NEWS ROUNDUP-Matthew W. Daus
Matthew W. Daus, Esq.Partner and Chairman,
Windels Marx Transportation Practice Group
President, International Association of Transportation Regulators
Transportation Technology Chair, University Transportation Research Center
156 West 56th Street | New York, NY 10019
T. 212.237.1106 | F. 212.262.1215
9/16/22Tech Companies Vie to Monetize the Curb and Reinvent Street Parking
9/15/22Matt Daus’ M&A Team Helps Deliver Major Limousine Industry Acquisition
9/14/22Daus/Aidala Radio Show: "Hey MTA!- Back Off on Taxi Double Congestion Price Now! (Says 2 Brooklyn Guys)
9/13/22Daus Angeles:” Is the State of the Limo Industry Precariously Resilient?
9/12/22Soaring Energy Costs Could Threaten Future of Electric Cars, Experts Warn
9/9/22Uber Begins Rolling Out Yellow Taxi Rides in New York City
9/8/22Daus to Crain's NY: "NYC Taxi Fare Increase Makes Sense-But Not if MTA Charges Passengers More!
9/7/22Biden Administration Seeks Waiver of “Buy American” Rules for EV Chargers
9/6/22NYC TLC Announces Proposed Rules for Taxi Fare Increase; Minimum Pay Increases for Uber and Lyft Drivers
9/1/22The Next Big Market Opportunity for Micromobility is Commercial, Not Consumer
8/31/22Former TLC Chair Analyzes Medallion Bailout Program Impacts
8/30/22New York City Finalizes Major Deal for Taxi Debt Relief Program
8/29/22Cyclists, Pedestrians and Motorists Clash Over COVID Street Changes
7/28/22August 2022 Monthly Column
“The Inflation Reduction Act: EV & Infrastructure Funding, Credits & Incentives – How Do Ground Transportation Industry Stakeholders Benefit?”
8/26/22Can Technology Help Cities Manage Curbs Better?
8/25/22NYC Mayor Adams Announces $7.25 Million Federal Grant to Plan Major Expansion of Greenway Network
8/24/22MTA Congestion Plan: How to Speak Out, Comment & Be Heard
8/23/22Matt Daus Comments on the Squeeze on NYC Cab Drivers by Congestion Pricing
8/22/22Arrest of Recidivist in Cabbie Attack Should Be “Wake-Up Call” to Pols:
8/19/22Why New York City’s Car Safety Pilot Is a Big Deal: Transportation Newsletter for Fri.
8/18/22NYC Taxi Medallion Prices Rise Again! -- Why?: Transportation Newsletter for Thur
8/17/22Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act into Law
8/16/22U.S. DOT Seeks to Double the Nation’s Electric Bus Fleet: Tues
8/15/22Please Help the Family of Slain NYC Taxi Driver Kutin Gyimah!
8/12/22United Airlines Puts Down Deposit on Flying Taxis
8/11/22Matt Daus to MTA "Exempt Taxis & For Hire Vehicles from Congestion Charge!
8/10/22Gas Prices Have Fallen 57 Straight Days
8/9/22Up, Up and “Oh No”: The Trouble with Air Taxi Startups
8/8/22Senate Improves EV Tax Credit in Largest Climate Bill Ever
8/5/22Manchin Deal Could Raise New Hurdles for Electric Vehicle Incentives
8/4/22Electric Cars’ Surging Prices Mean Fewer Buyers Can Use Tax Credit
8/3/22Federal Highway Administration Announces $7.3 Billion in Grants for Transportation Resilience
8/2/22Matt Daus To Deliver Congestion Mitigation Speech at Texas Conference- Aug 4th at 1:30pm CDT
8/1/22San Francisco Taxi Drivers Prepare for First-in-the-Nation Uber Partnerships
7/29/22U.S. Senate Democratic Deal Would Expand EV Tax Credits
7/28/22MTA Stacks Congestion Pricing Panel with Business Leaders
7/28/22July 2022 Monthly Column
The Black Car & Limo M&A Market is Hot! -So Let’s Learn How to be Legally Prepared to Buy or Sell1
7/27/22Matt Daus Proposes Congestion Pricing Plan on Radio Show
7/26/22Americans Driving Less with Gas Prices Still Higher Than a Year Ago
7/25/22Pete Buttigieg Faces Crisis and Opportunity as Airline Cancellations Mount
7/22/225 Ways Autonomous Cars Will Reshape Our World
7/21/22$84 Billion in Transportation Law Grants Awarded So Far: DOT Secretary Buttigieg Says During House Hearing
7/20/22Four Factors Driving the Bus Operator Shortage
7/19/22To Escape High Gas Prices, Many Are Searching for Electric Vehicles. They Are Nowhere to Be Found
7/18/22Extension of EV Tax Credits in Jeopardy after Manchin Says He Will Not Support Climate Spending Bill-
7/15/22Governor Hochul Announces Charging Discount Programs for Electric Vehicle Drivers across New York
7/14/2280% of American Travelers Experienced Travel Issues in 2022
7/13/22Alto: Meet the Startup Aiming to Take on the Ride-Hail Industry Leaders
7/12/22How the Ride-Sharing Revolution Failed Passengers with Disabilities
7/11/22City On-Road Emissions Targets Proposed by Biden Administration
7/8/22Carmakers Start to Starve Combustion Models Out of Existence
7/7/22DoorDash Patent Application Hints at Autonomous Vehicles under Consideration
7/6/22NYC Taxi Medallion Prices Rise-Again!
7/5/22Ira Goldstein Recognized in City & State’s Inaugural Class of Above & Beyond Innovators
7/1/22National Safety Council to Release New Report: Mobility, Technology and Safety: The Next 20 Years
6/30/22How Micromobility Can Improve Last-Mile Delivery
6/29/22Ridesharing and E-Scooters Are Growing Twice as Fast as Mass Transit - Transportation Update
6/29/22June 2022 Monthly Column
“NYC Yellow Taxicabs- The Road Ahead!”
6/28/22Cities Are Banning New Gas Stations. More Should Join Them. - Transportation Update
6/27/22Tesla’s in the Lead as U.S. Electric Car Sales Get Superchargeds - Transportation Update
6/24/22Gas Prices Sting U.S. Workers Who Depend on Their Cars - Transportation Update
6/23/22Gas Prices Tip Some U.S. Rideshare Drivers to Wrap Cars in Ads - Transportation Update
6/23/22U.S. Payroll Tax Cut Off the Table, But $100 Billion in School Aid May Come: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/22/22US Senate Plans "Handful" of Stimulus Bills: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/21/22Lyft Agrees to $25 Million Settlement with Shareholders Over Safety-Related Allegations
6/17/22White House Takes New Look at Federal Gas Tax Holiday
6/16/22Waymo and the Future of Autonomous Driving
6/15/22U.S. Safety Agency Says Tesla Accounts for Most Driver-Assist Crashes, but Warns Data Lacks Context
6/13/22Taxi Medallion Values Inch up for First Time since 2014
6/10/22U.S. Drops Covid Testing Requirement for International Travelers
6/9/22More DC Fast Charging, No App Sign-Ups under White House’s New EV Charging Rules
6/8/22Let’s End Traffic Stops-
5/25/22May 2022 Monthly Column
“NYC Has A New TLC Commissioner/Chair: Who is David Do & What Will He Do?”
5/31/22Arcimoto’s FUN Electric Three-Wheelers are JOCO’s Newest Delivery Vehicles in NYC
5/27/22U.S. Infrastructure Is Nowhere Near Ready for Biden’s Electric Vehicle Timeline
5/26/22As Feds Update Auto Safety Standards, City Officials Want a Say
5/25/25Enhanced Benefits Legislation for Drivers under the Black Car Fund is Passed and Moves to the Governor!
5/24/22Electric Vehicles Tease a New Energy Source: Gravity
5/23/23The Case for Going Big with Infrastructure Spending
5/20/22The Decade of Cheap Rides Is Over
5/19/22It is Official! David Do is the NYC TLC Chair: His Agenda is Outlined Here!
5/18/22U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Steers $5 Billion to Cities for Safety as Road Deaths Soar
5/17/22NHTSA Report Double-Digit Increase in Road Deaths in 2021
5/16/22Matt Daus Talks Bicycle Lane Enhancements and Enforcement on Cats Roundtable: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/13/22How to Minimize COVID-19 Risk on a Plane as Passengers Ditch Masks, According to Doctors
5/12/22Gasoline Prices Spike to All-Time High, Again
5/11/22Hybrid Work Poses No Threat to New York’s Recovery, MTA Chief Says
5/10/22A Guide to U.S. Electric Car Tax Credits and Rebates
5/9/22The Future of Drones in Transportation and Logistics
5/6/22U.S. DOT, Congress Push Each Other to Do More on Automated Vehicles
5/5/22High Gas Prices Are Pushing Electric Car Sales to a Tipping Point
5/4/22Daus "Super-Pumped" by Uber Taxi Partnership (NY Daily News Op-Ed)
5/3/22Biden Administration Announces $3.1 Billion to Make Electric Vehicle Batteries in the U.S
5/2/22U.S. and China Race to Make Self-Driving Taxis a Reality
4/29/22Here Is Why Cutting Gas Taxes Does Not Work When Prices Soar
4/29/22April 2022 Monthly Column
“The Uber-Taxi Partnership: Regulatory Evolution Spawns A New Transportation Species!!”
4/28/22Breaking News: New NYC TLC Chair Announced Today!
4/27/22The Black Car Fund’s Push to Secure Benefits for Drivers
4/26/22Residents Left Behind as Pandemic Hurts Bus Companies: Tues
4/25/22As U.S. Mask Mandate Is Struck Down, Immunocompromised People Contemplate Travel Plans
4/22/22NYC DOT Commissioner Rodriguez Announces Programming for Largest-Ever Earth Day Celebration This Saturday
4/21/22U.S. Justice Department Appeals Ruling Lifting Transit Mask Mandate after CDC Request
4/20/22Startups Try to Make EV Charging Easier in Cities
4/19/22Traveler Mask Mandate Struck Down; Masks No Longer Required on Buses, Trains and Planes
4/18/22Who is in the Driver’s Seat? Risk Management Updates for the Autonomous Vehicle Industry
4/14/22Study: Today’s EV Tax Credits Might Actually Increase Emissions
4/13/22Mask Mandate for Air Travel and Public Transportation Is Extended Again
4/12/22Transportation Initiatives Are Key to the FY 2023 New York State Budget
4/11/22Can “Buses-as-Flights” Get Americans out of Cars — And Planes?
4/8/22Albany Looks to Gas Tax Holiday to Placate Drivers – Along With Some Assurances to Mass Transit
4/7/22Aidala Power Hour: Daus Talks Taxis, Ubers & Enhanced Wheelchair Access!
4/6/22Breaking News: Uber Lands Another Taxi Partnership with Flywheel in SF!
4/5/22NYC TLC Holds Hearing on Taxi Airport Flat Rates & Financial Disclosure Requirements
4/4/22"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been..."-from taxis to Uber & back!
4/1/22President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act for EV Batteries and Clean Energy
3/31/22President Biden’s FY23 Budget Requests $21.1 Billion for Transit, $17.9 Billion for Rail
3/30/22Historic Limo Integration Deal Announced in Vegas at NLA CD Show!
3/29/22NYC TLC Decides to Continue FHV Licensing Pause
3/28/22Matt Daus Comments: What You Need to Know about Uber-Taxi Deal with Curb
3/28/21March 2022 Monthly Column
3/25/22Stimulus Checks for Gas? Here is What Could Be Coming Your Way
3/24/22NYC Taxis Partner with Uber!-A Turning Point in Mobility History
3/23/22COVID-19 Recovery: Riders are Coming Back, but Where are the Drivers?
3/22/22As Gas Prices Rise, Towns Add Electric Car Charging Stations
3/21/22Georgia and Maryland Passed Gas Tax Suspensions, More States May Follow
3/18/22The 2020s Will Be a “Transformative” Transportation Era, Buttigieg Says
3/17/22Student Transporters Cope with Rising Fuel Prices-
3/16/22U.S. Senate Votes to Nix Mask Mandate for Public Transportation
3/15/22Americans Struggle as Vehicle Expenses Rise
3/14/22Joco Pivots to E-Bike Delivery Rentals
3/11/22Buckle Up, Autonomous Vehicles Finally Get Federal Safety Standards
3/10/22Mayor Adams Releases Blueprint for City’s Economic Recovery: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/9/22Public Transit Gets $3.7 Billion to Woo Riders, Adopt Green Fleets: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/8/22Honoring Our Women in Transportation!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/7/22Federal Transportation Officials Considering Lifting Mask Mandate for Travel: COVID-19 Transportation Update
3/4/22Partisan Cracks Emerge over How to Implement $1 Trillion Infrastructure Law
3/3/22Matt Daus Interviewed on Post-Pandemic Mobility Predictions
3/2/22NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission Chair Resigns!
3/1/22Mask Requirements for Public Transportation and Transportation Hubs
2/28/22New CDC Mask Guidance Marks Major Shift for Schools
2/25/22How Post-Pandemic Business Travel Will Change
2/24/22Celebrating Dominican Heritage Month in the Transportation Industry
2/24/22Federal Actions Threaten Independent Contractor Classification for Transportation #Gig Economy# Drivers (12014362)
2/23/22“Air Rage” Is Complicating Travel in North American and Europe
2/22/22Celebrating Black History Month in the Transportation Industry
2/18/22Small Cities Seek to Compete for Historic Infrastructure Funds
2/17/22Why Vision Zero Is a Human Rights Issue for the Deaf — and the Rest of the Disability Community
2/16/22Two Years Out, Transportation Leaders Reflect on Pandemic Changes
2/15/22NY Governor Hochul Establishes Office of the Chief Disability Officer
2/14/22States Must Develop EV Infrastructure Plans to Access $5 Billion in Federal Funding: U.S. DOE, U.S. DOT
2/11/22NYC Increases Minimum Pay Rates for Uber and Lyft Drivers
2/10/22NY State Assembly Hold Hearing on EV Charging Station Deployment
2/8/22Does America Need a “Mobility Bill of Rights?”
2/7/22House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Looks at the Future of Autonomous Vehicles
2/4/22New Federal Law Requires Some States to Improve Bike/Walk Safety
2/3/22Vaccine Mandate Legal Primer for Transportation Companies
2/2/22Driverless Cars Will Not Be Good for the Environment if They Lead to More Auto Use
2/1/22White House Issues Guidebook for Communities to Access Infrastructure Funding
1/31/22Will State-By-State Regulation of Self-Driving Vehicles Work—and Keep People Safe?
1/28/22U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Targeting Rising Traffic Fatalities
1/27/22How Automakers Can Stop Humans from Over-Relying on Automated Safety Tech
1/26/22The Best EV Charging Solution That No One Is Talking About
1/25/22Can AI-Powered Congestion Pricing Improve Transportation Equity
1/24/22House Republicans Now Tout Provisions to Infrastructure Funding Even Though They Voted Against the Bill
1/21/22U.S. DOT Announces $11 Million in Grant Awards to Help Communities Plan for Transit-Oriented Development
1/20/22Can Flying Taxis Overcome Civic and Legal Turbulence: COVID-19 Transportation Update
1/20/22Jan 2022 Monthly Column
“IATR 34th Annual Conference Recap 35th Annual Conference Preview (12003381)”
1/19/22US DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg Chats at TRB with Professor Shaheen & Nat Ford
1/18/22Fare Caps Might Get Transit out of the Pandemic Slump
1/14/22Five Potentially Overlooked Pieces of the Infrastructure Bill
1/13/22News Alert for Transportation Companies: Supreme Court Blocks Nationwide Vaccine and Testing Mandate for Large Businesses
1/12/22The Ubiquitous Yellow School Bus Can Be Turned into a Force for Climate Change Good
1/11/22Report: In 2021, Drivers Nearly Erased Most of 2020 Climate Wins
1/10/22U.S. Infrastructure Bill Primer: Billions of Dollars on the Way for the Ground Transportation Sector
1/7/22Congestion Pricing Can Be Equitable, If Done Right
1/6/22Micromobility Drives Toward Broader Acceptance
1/5/222021 Set Public Transit towards Equitable, Accessible Future
1/4/22De Blasio's Vision Zero Failure
12/30/21What the New Rules for COVID-19 Testing Mean for Your Business: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
12/29/21NYC TLC Supports Lifting FHV Cap: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/28/21NLRB Invites Briefs Regarding Independent Contractor Standard: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/27/21U.S. Government Should Consider Vaccination Requirement for Domestic Travel, Dr. Fauci Says: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/26/21Dec 2021 Monthly Column
“How To Strengthen Your Limousine Company’s Affiliate Network Agreements in a Post-Pandemic World”
12/23/21Disabled Passengers were Promised Autonomous Vehicles - They are Still Waiting
12/22/21Matt Daus Addresses NYC Mayor’s EV Legacy
12/21/21Ydanis Rodriguez Appointed NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner:
12/20/21Gravity Launches NYC EV Taxi of the Future: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/17/21EVs Are Taking Over. The Invasion Arrives in the U.S. in 2022: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/16/21Updated NYC Vaccine Mandate: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/15/21U.S. EEOC Says COVID-19 Can Be Covered by Disability Bias Law: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/14/21Energy and Transportation Departments Team Up to Help States Develop EV Charging Infrastructure: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/13/21Shifting to EVs Alone Won’t Save Our Planet: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/10/21Six Improvements Worth Celebrating within Flawed Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
12/9/21Fixing Failure: Creating Safer Communities by Designing Safer Roads
12/8/21Traffic Ticks Up but Remains Below Pre-Pandemic Levels
12/7/21Jetpacks, Flying Cars and Taxi Drones: Transport’s Future is in the Skies
12/6/21With Ridership Still Down, Transit Agencies Rethink Priorities
12/3/21As Infrastructure Funds Begin to Flow, Climate, Safety, Equity Impacts Are Not Enough, Some Say
12/2/21TSA Extending Mask Mandate for Domestic Travel Through March 2022
12/1/21Can E-Moped Sharing Help Wean Americans Off Car Ownership?
11/30/21Matt Daus Addresses “Electric Future” at South American Transportation Conference
11/29/21Airlines Log Busiest Days Since Early 2020 over Thanksgiving but Omicron Poses New Challenge:
11/26/21Nov 2021 Monthly Column
“NYC Congestion Pricing Primer: Plans, Policies, Pandemic Impacts & Ideas to Make It Work Better!”
11/23/21NYC Congestion Pricing Primer:Plans, Policies< Pandemis Impacts& Ideas to Make It Work Better
11/22/21The Infrastructure Bill Will Not Transform America’s Focus on Cars
11/19/21Biden Pushes Electric Vehicle Chargers as Energy Costs Spike
11/18/21Reverse the NYC EV Ban Now! #StopEVbaninNYC : COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/17/21Nominate a Driver of the Year - IATR 34th Annual (Virtual) Conference: “Regulatory Reboot!
11/16/21U.S. School Buses May Never Be the Same Thanks to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/15/21President Biden Signs $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill into Law: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/12/21On Infrastructure, Follow the Money: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/11/21Bootcamp 101 - Urban Air Mobility Training Session - IATR 34th Annual (Virtual) Conference: “Regulatory Reboot!
11/10/21Public Transit Use Must Double to Meet Climate Targets, City Leaders Warn:
11/9/21“Small Victories” for Vulnerable Road Users in Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/8/21U.S. Ends International Travel Ban, Opening the Door to Vaccinated Tourists: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/5/21House Poised to Vote on Both Build Back Better and Infrastructure Bills: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
11/4/21Key Takeaways as U.S. Sets January 4 Vaccine Mandate Deadline: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/3/21Congratulations to NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/2/21U.S. DOT Promises National Safe Systems Approach After Historic Death Surge: COVID-19 Transportation Update
11/1/21Matt Daus to Speak at International School Bus Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/29/21House Democrats Punt Infrastructure for Third Time: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/28/21Hertz to Rent 50,000 Teslas to Rideshare Drivers: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/27/21Democrats’ Hopes for Infrastructure Vote Hit Brick Wall: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/26/21Unvaccinated Americans to Face Tighter COVID-19 Testing Requirements in New U.S. Travel System: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/26/21Oct 2021 Monthly Column
“NYC Congestion Pricing Primer: Plans, Policies, Pandemic Impacts & Ideas to Make It Work Better!”
10/25/21House Speaker Predicts Infrastructure Bill Vote This Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/22/21Lyft Reveals 4,158 Reports of Sexual Assault in Its Safety Report: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/21/21“Mobility Justice:” How Cities Are Rethinking Public Transportation after COVID-19: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/20/21Matt Daus Discusses Next Level of Evolution for Taxi, Limo, and NEMT Industries: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/19/21Bus Industry Raises Alarm, Asks Congress for Pandemic Relief: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/18/21Matt Daus Addresses Uber & Lyft’s Entry into Taxi Ad Market: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
10/15/21Holiday Travel May Be More Chaotic Than Ever this Year: Taxi Rooftops: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/14/21After Wild West Start, Scooter Providers Chase Scale to Survive: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/13/21U.S. to Lift Canada, Mexico Land Border Restrictions in November for Vaccinated Visitors: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/12/21President Biden Faces Pressure to Pass Infrastructure Bills This Month: COVID-19 Update
10/8/21COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance for Federal Contractors Could Preview OSHA’s Rules
10/7/21Parking is Back as an Office Amenity Post-COVID
10/6/21Matt Daus' Rock Band to Headline Dallas, Texas Limousine Convention! – Coinciding with Release of Songs from Upcoming Album…
10/5/21Democrats Aim to Pass Infrastructure, Social Spending Bills by the End of October: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/4/21That Uber or Lyft Trip May Be Worse for the Planet than Driving Yourself
10/1/21Democrats Call off Infrastructure Vote after Negotiations Stall on Reconciliation Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/30/21How Megacars, More Driving Could Cancel out EV Gains: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/30/21September 2021 Monthly Column
Should My Transportation Company Mandate & Promote Driver Vaccines?
9/29/21Transit Funds Could Crack Under Pressure of the Budget Deadline:COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/28/21COVID-19 Variants Slow Pace of Business Travel Recovery: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/27/21House Began Debate on Infrastructure Bill Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/24/21Treasury Guidance Expands List of Eligible CERTS Expenses: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/23/21Democratic Leaders Racing Toward Monday Infrastructure Vote: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/22/21Progressives Say They Plan to Vote Against Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Next Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/21/21NYC Medallion Relief + Projections = Fuzzy Math: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/20/21Senior House Democrats Concede Likely Scale-Back of $3.5 Trillion Biden Spending Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/17/21FTA Announces $25 Million Funding Opportunity to Help Transit Agencies: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/16/21Reconciliation Looking Good for Sustainable Transportation: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/15/21500,000 Public Electric Vehicle Chargers Is the Wrong Goal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/14/21Infrastructure Reconciliation Bills May Fail Over Democratic Infighting: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/13/21MaaS Faces Its Make-or-Break Moment: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/10/21Remembering September 11, 2001, and How it Impacted the NYC TLC: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/9/21Matt Daus Presented on the “Future of Taxis” at the National Shared Mobility Summit!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/8/21More Risk, Less Coverage – How Rideshare Insurance Rules Shortchange NYC Crash Victims: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/2/21Walking Places Is Part of the Culture Wars Now: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/1/21What the Taxi of Tomorrow Could Have Been (Reminiscing on Taxi'07 Javits Center Showcase): COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/31/21Matt Daus Comments on the $65 Million Taxi Relief Fund, Now Stalled for Six Months: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/30/21Celebrating 114 Year Anniversary of the Taxicab!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/27/21New York's Hottest Ride Hailing Service is the Taxi: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/26/21The First NYC Wheelchair Accessible Taxis!: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
8/25/21Origins of the NYC Sustainable Taxi & For-Hire Vehicle Movement: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/24/21Celebrating the Origins of Taxi Technology: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/23/21Matt Daus Celebrates the 20 Year Anniversary of NYC TLC Commissioner Appointment: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/20/21August 2021 Monthly Column
EVs in the City: Are FHV Diamonds Forever?
8/20/21Infrastructure Bill Would Cut the Employee Retention Tax Credit Short: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/19/21Federal Investigation into Tesla Autopilot Defects Could Pull 765,000 Cars from U.S. Roads: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/18/21The Bus Industry and the Coming Demographic Crisis: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/17/21Tesla Is Under Investigation Because its Cars Keep Hitting Emergency Vehicles: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/16/21Matt Daus to Deliver EV Car Rental Speech in Vegas Tomorrow: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/13/21U.S. Road Travel Rose 14.5% in June as Motorists Near Pre-Pandemic Driving: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/12/21House Democrats Press Leaders to Include More Funding for Electric Vehicles in Spending Plan
8/11/21How the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Will Direct Billions Toward Tech Spending: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/10/21Senate Passes $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/9/21Matt Daus to Deliver EV Infrastructure & Shared-Mobility Speech @ Transport Conference in Lima, Peru: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
8/6/21Senate Fails to Finalize Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Will Hold Key Vote Saturday: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
8/5/21Congress Wants to Make Going to the Airport Less Miserable: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/4/21Matt Daus' Book Tour Continues - Multi-Modal Free Webinar Tomorrow
8/3/21Here is What Comes Next for the $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/2/21EPA Webinar Alert: COVID-19: Aerosol Treatment Devices & Ozone Disinfection: COVID-19 Transportation Update:
7/30/21Senate Set to Advance Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/29/21Funding Alert: FTA Opens $16.3 Million for Transit Planning to Address Equity: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/28/21Americans Want Green School Buses, but Congress Sells Them Short: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/27/21Biden’s Infrastructure Deal on Shaky Ground as Blame Game Begins: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/26/21Subject Line: Senate Vote On Revised Infrastructure Bill Expected Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/23/21Pittsburgh’s New MaaS Platform and Mobility Hubs Aim to Support “Universal Basic Mobility
7/22/21Curb’s Trips Increase 800% as U.S. States Reopen: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/23/21July 2021 Monthly Column
“IATR Announces 34th Annual (Virtual) Conference: “Regulatory Reboot!”
7/21/21Global EV Battery Industry Will Be ‘Sold Out’ by 2025: Bank of America: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/20/21Negotiators Struggle to Finish Infrastructure Bill with Clock Ticking: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/19/21CDC Defends U.S. Transit Mask Mandate as Some Call for Scrapping: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/16/21Reconciliation Bill May Limit GOP Support for Infrastructure: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/15/21Democrats Confident Their Infrastructure Plans Are Coming Together: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/14/21Bipartisan Senate Group to Finalize Infrastructure Bill This Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/13/21Matt Daus Further Expands Transportation Corporate Law Team!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/12/21Last Chance for CERTS Funding – Apply Now: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/9/21Business, Labor Groups Endorse Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/8/21Democrats Race to Push Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Through Senate: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/7/21Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Mayoral Primary & Talks Transportation Policy w. Daus & Co.: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/6/21Grappling with School Bus Driver Shortages Continues Despite Funding Promises: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/2/21House Passes Surface Transportation Bill, but the Path Forward Is Unclear: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/1/21Matt Daus to Deliver EV Keynote Speech at Int'l Car Rental Convention in Vegas: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/30/21Biden Admin Praises Revel After NYC Snubs Its Tesla Taxi Plans: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/29/21Matt Daus Named to Top Transportation Power List: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/28/21U.S. Senate Republicans Press CDC to End Mask Mandate on Airplanes, Transit: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/25/21Details of the Infrastructure Deal Released: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/24/21March 2021 Monthly Column
The CERTS Act Program: How Transportation Companies Can Apply for COVID-19 Relief Grants
6/24/21“We Have a Deal,” Biden Says After Meeting with Senate Infrastructure Group: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/23/21Transport Bill in the Hands of Retiring Senator Toomey: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/22/21Biden and Congressional Leaders to Meet on an Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/21/21CERTS Act Portal is Open Now! – Deadline to Apply is July 19th: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/18/21Senator Collins Pushes USDOT To Expedite COVID-19 Funds for Bus and Motorcoach Companies: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/17/21Daus to Deliver International Speech on Big Transportation Data Access & Privacy in a Multi-Modal Autonomous & Connected World Update-Thurs, June 17,
6/16/21NYC 2021 Mayoral ElectionTransportation Policy Primer & Voter Guide: Candidates’ Positions & Plans: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/15/21Senators Face Roadblocks to Passing Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/14/21What the Next NYC Mayor Should Do on Transportation Policy: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/11/21Surface Transportation Legislation Movement in House and Senate: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/10/21Problem Solvers Caucus” in Congress Unveils $1.25 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/9/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams & Matt Daus Discuss Transportation Policy!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/8/21New EEOC Guidance Addresses COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/7/21Taxi-mageddon is Coming Soon!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/4/21Biden Wants GOP to Back More Spending: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/3/21Boston Consulting Group & Via Collaborates on TransitTech Study: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/2/21Infrastructure Negotiations Enter Make-or-Break Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/1/21Matt Daus’s Book Chapter on Taxis Published in the Routledge Handbook of Public Transport!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/28/21$10 Billion Federal Proposal to Improve Transit Station Accessibility: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/28/21May 2021 Monthly Column
The 2021 NYC Mayoral Election: What Candidates Are Saying About Transportation Issues & What the Next Mayor Should Do!
5/27/21Congress Considering Fourth Stimulus Check: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/26/21How to Avoid COVID-19 Lawsuits!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/25/21Bipartisan Infrastructure Talks on Life Support: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/24/21White House Makes $1.7 Trillion Infrastructure Counteroffer: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/21/21Biden Stimulus Plan – A Down Payment on Reviving American Cities?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/20/21House Republicans Introduce $400 Billion Transportation Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/19/21U.S. Treasury Expected to Open CERTS Portal by End of May: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/18/21Post-pandemic Innovation in Transit is Needed to Enhance Mobility and Economic Opportunities: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/17/21SBA Pushes Pending PPP Loan Applications To Community Financial Institutions: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/14/21U.S. Will Not Immediately Lift Mask Rules in Air Travel or Public Transit: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/13/21NYC Taxicab Fares Cheaper Than Uber & Lyft!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/12/21What to Watch in the Car Share Rental Company Turf Wars: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/11/21New CERTS Grant Guidance Released for Bus & Motorcoach Industry!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/10/21CERTS Act Transportation Business Grants Funding: Are You Ready to Apply?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/7/21New Guidelines for the CERTS Grant Program for Bus and Motorcoach Operators : COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/6/21Biden’s Labor Department Rescinds Trump-Era Rule Affecting Gig Workers: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/5/21Gravity Announces Innovative New Electric Yellow Taxi Fleet: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/4/21Public Health Experts Press Biden on Travel Strategy amid Virus Surge in India: COVID-19 Transportation Update
5/3/21Federal Mask Mandate for Travel Extended to September: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/30/21Matt Daus Moderates RHI Virtual Summit Session: The Future of Mobility: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/29/21Senators Discussing Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/28/21Private School Bus and Motorcoach Industries Ask for Additional Relief from Congress: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/28/21April 2021 Monthly Column
{11919509:1}2Assessing Post-Pandemic Options for Your Transportation Company: Should I Borrow, Buy, Sell, Merge, File or Retire?
4/27/21U.S. States and Cities Await Guidelines on Spending Stimulus: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/26/21Pivotal U.S. Senate Democrat Wants “More Targeted” Infrastructure Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/23/21Senate Republicans Unveil $568 Billion Infrastructure Counterproposal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/22/21Senate Bill Would Make Gig Workers Permanently Eligible for Unemployment: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/21/21Congressional Democrats Push Funding to Electrify School Buses: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/20/21Employers Considering Returning To The Office As More Workers Get Vaccinated: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/19/21Deep Divisions Over Transit Threaten Highway Bill Bipartisanship: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/16/21USDOT Makes $1 Billion Available for Newly Branded RAISE Grants: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/15/21Treasury Creates New Office to Oversee COVID-19 Relief Programs: COVID-19 Transportation Update
4/14/21Biden and Congressional Republicans Still Apart on Infrastructure Deal: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/13/21Public Transit Gets Fiscal Shot from the American Rescue Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/12/21Matt Daus Hosts Transportation Chat with NYC Mayoral Hopeful Andrew Yang: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/9/21SBA Increases Loan Limits for COVID-19 EIDL Program: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/8/21Biden Open to Negotiating on Corporate Tax Hike to Pay for Infrastructure Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/7/21President Biden Signals Willingness to Negotiate on Infrastructure Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/6/21COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Are Coming Soon: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/5/21NYC Airport Access Fee Started Today!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
4/1/21Biden Promises ‘Once-in-a-Generation’ Investment: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/31/21USDOT Readies To Release $30.5 Billion To Transit Agencies: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/30/21NYC Congestion Pricing Can Move Forward After Feds Give Nod: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/29/21NYNJ Port Authority to Charge All For-Hire Vehicles for Airport Access: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/26/21U.S. Senate Votes to Extend Paycheck Protection Program: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/25/21Coronavirus Updates for NYC Schools: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/24/21Biden Administration Now Focuses on $3 Trillion Transportation, Infrastructure Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/23/21U.S. Reps Call on Treasury Secretary Yellen to Act Quickly in Providing CERTS Funds: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/22/21March 2021 Monthly Column
A Legal Roadmap for Vaccinating Ground Transportation Drivers– Should My Company Mandate & Promote Driver Vaccines?
3/19/21Can Shared Mobility Survive the Pandemic? COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/18/21Warren, AOC Push $500 Billion Bill for Mass Transit: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/17/21Senators Debate What Cutting Carbon Emissions Means for Transportation Industry: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/16/21Daus Going to California: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/15/21Emerging Technologies in Public Transit: Legal Issues and Post-Pandemic Future: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/12/21PRO Act, Called ‘Most Important Labor Legislation in Several Generations,’ Passes House: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/11/21What Happened to the CERTS Act Funding?: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/10/21House Approves Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/9/21New York City Announces Taxi Medallion Owner-Driver Relief Fund: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/9/21Last Chance to Register - Free IATR Webinar on Vaccine Safety & Priority Featuring CDC & NIOSH Experts on Wed., March 10, 2021 at 1pm EST / 10am PST.
3/8/21Congress Poised to Deliver Billions More in Coronavirus Relief: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/5/21Banks Lobby Congress to Postpone PPP Loan Application Deadline: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/4/21Senate Gears Up for Marathon Effort in Push for COVID Relief: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/3/21Workers’ Comp Exclusive Remedy for COVID Transmission: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/2/21Transportation Funding Breakdown for Biden's $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief Package: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
3/1/21School Bus Mask Mandate Carries Stiff Penalties: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/26/21House Set to Approve Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package, Send Bill to the Senate: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/25/21COVID-19 Relief Could Leave Bus Companies Behind: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/24/21Should I Buy or Sell My Transportation Company, or File for Bankruptcy?: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/23/21U.S. Senators Seek Quick Implementation of CERTS Act Funding for Bus and Motorcoach Companies: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/22/21No Tourism Travel Recovery Until 2024?!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/19/21FMCSA Extends COVID-19 CDL, Med Card Waiver: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/19/21February 2021 Monthly Column
Vaccine Priority for Commercial Bus Drivers
2/18/21Former NY Governor Paterson & Radio Host John Catsimatidis Celebrate Driver Vaccine Victory!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/17/21COVID-19 Relief Update – Checks, Unemployment, Vaccine & Government Funding: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/16/21The Future of MaaS – Daus Collaborates with Florence, Italy School of Regulation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/12/21CDC Recommends Five Key Strategies to Reopen Schools: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/11/21Free Taxi Rides to Vaccination Appointments: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/10/21Congressional Democrats Set to Back More Than $50 Billion for Transportation Sector: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/9/21Transport Secretary "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg Considering COVID Test for Domestic Air Travel: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/8/21Bus Driver Vaccine Priority Needed Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/5/21Senate Approves Budget Resolution to Sideline GOP on Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/4/21Business Travel Expected to Make Full Recovery by 2025: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/3/21NYC Prioritizes All TLC Licensed Drivers: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/2/21Breaking News: Driver Vaccine Victory in New York!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
2/1/21Federal Mask Requirement for Surface Transportation Providers: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/29/21Kathryn Garcia is the 7th NYC Mayoral Candidate to Endorse Vaccine Priority for Drivers!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/28/21NYC Mayor de Blasio Joins Fight for TLC Driver Vaccine Priority!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/27/21NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Voices His Support for Vaccine Priority for Drivers: IATR Daily COVID-19 Updates
1/26/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/19/21January 2021 Monthly Column
IATR’sFirst Virtual Conference Recap & 34thAnnual ConferencePreview –Memphis 2021
1/25/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/24/21NYC Mayoral Candidate Ray McGuire Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/21/21Breaking News: Andrew Yang Supports Push to Vaccinate Drivers Now!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/20/21Daus Pushes for Vaccine Priority for Drivers: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/19/21SBA Reopens the PPP Loan Program to All Lenders: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/15/21U.S. Labor Department’s Independent Contractor Rule May Not Stand for Long: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/14/21SBA is Re-Opening Paycheck Protection Program: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/13/21NY Excludes Taxi & For Hire Drivers from Vaccine Priority (But Public Transit Gets Shots): COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/12/21PPP Loan Application Forms Released: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/11/21The SBA and Treasury Announce PPP Re-Opening; Issue New Guidance: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/8/21The SBA and Treasury Announce PPP Re-Opening; Issue New Guidance: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/7/21U.S. Dept. of Labor Finalizes Regulation on Independent Contractor Classification: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/6/21Airlines Urge White House to Require Testing for Travelers Instead of Travel Bans
1/5/21SBA 7(a) Loans and 504 Microloans Are Now Partially Forgivable in New Relief Law COVID- 19 Transportation Update
1/4/21SBA Extends COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application Deadline to December 31, 2021: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/31/20Push for Bigger Checks Stalls in Senate, but $600 Payments are Being Sent Now: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/29/20Fate of Trump's $2,000 Checks Now Rests with GOP-Led Senate: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/28/20Three Big Ways Transportation Businesses Would Benefit From the New COVID-19 Relief Package: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/23/20Breaking News Update - Stimulus Legislation in Limbo; Trump Vetoes Defense Spending Law: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/22/20Where Transit Stands with COVID-19 Relief Bill and FY21 Omnibus Legislation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/21/20Here is What is in the New Stimulus Package: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/19/20December 2020 Monthly Column
Taxi & For-Hire Business Opportunities with Government & Public Transit Agencies in 2021 and Beyond
12/18/20Congress Rushes to Reach Deal on $900 Billion in COVID Relief and Avoid Government Shutdown: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/17/20Lawmakers Close to Stimulus Deal: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/16/20Congressional Deal Close on Liability Protections for Transport Businesses + Transit Bailouts: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/15/20Pete Buttigieg Nominated US Transportation Secretary: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/14/20Limo Drivers To Get Rapid COVID Tests Upon Passenger Request: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/11/20Pfizer Vaccine Endorsed – So When Will Transport Workers/Drivers Receive It?: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/10/20Congress Sets December 18 Deadline to Wrap Up COVID-19 Relief Measure: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/9/20You May Still Get a December Stimulus Check. Here is Why – and From Whom: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/8/20Congress Aims to Create a Deal For Spending and COVID-19 Relief: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/7/20$908 Billion COVID Stimulus May Include More PPP $$$: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/4/20Is A Stimulus Deal Really Happening? – Congress Trying to Avoid Gov’t Shutdown on Dec. 11th!: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/3/20Democrats Propose $900 Billion COVID Stimulus Plan: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/2/20CDC Recommends Vaccine Priority for Transportation Workers (Phase 1B): COVID- 19 Transportation Update
12/1/20Congress Returns to Face Funding Deadline, Pressure on Coronavirus Aid
11/30/20IATR President Matt Daus to Participate in UITP’s Taxi and Ride-Hailing Digital Conference
11/30/20Matt Daus Speaking on EU Ride-Hail Regulation & EVs in the USA: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/25/20Hopes for a New Stimulus Package are Revived: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/24/20Many COVID Relief Programs Are Due to Expire at the End of 2020.: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/23/20Matt Daus Addressed School Technology Summit: Setting a New Vision for Pupil Transportation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/19/20November 2020 Monthly Column
11/20/20Trump Team to Yank Emergency Economic Support: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/19/20IRS: Transportation Business Owners Expecting PPP Loan Forgiveness Can’t Deduct Expenses: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/18/20NASA Says Air Pollution Down; Dems Stimulate Stalled Stimulus Talks: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/17/20Free Airport & Prop 22 Webinar Tomorrow - Daus Updates on NY AB5 Legislation: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/16/20Emerging Technologies in Public Transit – Legal Issues and the Post-Pandemic Future: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/13/20COVID Infections Surge, While Congress Remains Paralyzed: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/12/20Biden Says People Need Coronavirus Relief ‘Right Now’: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/11/20Matt Daus to Discuss AB 5, Prop 22 and the Impact in New York and elsewhere: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/10/20Matt Daus’ Interview – Corporate Black Car & Limo Service = Tech + Commuter Shuttles: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/9/20Matt Daus Participates in "What’s the Healthiest Way to Get to the Airport" Teleconference
11/6/20Status of New COVID-19 Relief Still in Limbo TBD: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/5/20State and Local Transit Ballot Measures Won in a Landslide on Election Day: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/4/20Prop 22 Passes in California: TNCs Exempt from AB 5 – But NOT Taxis or Limousines: COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/3/20Transportation Issues on the Ballot for Voting Today!-COVID- 19 Transportation Update
11/2/20Matt Daus to Speak at AARP on Safe Senior Transportation-COVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/30/20House Speaker Says COVID-19 Relief Deal Still Elusive-COVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/29/20Harvard Study: Flying Presents Low Risk of COVID-19 With Multi-Layer Approach - COVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/28/20S. Senate Adjourns & Hopes for a Pre-Election Stimulus Agreement EvaporateCOVID- 19 Transportation Update
10/27/20Stimulus Hope on Hold until After Election as Senate Leaves DC-19 Transportation Update
10/26/20Michigan Law Enacted to Protect Businesses from COVID-19 Lawsuits COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/23/20CDC to Roll Out COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring System COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/22/20CDC Updates Guidelines for COVID-19 Contacts COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/21/20Pelosi & Mnuchin Restart Stimulus Talks: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/20/20Matt Daus Speaking @International Car Rental Show - AB5-Prop 22 & Post-COVID Biz Opportunities: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/19/20Some States Still Paying Drivers Extra $300 in Unemployment Benefits: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/20/20October 2020 Monthly Column
10/16/20Senate to Propose “Slim” $500 Billion Stimulus Next Week: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/15/20SBA Plan to Forgive 70% of PPP Loans; IATR Releases Model Pandemic Regulations: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/15/20IATR Releases COVID-19 Model Regulations - Hearing on October 28, 2020 at 9:30am EST
10/14/20More Payroll Protection $$$ On the Way Next Week?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/13/20Matt Daus to Deliver Keynote Speech on Future of Vehicle Leasing Tomorrow: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/13/20IATR Announces Micro-Transit Hack-a-Thon Award Winners - Regulator, Academic & Industry Review Panel: October 27th @ 1PM EDT
10/12/20U.S. Plans to Resume Travel to London Without Quarantines: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/9/20New PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidelines Issued: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/8/20Last Chance to Register for the IATR 2020 Virtual Conference Registration & Sponsorship Deadline is Friday, October 9, 2020!
10/8/20Trump Reverses His Reversal on Stimulus Talks?!?!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/7/20Trump Now Pushing More PPE + $1200 Stimulus Checks: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/6/20President Trump halts coronavirus relief talks until after Nov. 3 election: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/5/20Trump Pushes Stimulus Deal While in Hospital: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/2/20House Passes $2.2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
10/1/20White House Offers New Stimulus Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/30/20$2 Trillion HEROES Act + More Stimulus Checks: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/29/20Alert to Transportation Companies – US DOL Proposes New Rules to Determine IC Status: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/29/20AB5 & Prop 22 - The End of TNCs... Or, A New Beginning? Wednesday, October 28, 2020 from 3:00pm - 4:30pm
9/25/20New Coronavirus Aid Proposal: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/24/20Matt Daus School Bus Tech Talk Now Available: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/23/20Last Chance to Register for the Matt Daus Bus Tech Talk at 10:15am EST: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/22/20CDC Flip Flops Again, Reversing Yesterday’s Reversal of New COVID Health & Safety Guidance: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/21/20Preview of Model Transportation Regulations for COVID-19 (IATR-UITP): COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/18/20September 2020 Monthly Column
Regulations for Taxi, For-Hire TNC Transportation Providers – Mandates, Resurgences
9/17/20Trump Trumps Republicans On More Stimulus $$$: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/16/20House Politically Quarantines Until COVID Stimulus Passage: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/15/20House Bipartisan Stimulus Plan Coming: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/14/20Matt Daus to Deliver School Bus COVID Safety Tech Talk (Free Registration): COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/11/20CDC Removes International Air Travel Restrictions: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/10/20Matt Daus Addresses the Association for Commuter Transport (another free Webinar): COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/9/20Republican ‘Skinny’ Stimulus Bill Finalized & Heading for Vote: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/8/20U.S. Senate Stimulus Bill Helps Airline & Travel Industry: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/4/20NY Workers’ Comp Board – Clarifies Coverage Available for Drivers Contracting COVID-19: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/3/20Micromobility Post-COVID Bike Share Ridership Rebound: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/2/20Alert To Transportation Companies: Payroll Tax Cuts Take Effect Today: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/1/20Stimulus Deal Getting Closer: Possible New Funding for Transportation & Infrastructure: COVID-19 Transportation Update
9/1/20IATR Releases 2020 Virtual Conference Program - Registration & Sponsorship Re-Opens for 33rd Annual Conference!
8/31/20White House Confirms Movement on Stimulus: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/28/20Democrats Are ‘Not Budging’ on Second Stimulus Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/27/20White House Chief of Staff Predicts No Relief Bill Until After September: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/26/20Federal Transit Administration Launches Pandemic Recovery Forum for Transit Industry: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/25/20CDC Drops 14-Day Self-Quarantine Recommendation: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/24/20Registration Opens for the IATR’s Virtual Conference to be held October 26-29, 2020!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/21/20More $1200 Stimulus Checks on the Way?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/20/20IATR Releases 2020 Virtual Conference Program - Registration & Sponsorship Re-Opens for 33rd Annual Conference!
8/20/20 The Future of the NYC Taxi Medallion Industry (NYC Taxi News Free Marathon Podcast)
8/19/20New GOP 'Skinny' COVID Relief Plan Released: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/20/20August 2020 Monthly Column
The Post-Pandemic Future for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
8/18/20New Smaller GOP Stimulus Package Unveiled: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/17/20No Stimulus Deal – U.S. Senators Leave D.C.!: -19 Transportation Update
8/14/20Congress Breaks for Summer – No Stimulus Deal!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/13/20$400 Federal Unemployment Benefit Slashed To $300 By States: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/12/20Congressional COVID-19 Relief Package Officially On Hold?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/11/20The Future of Electric Vehicles = Trump vs. Biden + Norway: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/10/20US President's Pandemic Executive Orders Explained: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/7/20Congressional Stimulus Update – 3 Options: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/7/20SBA Changes PPP Rules!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/6/20Last Chance to RSVP for Tomorrow’s EV & Emerging Tech Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/5/20Matt Daus Discusses Electric Vehicles Thurs., Aug. 6th @ 11am EDT (Register Now): COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/4/20Matt Daus on Radio Show Discussing NYC COVID Taxi Crisis: COVID-19 Transportation Update
8/1/20Daus Addresses Taxi Ridership Decline on Radio Show this Sunday at 8:00am EST: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/31/20NYC TLC Post-Pandemic Industry Stats Finally Released: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/30/20Micro-Mobility in NYC – Revel, Lyft, Lime, Councilman Cabrera & TA: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/29/20Has U.S. Senate Crushed Public Transit Bailout Hopes?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/28/20NYC TLC Regulated Industry Leaders Discuss Re-Opening: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/24/20Stimulus Preview = $Checks + Unemployment + Tax Cuts + Liability Protection + PPP Extension: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/25/20July 2020 Monthly Column
IATR’s 33rd Annual ‘Virtual’ Conference “Resilient Regulation!” October 26th-29th, 2020
7/24/20U.S. Payroll Tax Cut Off the Table, But $100 Billion in School Aid May Come: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/23/20US Senate Plans "Handful" of Stimulus Bills: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/22/20NY MTA Public Transit Free On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/21/20New Federal Stimulus Money Coming Soon?: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/18/20NY State Board of Regents School Re-Opening Transportation Guidance: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/17/20Daus on TV Discussing Pandemic Politics, Robert Moses & Dire Public Transit Future: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/16/20California PUC Proposes Mandate of CDC Guidance, Safety Plans & Driver Training: COVID-19 Transportation Updates
7/15/20School Re-Opening Transportation Primer: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/14/20Tax Day is this Wed., July 15th – PPP Forgiven Loans Not Taxable; EIDL Grants Taxable: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/11/20COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/10/20Business Disruption Pandemic Insurance Coverage Primer: COVID-19 Transportation Update - Thurs
7/9/20Re-Opening NY for Bikes, Taxis, FHVs, Scooters, Mopeds (2 Free Webinars Tomorrow): COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/8/20Last Chance to Register – NY Re-Opening Webinar: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/7/20Micro-Mobility in NYC - Free IATR/UTRC Webinar Thurs. July 9th at 3:00 pm (Register Now): COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/3/20Help for the Bus Industry on the Way! – Federal CERTS Relief Act; NY Re-Opening Bus Panel Webinar; Bus Safety Plan Webinar
7/2/20Bus COVID-19 Safety Webinar Recording Available Now: COVID-19 Transportation Update
7/1/20FREE WEBINAR Today: Bus Re-Opening Compliance & Risk Mitigation - July 1, 2020 at 2:00pm EDT.
6/30/20UTRC/IATR Announces Public Transit Panel Webinar Speakers
6/30/20Free UTRC-IATR Webinar Series: Re-Opening New York's Transportation Ecosystem (July 8-9) - Register Now (Space Limited)
6/27/20Travel Tax Credit Stimulus Package On the Way for Transportation Companies?
6/26/20Free Webinar: Re-Opening NY's Transportation System (Registration Now Open)
5/26/20June 2020 Monthly Column
The Impact of COVID-19 on Transportation Ecosystem: An International Perspective on Mobility Trends
6/25/20European Union May Ban Travel from U.S
6/24/20Report Released – “Act of God” Pandemic Provisions in Transportation Contracts
6/23/20Avoid Lawsuits & Claims - Implement “Return to Work” Safety Plans Now!
6/20/20Does Your Transportation Company Have a “Return to Work Safety Plan?
6/19/20EEOC Guidance Prohibits COVID-19 Antibody Testing by Transportation Companies: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/18/20MTA Reveals NYC Public Transit Re-Opening Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/17/20US SBA’s EIDL Program Open Again!: COVID-19 Transportation Update
6/16/20Updated NYC Mobility Data & Trends During Pandemic: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Monday, June 15, 2020.
6/13/20Canadian Transportation Worker PPE Plan: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, June 12, 2020.
6/12/20NLA & Global Virus Network Driver & Rider Hygiene Protocol: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, June 11, 2020.
6/11/20Motor Carrier Transportation Worker Safety Legislation: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, June 10, 2020.
6/10/20NIOSH Releases Post-Pandemic Driver Safety Guidelines: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Tuesday, June 9, 2020.
6/9/20The FED Expands Main Street Loan Program: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Monday, June 8, 2020.
6/6/20PPP Flexibility Act Becomes Law – Loan Deadline is June 30th: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, June 5, 2020.
6/5/20U.S. Senate Passes Law Liberalizing & Extending PPP Benefits – Trump to Sign ASAP: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Thursday, June 4, 2020.
6/3/20Vodcast with NYC Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, June 3, 2020.
6/2/20Breaking News! - FHVs Ordered Off the Road @ 8:00 PM EDT Tonight: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Tuesday, June 2, 2020.
6/1/20House Passes PPP Loan Forgiveness Bill: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Monday, June 1, 2020.
5/30/20New CDC School Bus Re-Opening Guidance: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, May 29, 2020.
5/29/20PPP Loan Forgiveness for Transportation Costs: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Thursday, May 28, 2020.
5/28/20Post-COVID-19 Mobility Predictions & Trends (Free Webcast): COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, May 27, 2020
5/27/20New $100 Million NY State Loan Program for Small Businesses Re-Opening!: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
5/26/20May 2020 Monthly Column
What the IATR and Transportation Regulators Are Doing to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic
5/23/20Regulatory Response in Europe, Asia, Australia & Middle East (Free On Demand Webinar): COVID-19 Transportation Update – Friday, May 22, 2020
5/22/20UPCOMING FREE WEBCAST - City Infrastructure Friday, May 22nd at 2:00pm EDT
5/21/20Live Webcast - City Transportation Infrastructure - tomorrow at 2:10 pm EDT: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Thursday, May 21, 2020
5/20/20LA DOT’s Response to the Pandemic: COVID-19 Transportation Update – Wednesday, May 20, 2020