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Im confused about the EV plate rule

Started by Citytaxistreets, Nov 07, 2023, 06:45 PM

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When I first heard it in the news , I didn't feel bad, didn't feel bad at all, Wasn't a rule that affected me , I'm the medallion owner, who cares if they flood the app market, with cars, the persons that take those cars will continue to take those cars at the prices that they do, and the ones that take yellow will still take yellow and those that find Uber expensive at times will take yellow , it's the app cars that are going to get diluted not yellow
Do I get it wrong or is everyone else wrong?


Well Your Sorta Right ABOUT Them hurting each other ...

BUT They Make IT During The AM and PM Rush Hrs....

They ALSO Clean Up During Severe Weather and RAINY Days /  Nights....

Then The FEW WHO Work w  A Doorman or 2....

nd CASHCalls too...So Who Knows...???

NYC Taxi News

It will take drivers away from the Yellows. That's the biggest problem!


maybe maybe , it's not a few years ago now , the drivers that drive yellow are not switching to Uber , most i meet could give a shit about uber anymore, i think the biggest losers are the companies that lease out cars bc those drivers couldn't get a plate , owners of those plates will now divide up the pie with thinner slices, not yellows ,