FOX5
4/12Should taxpayers pay to charge electric vehicles?PORT CITY DAILY
4/12Electric Cars Have The Lowest Annual Fuel Cost: 2021 Chart/insideevs.com
4/12Is It Worth Making Higher Monthly Mortgage Payments to Be Debt Free Faster?fool.com
4/11Subway Ridership Exceeds 2 Million Straphangers In Single Day, A First Since Pandemic Begangothamist
4/11Uber drivers used in grandparents scam, Florida sheriff saysCBS12
4/11'A bridge too far': New Jersey lawmakers decry congestion pricing planABC-7NY
4/11If They Build It, Will We Bike? SanDiego Magazine
4/10Relief for Cab DriversDISSENT
4/10Italy emerges as next front in gig economy labour battleTHE IRISH TIMES
4/10MTA toll hikes on tunnels, bridges take effect this weekendPIX-11
4/10London's congestion charge has led to HIGHER pollutionDaily Mail
4/10LATEST LOBBYING: Advocates Pushing Street-Safety Bills in AlbanySTREETSBLOG NYC
4/10Cyclist accused of causing first E-bike death by dangerous driving 'was 10mph over speed limit'EVENING STANDARD
4/10TransAlt (Not The City) Is Bringing Secure Bike Parking to the Port Authority Bus TerminalSTREETSBLOG NYC
4/10Is the Supreme Court too partisan? Here's what 3 reform proposals would doCBS
4/9Pandemic Was a Disaster for Vision Zero, Says Mayor’s Own ReportSTREETSBLOG NYC
4/9NYC Sets Reopening Dates for Public Beaches, Pools; NJ Gives Key Variant Update NBC-4NY
4/9Report: Cuomo Aide Alleges He Slammed Door Shut Before Groping Her NBC-4NY
4/9Uber announces $250 million stimulus to bring back driversCNBC
4/9Council candidates propose plan to license delivery apps and end exploitationQUEENS Daily Eagle
4/8NYC woman raises cab fare for Asian residents amid hate crime surge N.Y. POST
4/8Biden wants to give electric cars a huge boost. Will people buy them?VOX
4/8Report: Battery swapping might still boom, for taxisand ride-hailingGreen Car Reports
4/8The Gig Economy’s Political Reckoning Has ArrivedBloomberg
4/8A traffic manual ‘to fall asleep by’ stirs road rageRoll Call
4/8Make e-scooters work with transit, not against itggwash.org
4/7Drivers Sue Over Sky-High NYC Taxi License CostsCourthouse News Service
4/7NYC taxi drivers file class action lawsuit against city, claiming medallion prices overinflatedN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/7Need an Uber or Lyft in Boston? Expect a Long Wait: ‘It Takes Forever' NBC Boston
4/7Investment Firm Marblegate is Biggest Player in Taxi Medallion Industry & Betting on RecoveryAutomarketplace
4/7Uber Gave Its 'Independent' Drivers Some Freedom, Now It Might Take It AwayVICE
4/6Help wanted: MTA seeks managers to oversee NYC’s congestion pricingN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/6Readers sound off on train danger, environmental reviews and Zionism’s criticsN.Y. DAILY NEWS
4/6Uber may stop letting drivers see destinations and name pricesS.F. CHRONICLE
4/6NYC mayoral hopefuls contemplate big changes to transportation for 2022N. Y. DAILY NEWS
4/6Dream of Connected NYC Greenway Re-Envisioned as Path to COVID RecoveryTHE CITY
4/6NY budget will likely hike taxes on state’s top earners to highest in the country N.Y. POST
4/6Biden’s plan to rev up the electric car market is complicated by battery suppliesWashington Post
4/5A gas tax? A mileage tax? Biden wary of user fees to pay for roads, bridges and highwaysUSA TODAY
4/5Biden infrastructure plan could fund 2nd Ave. subway extension, Gateway tunnel overhaulN.Y. POST
4/5NYC insiders ramping up attacks against Andrew Yang because he states the obviousN.Y. POST
4/5NYC must stop Governor Cuomo’s plan to demolish area around Penn Station N.Y. POST
4/5TIER Mobility joins ITF Corporate Partnership BoardAutomotive World
4/5NY budget will likely hike taxes on top earners and businesses by billions N.Y. POST
4/5For 7 New Yorkers, a pandemic year’s fight for the futureWashington Post
4/4SF has exploited, failed, and bankrupted its taxi drivers48hills
4/4Upper East Side Candidate Moscaritolo Wants Residential Parking PermitsSTREETSBLOG NYC
4/4Biden Makes a $174 Billion Commitment to Electric CarsAutoweek
4/4Making sure Americans can afford electric vehicles will create jobs and help us reach net-zero emissions.Twitter
4/4Uber Driver Murder: Matthew Fanelli, Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison In Oregon, Will Be Extradited To ColoradoCBS-DENVER
4/4FACT SHEET: The American Jobs PlanTHE WHITE HOUSE
4/4Opinion: What’s wrong with politiciansBROOKLYN PAPER
4/4Op-Ed: NYC Dopes Prepare to Vote in More Lunacywww.publishedreporter.com
4/4Mayoral Candidates Stake Out Sides on New York City’s StreetsBloomberg
4/4Why Tesla is becoming more common as an iconic New York city cab optionauto.hindustantimes.com
4/3Which COVID-19 Restrictions Still Apply In New York City?NY1
4/3Lawmaker claims Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa wanted to resign, but gov ‘begged her to stay’ N.Y. POST
4/3Bloomberg alumni are back in action — and turning on their own POLITICO
4/3Biden’s Push for Electric Cars: $174 Billion, 10 Years and a Bit of LuckN.Y. Times
4/3Should I laminate my COVID vaccine card? Here’s what experts say.nj.com
4/3Auto CEOs See EV Profit Potential After Years of DiscouragementBloomberg
4/2This Private Equity Firm Is the City's Biggest Taxi Medallion PlayerNY1
4/2Uber drivers refused rides to a blind woman and her guide dog. Now the company must pay upS.F. CHRONICLE
4/2Former Melrose Credit Union CEO convicted on bribery charges AMERICAN BANKER
4/2CYCLISTS AGONISTES: New Video Shows that First Avenue Also Needs Wider Bike LanesSTREETSBLOG NYC
4/2Uber Can’t Duck Suit Over Student’s Death on California FreewayBloomberg
4/2Exclusive: NY Democrat calling on Cuomo's top aide DeRosa to resign amid book allegationsCBS6-ALBANY
4/2Jury Finds Former Melrose CU CEO Alan Kaufman Guilty on Two Bribery CountsCredit Union Times
4/2New York can move ahead with plan for congestion tollsFOX5
4/2New York Legislature votes to legalize adult-use, recreational cannabis POLITICO
4/2Hudson Valley Drivers May Have to Pay New York Another Crazy TaxHUDSON VALLEY POST
4/2New York's Favorite Restaurant for Authentic Punjabi FoodABC-7NY
4/1Former CEO Of Melrose Credit Union Convicted Of Bribery Schemes In Manhattan Federal CourtU.S Dept of Justice
4/1Political insiders see Adams, Yang, Stringer at the topCITY&STATE
4/1Uber expands OOH cartop ad network to NYC MARKETINGDIVE
4/1Taxis and Transit, Together: Yellow and Green Taxis Now Available in the Transit app Thanks to Integration with Curb PR Newswire
4/1How the Pandemic Is Speeding Up Job Automation for Struggling New YorkersTHE CITY
4/1Former Santa Maria Uber driver convicted of 13 counts including rape, burglary KSBY6
4/1Most Parents Skip Child Car Seats When Using Uber, LyftHealth Day
3/31NYC congestion pricing plan finally moving ahead as feds start clearing roadblocks set by Trump administrationN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/31Feds: NYC Congestion Pricing Plan Can Move ForwardCBS-WLNY
3/31'Death by dangerous cycling' law consideredBBC
3/31Bolton Council provides £700 grant to taxi vehicle owners struggling during pandemicTaxi Point
3/31Uber OOH expands digital cartop advertising network to New York City PR Newswire
3/31Photographs of 80s New York and its unique residents through a cab windowDAZED
3/30Battle for southeast Queens heats in up NYC mayor’s raceN.Y. POST
3/30NYC’s mayoral race features a candidate for every type of voter N.Y. POST
3/30Man’s leg severed when SUV pins him against livery cab he just got out of in BrooklynN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/30What We Got Wrong About Uber and LyftN.Y. TIMES
3/30New York Taxi Workers Alliance, led by Indian-American, continues protests cabbies’ debt crisisNEWS INDIA
3/30Democratic Mayoral Candidates Talk 'Future of Transportation' in New York CityGOTHAM GAZETTE
3/29White House might tax motorists by the mile to fund $3-4T infrastructure plan N.Y. POST
3/29The first hotel is opening on this NYC island with a notorious pastFOX-CAROLINA
3/29‘It’s a crisis:’ Restaurants fighting to rebound from the pandemic are encountering a surprising new challenge .union-bulletin.com
3/29Taxi Medallion Owners Protest Mayor de Blasio Latest Relief Plan at City HallSOUNDCLOUD
3/29Edith Prentiss, Fierce Voice for New York’s Disabled, Dies at 69N.Y. Times
3/28John Catsimatidis’ family divided over Republican NYC mayoral primary N.Y. POST
3/28Queens leaders rally against anti-Asian hate after attack of Lyft driverQNS.COM
3/28Massachusetts independent contractor lawsuit against Uber and Lyft moves forward after judge refuses to dismissSIA
3/28The Elbert Files: The first electric car BUSINESS RECORD
3/27TREVOR MERRELLS: When is a taxi hail, not a taxi hail?TAXI POINT
3/27Electeds Call for Wider Bike Lanes on Second Avenue and BeyondSTREETSBLOG NYC
3/27New coalition calls on Biden admin to prioritize electrified transportation SMARTCITIESDIVE
3/27Gov. Cuomo under fire from some in NYC as top aide Melissa DeRosa speaks outABC-NY
3/2Transit Or Roads? Urban Or Rural? Transportation Funding Proposal Faces Pull From Many AnglesCPR NEWS
3/26New York City taxis integrated into the Transit appSmart Cities World
3/26PASSED: City Council Establishes DOT Crash Investigation UnitSTREETSBLOG NYC
3/26Court rules Uber and Lyft must face worker-misclassification lawsuit from Massachusetts' attorney generalBUSINESS INSIDER
3/26Bill Proposed to Add Bike and Pedestrian Lanes to MTA BridgesNY1
3/26Editorial: No more idling – fingerprint ride-hail drivers nowBoston Herald
3/26Employment lawsuit against Uber, Lyft will proceed WWLP
3/25Open Streets closed: Cars are reclaiming city blocks set aside for recreation POLITICO
3/25A Plan for Open StreetsOUR TOWN
3/25Uber and Lyft Drivers Have Drawn $80 Million in Government Assistance During the PandemicMARKER
3/25Supreme Court of Canada finds Uber arbitration clause is unconscionable LEXOLOGY
3/25Lack of ride share drivers leads to taxi services making comeback in Las Vegas CBS 8NEWSNOW
3/25ALL CHARGED UP: New Welsh red and black Dynamo ‘eco taxis’ ready for cabbie trialsTaxi Point
3/24NYC’s Mayoral Candidates Pitching Changes to the City’s TransportationCOMMERCIAL OBSERVER
3/24NYC’s Mayoral Candidates Pitching Changes to the City’s TransportationSOURCELINK
3/24EXCLUSIVE: Council Will Pass Bill to Move Crash Investigation from NYPD to DOTSTREETSBLOG NYC
3/24Economists say inflation risks highest in two decades and could force Fed to raise interest rates in 2022 Market Watch
3/24Community groups urge Mayor de Blasio to continue improving Open Streets programamNY
3/24New e-scooter subscription service launches in NYCBrooklyn Paper
3/24Chuck Schumer wants to replace every gas car in America with an electric vehicleTHE VERGE
3/24Affordable Electric Vehicles: 6 New EVs Below $40,000 You Can Buy NowOBSERVER
3/24Tax Day extended to May 17. Everything you need to know nowc/net
3/23The Subway Needs Riders to Save It. Will They?N.Y. Times
3/23Driving downtown? Get ready to pay extraPOLITICO
3/23LA taxi drivers don’t want Uber giving free rides for vaccinationsHOT AIR
3/23Millions must be persuaded to take COVID-19 vaccine for pandemic to end: Sen. SchumerN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/23Waymo's autonomous taxis now make multiple stops, judgment-freeMASHABLE
3/23Uber, Lyft challenge Massachusetts lawsuit over driver status as contractorsWESTLAW TODAY
3/23Prepare Yourself For Much Higher Long Term Interest RatesForbes
3/22Monday’s Headlines: Cars Can Be Slowed Down EditionSTREETSBLOG NYC
3/22Cabbies protest outside of Schumer’s home for improved financial relief planamNY
3/22Uber driver in Massachusetts arrested on kidnapping charge, police sayWCVB
3/22Self-driving trucks won't have big impact on trucker jobs anytime soonAsumeTech
3/21Fighter for fairness: Edith Prentiss was a champion supreme for people with disabilitiesN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/21Tourists are finally returning to NYC N.Y. POST
3/21NY officials covered up more than just nursing-home deathsN.Y. POST
3/21Taxi Drivers Question Uber's Deal With City To Provide Rides To COVID-19 Vaccine SitesYAHOO
3/21Proposition 22 might be the first of many dominoes to fall against gig workersLARIAT
3/21AirTrain plan clears environmental bar QUEENS Chronicle
3/21Goldman Sachs CEO Wanted Workers To Return To The Office, But Now The Bank Is Having Second ThoughtsForbes
3/21NY Supreme Court Judge Rules New York Times Used 'Deceptive Disinformation' To Smear Project VeritasZero Hedge
3/20The de Blasio taxi bailout wastes taxpayer moneyN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/20Uber: the wheel keeps spinningFinancial Times
3/20Cab driver's 10-year journey through the Big Apple captures dramatic decade of change from the 1970s to '80s - pimps and allDaily Mail
3/20The Fed plans to keep interest rates low — so why do mortgage rates keep rising? Market Watch
3/19A Transportation Plan for NYC’s Next MayorManhattan Institute
3/19Woman raped by driver she hailed for a ride home in Brooklyn: cops N.Y. POST
3/19Uber’s Supreme Court fudge could be one of its biggest mistakes yetWIRED
3/19Uber employment rights setback is a ‘gut punch’ to its prospects in the UKCNBC
3/19MTA Looking for Private Business Help With Subway Accessibility UpgradesTHE CITY
3/19Electric Air Taxis Must Be Just as Safe as Commercial Planes, VTOL Exec SaysRobb Report
3/19Barcelona taxi drivers protest against Uber's returnYAHOO
3/18Stimulus Means More Funding For NYC's 'Open Streets,' Mayor SaysPatch
3/18Medallion Owners , Lenders Question DeBlasio’s $65M Taxi Relief FundThe Jewish Voice
3/18FMCSA driverless truck message stokes workforce fearFleetOwner
3/18Calls for immediate reforms in Australia after Uber classifies UK drivers as 'workers'
3/18Manhattan Congestion Fee on Track in Biden Administration, MTA Chief SaysNY1
3/18The fight for drivers’ rights heads to New York Supreme Court.freightwaves.com
3/18EXPLAINER: How Uber UK case could foreshadow gig work revampWashington Post
3/18Uber is Lobbying Canadian Provinces to Rewrite Labour Laws and Create a New ‘Underclass of Workers’ PressProgress
3/18Vice President Harris’ Brother-in-Law Joins Top-Paid Uber ExecsBloomberg
3/17How Covid exacerbated NYC taxi drivers' long-standing debt from inflated feesNBC
3/17Uber drivers in the UK will now get minimum wage and paid vacation after a big court winTHE VERGE
3/17As Uber avoided paying into unemployment, the federal government helped thousands of its drivers weather the pandemicWashington Post
3/17Nearly 500K Manhattan Office Workers Expect To Return By FallPatch
3/17About 4 in 5 Manhattan Office Workers Won’t Return to Their Workplace Full Time: StudyPeople
3/17NYC subway sees highest ridership since start of COVID-19 pandemic N.Y. POST
3/17Volkswagen Group and bp to join forces to expand ultra-fast electric vehicle charging across EuropeAutomotive World
3/16De Blasio: NYC Can Start to Consider Lifting Precautions When 5M New Yorkers Are Fully VaccinatedNY1
3/16Curtis Sliwa launches mayoral run, rips ‘dopes’ de Blasio and Cuomo N.Y. POST
3/16A Simple Guide To How NYC Is Screwing Up Giving Debt Forgiveness To Taxi DriversJALOPNIK
3/16John McDonagh's confessions - life as a New York taxi driverIrishCentral
3/16Automation to Have Extreme Impact on Workforce, FMCSA’s Meera Joshi SaysTransport Topics
3/16Air travel at highest level in nearly a year, TSA saysTHE HILL
3/16Two states tax some drivers by the mile. Many more want to give it a try.Washington Post
3/16Our roads, our money: Uncle Sam must approve congestion pricing for New York CityN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/16Subway Ridership Hits New Peak For First Time During Pandemicgothamist
3/15MARCH (PARKING) MADNESS 2021: Here’s Our First-Round Recap to Set Up the Borough Finals!STREETEBLOG NYC
3/15Like Uber, Lyft, ride-sharing app Via accused of mistreating drivers N.Y. POST
3/15Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Is in Hands of Next Mayor, But No Democrat Running Fully Embraces ItNY1
3/15Assembly focuses $11.3B in transportation funding on highways as subway ridership reboundsamNY
3/15Covid-19 pandemic threatens New York’s iconic yellow taxis The Star
3/15Music legend saves the day after minicab slams into ‘Black Taxi’ outside top London restaurant Taxi Point
3/14Uber Will Likely Need to Reclassify Workers in Spainstansberryresearch.com
3/14Uber Is Seeing an Improvement in Rides. Why Its Stock Could Still Be a Buy.BARRONS
3/14Are electric vehicles poised to kill the gasoline engine car? Welcome to the 'golden age' of EVsUSA TODAY
3/13Can New York City rescue its taxi drivers?CITY&STATE
3/13A lousy tipper: Mayor de Blasio’s taxi medallion fund can’t hurt, but it won’t solve the problemN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/13NYC mass transit receives billions in federal funding from stimulus PIX 11
3/13Uber CEO, other execs saw pay cuts in 2020 but still raked in millions Market Watch
3/13NYC to Spend $65 Million to Bailout Taxi DriversJewish Voice
3/12Debate Schedule Set for New York City Mayoral RaceGotham Gazette
3/12MTA backs off plan to freeze NYC transit worker wages and raises due in MayN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/12NYC Congressional Reps Will Try Again To Ban Non-Essential Helicopter Flights Over NYCgothamist
3/12Tesla touts self-driving to consumers. To the DMV, it tells a different tale L.A. Times
3/12Less traffic, more death: A bizarre 2020 should make us rethink our transportation prioritiesFRONTIER GROUP
3/12100 new federal COVID-19 vaccine hubs to open in New York 6sqft.com
3/12Uber Drivers Who Defeated Ride-Hailing App Want Their DataYAHOO
3/12Uber Is Expanding Its War on Labor to Canada With a Prop 22 CloneVICE
3/12Uber and Lyft to finally share names of drivers deactivated over sexual assault and other serious incidentsCNN
3/12Mayor Unveils $65 Million Relief Fund for Taxi Medallion Owner-Drivers; Critics Say It Does Little to HelpAstoria Post
3/12Electric Cars Are Coming And If You Don’t Like It, ToughForbes
3/11KOMANOFF: De Blasio’s Medallion ‘Bailout’ Plan Ignores True Cause Of Taxi Driver DistressSTREETSBLOG NYC
3/11Union fires back after $65M relief for taxi medallion owners announced radio.com
3/11Ozone Park City Council candidate says city’s taxi medallion owner fund falls shortqns.com
3/11NYC to launch $65 million taxi driver fund using federal COVID-19 reliefN.Y POST
3/11New York COVID-19 variant spreading in cityFOX 5NY
3/11Uber Canada proposes changes to labour laws to provide workers with some benefitsGlobalNEWS
3/11FMCSA chief Joshi: Drivers will take hit from automated trucksfreightwaves.com
3/11Miami plans to build vertical airports for flying taxis by 2024STATESCOOP
3/10Taxi Drivers Not Satisfied With New York City's Financial Relief PlanCBS-WLNY
3/10De Blasio’s $65 million taxi medallion debt relief plan draws snickers from industry, NYC polsamNY
3/10De Blasio Backs Taxi Medallion Relief Plan, But Taxi Drivers Group RevoltsNY1
3/10Taxi relief fund created to help NYC cab drivers martinsvillebulletin.com
3/10NYC to offer financially troubled yellow taxi medallion owners up to $20,000 to restructure debtN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/10New York to Spend $65 Million to Rescue Cab Drivers. Is It Enough?N.Y. TIMES
3/9Uber drivers are workers – and now things must changeGREEN WORLD
3/9NYS AG hires lawyers for Gov. Cuomo probe, including ex-fed Joon Kim N.Y. POST
3/9James names 2 to probe harassment allegations against Gov. Cuomo, including ex-U.S. attorneyNewsday
3/9Should we all wear sensors to avoid being run over by driverless cars?NewScientist
3/9Electric Air Taxi Startup Joby Aviation To Go Public at $6.6 Billion ValuationMAXIM
3/9Uber, Lyft rerouted for post-pandemic profitabilityET
3/9Uber Technologies Inc. stock underperforms Monday when compared to competitors Market Watch
3/8Top N.Y. lawmakers call for Cuomo to step down after he says 'no way I resign'NBC NEWS
3/8Cuomo to sign bill curbing emergency powers, looks to increase restaurant capacity outside NYC to 75% radio.com
3/8Uber does not need workers after allIOL
3/8New York City's Financial District faces office glut as tenant exits loomTHE BUSINESS TIMES
3/8Tesla Beware, Chinese Electric Cars Are Poised to Take Over the Marketinterestingengineering.com
3/8Electric Vehicles Are the U.S. Auto Industry’s Future—if Dealers Can Figure Out How to Sell Them WSJ
3/8Israeli 5-minute battery charge aims to fire up electric carsfrance24.com
3/7March to #FundExcludedWorkers Shut Down Brooklyn, Manhattan BridgesBklyner.
3/7Electric cars likely to do less damage to environment. But that won't be easyEnergy World
3/7Electric car charging stations near me: Where to charge your electric cartom's guide
3/7GRIDLOCK SAM: Outdoor arts and cultural performances are returning, but some road closures are coming tooN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/7Former Aide Says Cuomo Hugged Her in ‘Inappropriate' Hotel Room EmbraceNYC-4NY
3/7‘Vaxi taxi’ helps alleviate vaccine anxiety in the UK N.Y. POST
3/7Ample is striving to ensure that battery swapping for electric vehicles becomes a standard concept nyjets101.com
3/6Self-driving startups are becoming an endangered speciesarstechnica.com
3/6One Billboard Outside Albany Capitol: How activist plans to shame top Cuomo aideN.Y. POST
3/6Medical Episode Suspected Cause in NYC Car Crash Into Outdoor Dining Setup Injuring 7 NBC-4NY
3/6Congestion pricing back in play for New York CityFOX 5
3/6Taxi Drivers Join Pandemic-Stricken Workers in NYC Bridge ProtestsYAHOO
3/6What to Know About Extended Car Warranties — and Why They’re Rarely Worth Ittime.com
3/6Grassroots gigworker activism, brought to you by… UberTECHWORKER
3/6GM is close to building a second EV battery factory in the US, report saysTHE VERGE
3/5Cuomo aides rewrote nursing home report to hide higher death toll THE BUFFALO NEWS
3/5Move over, Uber. I want to ride on this tiny trolleyFast Company
3/5Uber must pay up,’ say drivers after landmark UK judgementTRTWORLD
3/5Ottawa taxi companies are facing an insurance squeeze as commercial rates skyrocket ottawacitizen.com
3/5Brussels bans Uber drivers from picking up rides through the app POLITICO
3/4NY: On S.I. tour, Yang visits with local Dems; talks business, transitMass Transit
3/4Lyft says it just had its best week for rides since pandemic lockdowns beganCNBC
3/4Ted Cruz berates former NYC Transportation Commissioner over Uber regulations N.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/4Cuomo’s top female adviser, Melissa DeRosa, weighs in on sex harassment allegations N.Y. POST
3/4Johnson & Johnson vaccine to be offered at Yankee Stadium, Javits Center during overnight hoursN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/4Ample is trying to make battery swapping for EVs a reality, starting with Uber drivers in the Bay AreaCNBC
3/4'Flying taxi' startup Volocopter picks up another $241M, says service is now two years outTECH CRUNCH
3/3TLC Launches DriveNYCTaxi To Help Yellow & Green Taxi Owners Find TLC Drivers. How the Industry Could Come BackAuto Market Place
3/3Uber: Is this the beginning of the end for the ride-hailing Goliath?The Next Web
3/3De Blasio pushes ‘aggressive’ approval of NYC’s congestion pricing in call with ButtigiegN.Y. DAILY NEWS
3/3Watch This Quiet, All-Electric Air Taxi Fly for the First TimeRobb Report
3/3New York legislation regulating use of e-bicycles and e-scooters LEXOLOGY
3/3Rochester woman helped push effort to change law that suspended licenses for unpaid finesDemocrat & Chronicle
3/3Meet the Uber drivers who spent 5 years fighting the ride-hailing firm for basic workers' rights — and wonBUSINESS INSIDER
3/3Coalition Calls On NYC Leaders To Kick Cars Off 25 Percent Of City Streetsgothamist
3/3Meet the New Yorkers Who Say They’ve Given Up on the SubwaysTHE CITY
3/2GM’s electric vehicle plans begin to take shape with new lower-priced Chevy BoltsCNBC
3/2Melissa DeRosa email omits harassment, nursing home scandalsReport Door
3/2Third Woman Accuses Cuomo Of Sexual Harassment -- And There's A PictureZero Hedge
3/2Uber's UK supreme court defeat should mean big changes to the gig economyThe Guardian
3/2MA: Fight over ride-hailing fees returns to Beacon HillMass Transit
3/2Forget About Traffic: This Startup Will Change Everythingbanyanhill.com
3/2A high-end car service backed by Daimler is launching in 8 US cities as it attempts to compete with Uber and LyftBUSINESS INSIDER
3/2Royal Caribbean just announced its first 'fully vaccinated' cruises are setting sail in MayBUSINESS INSIDER
3/2Lime invests $50 million in its e-bike micromobility serviceBicycle Retailer
3/1First new Broadway show marquee installed since COVID pandemicABC-7NY
3/1NYC Sheriffs Bust 350+ People at Illicit Nightclubs in Queens, Manhattan NBC-4NY
3/1New Chauffeur-Hailing Service Seeks to Challenge Uber, Lyft in City Rides Wall Street Journal
3/1Mortgage Interest Rates Rise SharplyForbes
3/1Uber drivers can no longer use smartphones in Brussels Brussels Times
3/1Cabbies win road curbs challengeLaw Gazette
2/28Why Curtis Sliwa Says He is Serious About Running For MayorNY1
2/28Second former aide accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment: report N.Y. POST
2/28Gig companies prepare to bring their fight for independent work nationwide under a more skeptical Biden administrationCNBC
2/28Self-driving taxis hit roads in Wuhan
2/28U.S. consumers rebound to boost spending 2.4% as income jumpsstaradvertiser.com
2/27How an Albany Think Tank Exposed Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus Cover-UpNATIONAL REVIEW
2/27Amid the Scandals, Cuomo’s Enemies Are Ready to Unleash a Decade of Resentmentnymag.com
2/27NYC Marks 1-Year Anniversary Since Coronavirus DetectedPatch
2/27AAA survey finds 86% of drivers afraid to ride in automated vehicles 8newsnow.com
2/27Does New York Really Need an All-Night Subway?BLOOMBERG
2/27For Better or Worse, Prop. 22 Could Become a Model for U.S.sanjoseinside.com
2/27New York Ban on Arbitration of Discrimination Claims Repeatedly Struck Down as Inconsistent With Federal LawJDSUPRA
2/26The Supreme Court owned Uber. What comes next is much worseWIRED
2/26Uber: New Zealand could follow UK ruling that drivers are employees - expertstuff
2/26NYC mayoral hopeful Fernando Mateo snags endorsements from Bronx and Queens RepublicansN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/26‘Hard to see the path out’: Cuomo besieged as crises grow POLITICO
2/26Taxi medallion crisis hits home in D32 QUEENS Chronicle
2/26Biden infrastructure plan could fund new Brooklyn subway, Schumer says N.Y. POST
2/266 Tips to Avoid a Car Accident in NYCCITY GUIDE
2/25Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs has abandoned another US smart city project after reported fights about transparencyBUSINESS INSIDER
2/25NY Gov. Cuomo responds after former aide says he kissed her, suggested strip pokerABC-NY
2/25KOMANOFF: Transparency is Why DOT, Not NYPD, Should Oversee Crash InvestigationsSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/25State's Largest Vaccine Sites Open in Brooklyn, Queens As Possible New Variant Found in NYC NBC-NY
2/25Italy fines Uber and food apps, says couriers are employeesYAHOO
2/25Chinese Ride-Sharing Giant Didi Plans Entry Into EuropeBloomberg
2/25Breakingviews - Europe is now the main front in gig economy warREUTERS
2/25Gig Workers Gather Their Own Data to Check the Algorithm’s MathWIRED
2/24CONGESTION PRICING Secretary Pete Is Already Coming Through for New York City on Congestion PricingCURBED
2/24New York hotel workers seek COVID-19 vaccine in appeal to Cuomo N.Y. POST
2/24South African Uber drivers join global push for worker rights: lawyersYAHOO
2/24Uber’s UK Court Loss Likely to Trigger More Complaints from Gig Workers Across EuropeINSURANCE JOURNAL
2/24New York City businesses are barely hanging onN.Y. POST
2/24Cuomo’s office terrorized me for doing my job as a journalist N.Y. POST
2/24The MTA will now give out a second mask to any rider who asks for itTime Out
2/24Archer Aviation aims to launch network of urban air taxis in Los Angeles by 2024TECH CRUNCH
2/24Hyderabad: Ola, Uber taxis vanishing fast from city roadswww.siasat.com
2/24Is It Safe to Take Uber or Lyft During Covid-19?webwriterspotlight.com
2/23New York City movie theaters to reopen in early March stltoday.com
2/23Cuomo’s office terrorized me for doing my job as a journalistN.Y. POST
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2/22Monday’s Headlines: And It’s All Legal EditionSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/22Uber posts big loss as pandemic clobbers ridesharingYAHOO
2/22Hoboken, Jersey City take final steps toward a merged Citi Bike systemnj.com
2/22NYC Subways Resume Some Overnight Hours, Move Closer to Return of 24/7 Service NBC-NY
2/22Is This the End of Tipping?N.Y. Times
2/22Two NYPD officers injured in collision with livery car in Brooklyn N.Y. POST
2/21Should community boards weigh in on bike lanes?CITY&STATE
2/21Uber Shuts Down App That Told Drivers If Uber Underpaid ThemVICE
2/21Mayoral candidate talks bringing business back to NYC: ‘First thing we need to do is get public safety back'FOX NEWS
2/21Uber’s taxi service is in red on quiet Wall Streetcommentaryboxsports.com
2/21Let’s Talk Policy What does the road to recovery look like?N.Y. Times
2/21Food Delivery Drivers Say Pay Sharply Dropped After Prop 22 PassedS.F. EATER
2/20Tish strikes out: Shame on her for claiming a massive fraud then balkingN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/20Uber loses final appeal against drivers’ employment status in UKTHE VERGE
2/20Where does NYC congestion pricing stand? MTA, feds are advancing toward an answeramNY
2/20Helicopter rideshare in downtown Chicago might begin later this yearCHICAGO SUN TIMES
2/20Lyft sees its future, and it is autonomous and B2B focused.freightwaves.com
2/20There’s One Big Problem With Electric CarsN.Y. Times
2/19Uber drivers are workers not self-employed,(UK) Supreme Court rulesYAHOO
2/19N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James backs off of lawsuit against NYC for taxi medallion crisisN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/19Uber could give gig workers a better deal but it's lobbying EU to lower standards, says FairworkTECH CRUNCH
2/19AG Letitia James abandons threat to sue NYC over taxi medallion debt N.Y. POST
2/19MTA Advances Plan to Charge Drivers on Busiest Manhattan StreetsBloomberg
2/19 Hong Kong taxi operators strike back at Uber with plan to introduce fleet of premium six-seater cabs scmp.com
2/19A year into the pandemic, Uber and Lyft drivers say gig companies are still failing them. They blame Prop 22.BUSINESS INSIDER
2/19The underwhelming reality of driverless carsCITY MONITOR
2/18The Gig Economy Is Coming for Millions of American JobsBloomberg
2/18Uber And Lyft Are Still Facing An Uncertain FutureYAHOO
2/18New York MTA Eyes $500 Million of Congestion Pricing DebtBloomberg
2/18Taxi medallion crisis hits home for one candidateCITY&STATE
2/18The endangered yellow New York cabs?INSPIRED TRAVLER
2/18Food Workers Can Now Get the COVID Vaccine. Here’s Howdocumentedny.com
2/18U.S. attorney, FBI investigating Cuomo's handling of nursing home deathsNBC NEWS
2/18Taxi Driver Who Lost His Medallion Now On the Verge of Losing His HomeNY-1
2/17Feds Start to Break the Congestion Pricing LogjamSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/17Amid Pandemic, New Yorkers Challenge Civil Summonses at 100,000 Remote HearingsGotham Gazette
2/17FMCSA Extends Emergency Declaration Through May 31Transport Topics
2/17In Pictures: Pandemic threatens New York’s iconic yellow taxisaljazeera.com
2/17Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home executives after big campaign donationsThe Guardian
2/17Cutting out the middleman on electric car salesAXIOS
2/16Help cabbies survive this perfect stormN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/16City Council Candidate Felicia Singh Details her Dream for Queens, NY, District 32browngirlmagazine.com
2/16New York Based Taxi Technology Platform Announces New Team Leaders Ahead of Expansion into US Taxi Market CISION
2/16New York taxi union demands accountability from Gov. Cuomo for death of 9 driversnews 12 THE BRONX
2/16Food Workers Can Now Get the COVID Vaccine. Here’s HowTHE CITY
2/15Coronavirus pandemic threatens New York’s iconic yellow taxisINQUIRER.NET
2/15New York state Federation of Taxi Drivers rally for COVID-19 aidTHE BRONX news 12
2/15NYC’s Recovery May Drag Out Until 2023 Or Later, According to New Report gothamist
2/15Uber, Lyft Drivers File New Lawsuit Against California’s Proposition 22LEGAL READER
2/15In 2020, Lyft and Uber picked up more essential workers who can't work remotelyMASHABLE
2/15Will ride-hailing profits ever come?WORLD NEWSERA
2/15United Airlines Adds New Routes For Summer And Invests In Flying TaxisTRAVEL OFF PATH
2/15New York expands vaccine eligibility despite supply issues EAST OREGONIAN
2/14United Airlines buying electric flying taxis that could take travelers from downtown Chicago to O'HareABC NEWS
2/14Andrew Yang hires Indian-American to co-lead NYC Mayoral campaignNEWSINDIA
2/14Uber’s 4Q loss narrows, raising hopes for pandemic recoverytribtown.com
2/14Flying taxis to hit the skies in 2024 RT
2/14Carjackings are up—and gig workers are getting victimizedarstechnica.com
2/13NY state lawmaker will ask legislature to impeach Cuomo over nursing home scandal WCSI
2/13Who is Melissa DeRosa, top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo?N.Y. POST
2/13Lime to hire 40 New Yorkers if included in DOT e-scooter pilot programamNY
2/13NY Dems want Cuomo to lose COVID powers after Post nursing home bombshell N.Y. POST
2/13If Rush Hour Dies, Does Mass Transit Die With It?SLATE
2/13When Commuting Comes Back The E-Scooters Will Be Ready Bloomberg
2/13Auto industry embraces Biden's electrification efforts SMARTCITIESDIVE
2/13Cuomo pushes $145M raid on funds dedicated to cash-strapped MTA N.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/12Drowning In Debt, Taxi Drivers Hold ‘Day Of Action,’ Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge And Rally Outside Of Gracie MansionCBS-NY-WLNY
2/12Man punches cab driver, breaking eye socket, before robbing him in Manhattan: policePIX-11
2/12Cuomo aide admits they hid nursing home data so feds wouldn’t find outN.Y. POST
2/12Democratic Mayoral Candidates Offer Albany Agendas, Strategies for Accomplishing ThemGOTHAM GAZETTE
2/12How Cuomo Is Looming Over The NYC Mayor’s Racegothamist
2/12Mayor de Blasio joins calls for Gov. Cuomo to lose emergency powers: reportFOX NEWS
2/12Uber and Lyft’s Surge Pricing Looks Excessive Wall Street Journal
2/12Hudson Yards A Ghost Town, Investors Panic As Company 'Admits' Financial ProblemsZero Hedge
2/11Exclusive: Congressional Democrats set to back more than $50 billion for transportation sectorREUTERS
2/11VIDEO: Taxi drivers demanding debt forgiveness shut down Brooklyn Bridge 1010 WINS
2/11Taxi Medallion Crisis Puts Queens Council Candidate in Danger of Losing Homeastoriapost
2/11Lyft Is Getting a Slap on the Wrist for Misleading Prop 22 AdsVICE
2/11One Thing Millennials Aren't Killing? Public Transportation npr
2/11MTA ignores state mandate to compare sky-high costs with expenses of transit systems in other countriesN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/11De Blasio, Mets mascots welcome Queens residents to Citi Field, the latest vaccination site N.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/11Uber’s Food Delivery Business Nearly Matches Ride-SharingN.Y. Times
2/10Is New York’s Scooter Future Like Paris or Chicago? Survey Says …STREETSBLOG NYC
2/10'Disastrous' Streetspace scheme rules unlawfulRomford Recorder
2/10Toyota is developing autonomous taxis with help from AuroraYAHOO
2/10Transportation planners now have a new challenge: mapping out the future of self-driving cars in citiesBUSINESS INSIDER
2/10Wall Street eager to see when Uber, Lyft expect return to normalcy following COVID-19FOX
2/9Ride-Share Drivers Face Carjackings, COVID-19 and Uncertain Income. A Fight Over Employment Status Could Be Nextwttw
2/9The Gig Economy Dipped Again in the Fall. But How Bad Was It?N.Y. Times
2/9Citi Field to open as COVID vaccine site for taxi drivers, food workers and Queens residents N.Y. POST
2/9Biden Administration Begins Bid to Create Nationwide Version of California’s AB5cei.org
2/9Uber vs. New YorkLEGAL TALK NETWORK
2/9Uber and Lyft: A Tale of Two Earnings ReportsMotley Fool
2/9Taxi driving with a twist: New game explores the dramatic life of a New York cab driverTaxi Point
2/9Pandemic, rising costs push a quarter of Toronto's taxi drivers off the roadCBC
2/8One of Uber's earliest investors says the billions it spent on self-driving were a 'waste of money'BUSINESS INSIDER
2/8‘That Short Trip Took A Piece Of My Life Away’: Uber And Lyft’s Reckoning With Sexual Assault Falls Short, Survivors Say OXYGEN
2/8Uber, Lyft and Disney earnings: What to know in the week aheadYAHOO
2/8AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Does Not Work Well Against Virus Variant in South AfricaN.Y. Times
2/8Drivers Must Be Properly ClassifiedLAW.COM
2/8New Yorkers trudge through snow for COVID vax — but some turned away N.Y. POST
2/8Negative interest rates and huge deficits are the new normal. What comes next?CNN
2/8'I lost everything': laid-off workers battle Florida's chaotic benefit system The Guardian
2/7California Tosses Lawsuit Seeking to Give Rideshare, Gig Drivers More BenefitsLegal Reader
2/7Cheeseburgers in Paradise: Margaritaville is opening a hotel in New York’s Times SquareTHE POINTS GUY
2/7The Greatest Ridesharing Apps for 2021shepherdgazette.com
2/62019-Komanoff: Times Exposé Understated the Damage to Yellow Cab Industry by Uber and LyftSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/6NY: MTA second-in-command quits, returns to CanadaMASS TRANSIT
2/6What Pete Buttigieg's Nomination to Transportation Secretary Means for the New York AreaWNYC
2/6NY reps ask DOJ to subpoena Cuomo on COVID nursing home deaths N.Y. POST
2/6Today in Automotive History: 1934’s NY Taxi RiotsTHE NEWSWHEEL
2/6Pay-as-you-go insurance, the future norm for fleetsfleeteurope.com
2/6Celebrity Chefs Chart New Future for NYC Restaurant SceneBloomberg
2/5UBER to Post Q4 Earnings: Will Mobility Weakness Mar Results?YAHOO FINANCE
2/5McCoy will not open vaccines up to restaurant workers, livery drivers and instead focus on vulnerablespotlightnews.com
2/5City will make plan to vaccinate homebound seniors: local polBroooklyn Paper
2/5Restaurant Workers And Taxi Drivers Are Now Vaccine Eligible. Here's What We Know, So Fargothamist
2/5Vehicle Mile Tax Draws Fresh Attention as Buttigieg Takes PostBLOOMBERG
2/4Cuomo Opens Door For Restaurant Workers, Taxi Drivers To Get Vaccinated. Can NYC Handle It?gothamist
2/4COVID vaccination sites reopen in NYC, Yankee Stadium to open FridayABC-7NY
2/4New Grand Hyatt Hotel to Transform Grand Central Terminal, Renderings Show NBC-4NY
2/4De Blasio Appoints Brooklyn Lawyer And Campaign Donor As New DOT Commissioner gothamist
2/4NY reps ask DOJ to subpoena Cuomo on COVID nursing home deaths N.Y. POST
2/4Silicon Valley Wants to Entrench the Gig Economy and Neutralize the Labor MovementJACOBIN
2/4CA Supreme Court denies lawsuit challenging Prop 22’s constitutionalityTECH CRUNCH
2/4Uber buys Boston-based alcohol delivery service Drizly for $1.1 billionBoston Globe
2/4Inspired by COVID biking boom, cycling bills reintroduced in Congress SMARTCITIESDIVE
2/3NY Restaurant Workers, Taxi Drivers Could Get Coronavirus VaccinePATCH
2/3SBA Paycheck Protection ProgramNY.GOV
2/3Who’s the Front-Runner? 5 Takeaways From the First Mayoral DebateN.Y. TIMES
2/3Kathryn Garcia’s vision as NYC’s next mayor includes electric school buses and residential parking permitsN.Y. DAILY NEWS
2/3Taxi advocate Fernando Mateo launches bid for NYC mayor N.Y. POST
2/3‘Radical’? No, the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane Plan is Simply Adjusting to RealitySTREETSBLOG NYC
2/2How a lax TLC allowed the app-hail ride industry to undermine the cab industry CRAIN'S
2/2California Uber drivers score a win after court partially allows class-action lawsuit for pre-Prop 22 paymentsBusiness Insider
2/2City Council Races are Heating Up; Here’s Why You Should CareWest Side Rag
2/2NYC Fast-Food Worker Law Shines Light on ‘Just Cause’ PoliciesBloomberg Law
2/2Federal mask mandate starts Tuesday. Here are the rules. nj.com
2/2Uber and Lyft Stock Are Rallying Ahead of Earnings. What to Expect.BARRONS
2/2Electric Cars Are Coming, and Fast. Is the Nation’s Grid Up to It?N.Y. Times
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2/2Majority of New Yorkers Want Street Safety Improvements, Bike and Bus Lanes: PollSTREETSBLOG NYC
2/198 Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They've Had.eatthis.com
2/1Chicago Gig Workers Join With Nation’s Largest Uber and Lyft Drivers Guild To Launch IDG ChicagoOakland News Now
2/1Chicago Gig Workers Join With Nation’s Largest Uber and Lyft Drivers Guild To Launch IDG ChicagoSOURCELINK
2/1Will Lyft Stock Reach $75 By 2022?YAHOO
2/1Uber Eats dodges responsibility to support vulnerable workersMIRAGE
2/1“Bait and Switch”: Firings Make Some Drivers Regret Yes Vote on Prop 22L.A. Sentinel
1/31Two Drivers Kill Pedestrians in Separate Incidents — One FleesSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/31Mayor Will Create More Space for Cyclists on Brooklyn, Queensboro Bridges — By Taking Space from DriversSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/31Mayor de Blasio sets goal to vaccinate 5 million New Yorkers in State of the CityamNY
1/31De Blasio Vows Return of NYC Workers, Schools in His Final YearBloomberg
1/30A volunteer-led effort to help you find a COVID-19 vaccine in or aroundnycvaccinelist.com
1/30KOMANOFF: Hey, Drivers, Here’s How to Stop Worrying and Love Bike Lanes on BridgesSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/30Uber Is Casting Single Parents and Immigrants to Parrot Talking Points In New AdVICE
1/30NYC Women To Fill Key Positions In Biden's Transportation Agencies gothamist
1/30In Note to Fauci, Top City Doctor Takes Shot at de Blasio’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing ProgramTHE CITY
1/30Uber Eats accused of using new contract to exploit Australian delivery riders The Guardian
1/30County Board Moves to Provide Relief to Arlington Taxicabs ARLnow
1/30Cuomo Announces Reopening Date for NYC Indoor Dining NATIONAL REVIEW
1/30Uber's Autocab acquisition gets eyed by UK competition watchdogTECH CRUNCH
1/30Study: Chicagoland Uber and Lyft drivers would benefit from becoming employeesSTREETSBLOG CHICAGO
1/29New York City cabbies beg de Blasio for forgiveness, at last, of heavy medallion debtamNY
1/29NYC plans bike lane to replace car lane on Brooklyn BridgeN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/29What Does Polly Trottenberg’s NYC DOT Tell Us About What She’ll Do in D.C.?CURBED
1/29Gig Economy Regulation Under BidenCATO
1/29General Motors plans to exclusively offer electric vehicles by 2035CNBC
1/29NYC Council members say overnight subway closure will threaten vaccine distributionN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/29California and New York Roll Back Certain COVID-19 Restrictions LEXOLOGY
1/29Firefly Launches Tesla-top Ads, Elevating Taxi-top Advertising to Reach Premium BrandsDisplay Daily
1/28MTA losing $5M for every additional month of delayed fare hikes N.Y. POST
1/28Coronavirus NY: Cuomo lifts Orange zone restrictions; plan for NYC restaurants by end of weekABC-7NY
1/28New York’s business districts face uncertain future despite vaccine rolloutGLOBAL TIMES
1/28Wednesday’s Headlines: Union Square Flim-Flam? EditionSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/28MTA saved no money by closing overnight subway service, transit officials admit N.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/28Pete Buttigieg wins Senate committee vote as Biden Transportation secretaryREUTERS
1/28The truth about Uber Eats, DoorDash and Skip the DishesMACLEANS
1/28Biden’s Pick to lead the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has little trucking experience if anyPT NEWS
1/28Sam Schwartz Congratulates Meera Joshi on USDOT AppointmentSam Schwartz
1/28California Uber drivers score a win after court partially allows class-action lawsuit for pre-Prop 22 paymentsBUSINESS INSIDER
1/27NYC Yellow Cab Drivers Demand Mayor De Blasio Deliver Much-Needed Debt reliefCBS-NY-WLNY
1/27Majority of motorists favor street safety improvements: PollBrooklyn Paper
1/27The push to decriminalize ‘streetwalking’ follows a deadly run of NYC ‘reforms’ N.Y. POST
1/27Can Uber Help Save Public Transit?Bloomberg
1/27Can the MTA get back on track without derailing New York’s recovery?CITY&STATE
1/27Schumer Confident About Hudson River Tunnel Project, Congestion Pricinggothamist
1/26Yankee Stadium, Citi Field COVID-19 vaccine sites postponed indefinitely N.Y. POST
1/26Street Food Vendor Permits to Expand by Thousands as Council Readies VoteTHE CITY
1/26Change Coming for Part-time Workers Receiving Unemployment BenefitsTHE CITY
1/26The Startup With Thousands of Electric Vehicles and Hundreds of CollisionsBloomberg Green
1/26Chuckie’s in Love: Schumer Says Biden and Buttigieg Will Prioritize Congestion Pricing … But When?!STREETSBLOG NYC
1/26New York Court: Uber Drivers Are Employees Eligible for Unemployment InsuranceINSURANCE JOURNAL
1/26Cuomo Says Some Restrictions to Ease in Coming Days; NYC Delays New Mega-Sites Amid Shortage NBC-4NY
1/26Dominion Voting Systems sues Rudy Giuliani over false election claims, seeks $1.3 billionNBC NEWS
1/25Governor Cuomo Announces $130 Million Proposal to
Help Highly Impacted Small Businesses with Tax Credits as Part of FY 2022 Executive Budget
New York State
1/25Uber and Lyft set records in annual spending on Washington lobbying Market Watch
1/25Why Vaccines Alone Will Not End the PandemicN.Y. Times
1/25Spending more on DoorDash and UberEats? This fee may be whyABC-7NY
1/25Uber has a wild new plan for global ride-hailing dominationWIRED
1/25Imagine there’s no traffic. Amid the pandemic, it isn’t as hard to
1/25Uber joins accessible taxi scheme in AustraliaIntellegent Transport
1/24Study: Taking An App Taxi More than Doubles Your Roadway ImpactSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/24MTA Chair Says Most Drivers Can Afford Incoming Toll IncreasesNY1
1/24Opinion: California Supreme Court should hear this challenge to Proposition 22
1/24Taxi companies lose court bid to quash Uber, Lyft approvals in British ColumbiaTORONTO STAR
1/24Dr. Fauci says Trump administration 'blocked' him from appearing on 'Rachel Maddow' show:AOL
1/23Uber and Lyft Sponsored Law Under AttackCAPITAL & MAIN
1/23Personnel Is Policy at US DOT transitcenter.org
1/23Taxi drivers and airline workers forced to brink of starvation as travel is at a standstillktvz
1/23Metro launches pilot program to test new air filtration system in subway carsWashington Post
1/23San Francisco taxi drivers lose dream, face foreclosures as pandemic jolts businessS.F, Chronicle
1/23Corey Johnson asks Biden DOT nominee Pete Buttigieg to OK NYC congestion tollsN.Y. POST
1/23Uber faces legal action threat — this time from drivers of London’s distinctive black cabs Market Watch
1/22The future of taxi driving is in the starsS.F. Ezaminer
1/22Biden Appoints Slew of DOT OfficialsTransport Topics
1/22It Looks Like the Rich Aren’t Abandoning New York After AllCURBED
1/22Uber: London cabbies plan to sue for damagesBBC
1/22MTA Resumes Access-A-Ride Cash Fare Collections Even as COVID Infections GrowTHE CITY
1/22Smart Cities of the future: 7 things that successful cities doiot-analytics.com
1/22Who’s Paying for the Great Delivery Wars? EATER
1/22 Campaign for District 24’s most vulnerableQUEENS Chronicle
1/21With fare hike stopped, transit advocates in Manhattan call for restoration of 24-hour subway serviceamNY
1/21Mayoral Hopefuls Appeared at a Candidate Forum; Then the Conversation Got InterestingGOTHAM GAZETTE
1/21'Coming for You and Your Job': With Prop. 22, Are Grocery Staff Layoffs Just the Beginning?KQED
1/21New York and Mexico City Based Taxi Technology Platforms Wapanda and YoYo
Announce Partnership in Effort to Modernize Rideshare Industry
PR Newswire
1/21Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's budget: Hundreds of millions for mass transit, educationNewsday
1/21How Biden’s Amtrak legacy may help advance NY’s transportation agendaCITY & STATE
1/21Here’s what you’re paying for Proposition 22S.F. Chronicle
1/2110 notable Trump pardons include Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, ex-Google engineer Mercury News
1/20Race to vaccinate drivers: Cabbies and Uber drivers deserve better than what they’re gettingN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/20MTA Worker Shortages and Illnesses Take Toll on Subway ServiceTHE CITY
1/20MTA Postpones Planned 2021 Fare Hike "For Several Months" Because "People Are Suffering"gothamist
1/20Take A Look At Amazon’s Self-driving RobotaxiWTMJ-TV
1/20Contractor or employee? The Department of Labor gets into the debate of how to classify some workers Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
1/2010 startups working on sustainable alternatives to everyday transportationsifted
1/20Uber and Lyft Drivers Hurt in Rideshare Accidentsnatlawreview.com
1/20Expanded healthcare benefits made available to New York’s Uber, Lyft driversamNY
1/19The Union Square Plan: Get Rid of Cars, Create More Space for PeopleSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/19Gig Workers Are Employees. Start Treating Them That Way.N.Y. Times
1/19Volocopter seeks FAA approval for US air taxi launchIntelligent Transport
1/19Trottenberg, former NYC transportation chief, among Biden appointments N.Y. POST
1/19Biden campaigned on making gig workers employees. Now he has to convince Democrats.Washington Post
1/19Amazon, Uber Among New Corporate Donors to Biden InaugurationBloomberg
1/19NYC to help seniors reach vaccine sites: de BlasioN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/19Big Tech Critics Alarmed at Direction of Biden Antitrust PersonnelThe Intercept
1/19NY gov explores buying virus vaccine directly from maker ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
1/19Biden’s policies on technologyWashington Post
1/18New York’s smallest businesses will no longer be supervised by policeQUARTZ
1/18After Prop 22, Expect Uber to Escalate Its War on Workers’ RightsJACOBIN
1/18De Blasio’s latest budget barely rises to level of whistling past graveyard N.Y. POST
1/18Restaurants Hate Third-Party Delivery Services, ActuallyTHE SPOON
1/18Uber and Lyft drivers challenge California 'gig worker' ballot RAW STORY
1/17Chicago taxicab king no more: Empire of mogul linked to Daley son, ex-Trump fixer has crumbledCHICAGO SUN-TIMES
1/17New York City’s Clown-Car Mayoral RaceTHE NEW YORKER
1/17How to (Literally) Drive the Coronavirus AwayN.Y. Times
1/17Elderly NYC couple gets COVID-19 vaccine after plea to de Blasio N.Y. POST
1/17The startup with thousands of electric vehicles and hundreds of collisionsCRAINS
1/17Uber eyes the sale of another business unit — but it can't keep this upS.F. BUSINESS TIMES
1/17Insane:' Mayor Warns Vaccine Shortage Could Freeze Rollout; Hospitals Cancel AppointmentsNBC-4-NY
1/16Prop 22 Is Here, and It’s Already Worse Than ExpectedTHE AMERICAN PROSPECT
1/16Cuomo's $306 Billion Infrastructure Plan: Remake Midtown gothamist
1/167 Manhattan hotels head to auction blockThe Real Deal
1/16OPINION: The Next Mayor Must End Our Addiction to ‘Free’ ParkingSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/16Uber Green rolled out to over 1,400 towns and cities in North AmericaIntelligent Transport
1/16Speed Likely Factor in NYC Tandem Bus Nosedive Off Overpass: MTA NBC-4NY
1/16Uber and Lyft tell Biden administration they will give Americans free rides to vaccination sites - but lobby for early access.....Daily Mail
1/16They Can’t Leave the Bay Area Fast EnoughN.Y. Times
1/15California high court: ABC test for gig workers is retroactive, in blow to Uber, LyftS.F. Chronicle
1/15Uber Announces Date of Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Results Conference CallYAHOO
1/15Andrew Yang pitches city control of subways and money in New Yorker’s pocketsAMNY
1/15Gov. Cuomo announces $306 billion infrastructure upgrade plan in day 4 of New York State of State addressWABC-7-NY
1/15Lyft announces additional fee for California riders to cover cost of Prop. 22 driver benefitsS.F. Examiner
1/15Traveling (or Returning) to the U.S.? Prepare to Take a Coronavirus TestN.Y. Times
1/15Uber, Lyft pushing Biden administration for early access to vaccine for driversCBS NEWS
1/15Motional and Lyft to launch fully driverless rideshare serviceroboticsandautomationnews.com
1/14Uber appeals US$59 million California fine over sexual assault data requestcna
1/14When will international travel return? Here's what we know right nowCNN
1/14Reduce NYC congestion by charging Uber, Lyft when their cars cruise empty in Manhattan, says City Council reportN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/144 ways advocates hope the Biden administration will improve N.J. infrastructurenj.com
1/14Lawsuit seeks to overturn Prop. 22, measure that keeps gig workers from becoming employeesS.F. CHRONICLE
1/14Uber, Ola under the scanner in India over alleged GST evasionBUSINESS INSIDER
1/14Uber Technologies Inc (UBER) CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Sold $10.9 million of SharesYAHOO
1/13REPORT: Council Seeks Per-Minute ‘Empty Charge’ for Uber, LyftSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/13Beijing Orders Passengers To Scan QR Health Codes Before Entering Uber Zero Hedge
1/13Seniors Finally Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccinations Face Barriers in Getting Their ShotsTHE CITY
1/13Uber and Lyft drivers in California sue to overturn Prop 22 ballot measureTHE VERGE
1/13Uber Teams With Moderna, Joins Lyft In Asking Biden For Part In Vaccine PushPYMNTS
1/13SoftBank Vision Fund sells Uber shares worth $2billionThe Economic Times
1/13Uber is bringing its EV and public transit features to more citiesTHE VERGE
1/13NY Finds More Cases of UK Strain; Vaccine Eligibility Opens to Age 65+ Amid Supply Fears NBC-4NY
1/13Covid live updates: Third House Democrat tests positive, states expand vaccine distributionNBC NEWS
1/12New York Transit Officials to Vote on Fare Increase WSJ
1/12De Blasio Seeks 24/7 Vaccinations, But Not a 24/7 SubwaySTREETSBLOG NYC
1/12Public Transportation Should Be FreeTHE APPEAL
1/12Saving some favorite NYC places through online campaignsAP News
1/12Fran Lebowitz's 'Pretend It's A City' Is The NYC Trip You Can't Take Right Nownpr
1/12NY Gov. Cuomo's tone shifts after months of coronavirus lockdownsFOX NEWS
1/12Gig Workers Must Opt Out of Arbitration to Enforce Prop 22 Benefits, Rights Group SaysVICE
1/11Insider Transportation: How Uber nearly swiped Google's self-driving crownBUSINESS INSIDER
1/11Grubhub drivers say app change eats into tips, jeopardizing a usually generous season The Bulletin
1/11Los Angeles Will Be the Next Major City to Launch an Air Taxi NetworkRobb Report
1/11Pierce County woman injured abroad in T-bone crash related to Uber-taxi dispute suesTHE NEWS TRIBUNE
1/10Yellow cabdrivers in New York are fighting to stay alive as the pandemic rages onCNN
1/10Taxi and private hire representatives join in calls for priority COVID vaccinations for driversTaxi Point
1/10Bronx Businesses Call on City Council to Pass Bill for More ReliefNY1
1/10Mortgage Interest Rates Slide Again To A Brand New Record LowForbes
1/10City Needs More Bicycle Parking to Meet Surge in New Pandemic Riders, Report SaysCITY LIMITS
1/10Gig companies won in California. They just got another boost from a federal labor rule L.A. TIMES
1/9'We're on the brink of utter collapse.' Yellow cabdrivers in New York struggle to stay alive as the pandemic rages onCNN
1/9New York Supreme Court Holds Uber Drivers Are Employees, Entitled to Unemployment InsuranceNational Law Review
1/9Coronavirus Vaccine Expands To NY Elderly, TeachersPatch
1/9Uber -4.9% on reports of 38M-share block offered by GoldmanSeeking Alpha
1/9Upper East Side Protected Bike Lanes Safe … for NowSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/9NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea Tests Positive for COVID-19 NBC-4NY
1/8Bedlam in Washington — Schumer to become Senate majority leader — Cuomo calls to legalize marijuana and mobile sports betting POLITICO
1/8NY Bill Calls for 'Detention' of Individuals Deemed Public Health ThreatNEWSWEEK
1/8Queens lawmaker joins organizers to end tax breaks for wealthiest New YorkersQNS
1/8New trend in transportation: MicromobilityDAILY SABAH
1/8New Seattle minimum wage law forces Uber and Lyft to raise priceswashingtonpolicy.org
1/8Uber and Lyft are shaping cities in one deeply unexpected wayINVERSE
1/8Study: E-Taxis Increase Private Car Ownership in Many CitiesSTREETSBLOG USA
1/8Could driverless cars have hackers behind the wheel?TORONTO STAR
1/7Labor Secretary Scalia: Independent contractor or employee? Final federal rule brings clarity to gig economyFOX BUSINESS
1/7New York’s MTA Poised for Fare Hike Debate Amid Ridership DropBloomberg Wealth
1/7Is the Amazon Zoox robotaxi a mistake?dpaonthenet.net
1/7New York falling short on Uber and Lyft jobless benefits, drivers say N.Y. POST
1/7OPINION: The MTA Breaks Faith With Access-A-Ride UsersSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/724 hour vaccine hub planned for Brooklyn Army TerminalBrooklyn Paper
1/7Legislature hikes Uber, Lyft fees in last-minute dealBoston Globe
1/7E-Scooter riders have little, if any, protection in case of injury or accidentWJLA
1/7New York car ownership jumps nearly 40% as pandemic creates mass transit worriesC/NET
1/7PPP loans return with a lot of unanswered questionsAXIOS
1/6Court says Uber can’t hold users to terms they probably didn’t readarsTECHNICA
1/6New Lawsuits Say Lyft Didn’t Protect Passengers from Sexual Assaultlegalreader.com
1/6How 400-year-old blood taxis created a $5. 7 trillion industryMOTOR World
1/6Trump administration set to pass new rule for classifying independent contractorsJURIST
1/6Meet the startup that acquired Uber's self-driving car technology POST-GAZETTE.COM
1/6The pandemic pushed cities to take back their streets from cars. Will they keep them in 2021?FAST COMPANY
1/6New York MTA completes systemwide OMNY rolloutMASS TRANSIT
1/6New York governor announces initiatives to electrify transit buses, boosting access to clean transportationMASS TRANSIT
1/6Alto enters Los Angeles ride-hailing market amid Prop 22, AB 5L.A. BIZ
1/5COVID-19 vaccine hubs opening in Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens this Sunday: de BlasioamNY
1/5'Peak hype': why the driverless car revolution has stalled The Guardian
1/5A drunk taxi passenger refused to wear a face mask -- so his driver took him to the police stationCNN
1/5California and New York will start paying out an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits soon, but other states could take weeksBUSINESS INSIDER
1/5The more contagious UK variant of COVID-19 has been found in New YorkBUSINESS INSIDER
1/4NYPD Tow Pound Leaving Manhattan's Pier 76 By End Of January, City Promisesthe gothamist
1/4The impact of Prop 22 on gig economy workersYAHOO
1/4Lyft Won’t Pay For Rider’s Medical Bills After Hit & Run Crash In DenverCBS-Denver
1/4Coronavirus pandemic affecting bottom line for Uber, Lyft driversYAHOO
1/4GIGLIO: The downside of low interest ratesThe Patriot Ledger
1/4Deaths on NYC roadways spiked in 2020 despite a decline in traffic RADIO.COM
1/3Mr. Mayor, We Made Your 2021 Resolutions For YouSTREETSBLOG NYC
1/3NYC motorcycle, car deaths spiked in deadly 2020N.Y. POST
1/3Police drop charges against 15-year-old boy for NYC bicycle attack; 17-year-old teen arrestedN.Y. DAILY NEWS
1/3Proposition 22: California’s new labor landscapeCAPITOL WEEKLY
1/3Tesla fell just short of delivering 500,000 vehicles in 2020THE VERGE
1/3Caught on Video: Man stabbed NYC cab driver in neck after demanding moneyShore News
1/2Man Claims Uber Driver Held Him at Gun Point Outside SW Florida Shopping Center NBC-FLORIDA
1/2These Are All the New Laws Going into Effect Today in New York NBC-NY
1/2Happy New Year, Seattle: You May Kiss Uber Goodbye!RICOCHET
1/2Charges dropped against teen in Midtown biker attackABC-7NY
1/22020’s Legislative Attacks on Gig Workers Will Change Labor Forevertruthout.org
1/1NYC MTA’s contactless fare system completes rollout, will phase out MetroCard in 2023Tech Crunch
1/1MassDevelopment awards nearly $4.5 million in grants to improve the taxi and livery industryBoston Globe
1/1NYC bike gang assaulted cab driver before attacking BMW N.Y. POST
1/1Teen arrested in biker attack on SUV in Manhattan, new video shows 2nd incident with cabABC-NY
1/1Pack Of Bicyclists Now Sought In Pair Of Attacks In ManhattanCBS-WLNY
1/1Vaccine-fueled economic rebound expected in 2021Detroit Free Press
1/1New York adds Apple Pay support to all subway stations, bus routesai
1/1Lyft: Lawsuits claim poor driver screening leads to ‘sexual predators’ raping female passengers The Mercury News
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